You are "colourfully" invited to two upcoming art exhibitions 16 Oct - 16 Nov 2015 Arte Vecchiato, Padova, Italy I have worked almost exclusively wi

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You are "colourfully" invited to two upcoming art exhibitions


Open Invitation Flyer

16 Oct - 16 Nov 2015 Arte Vecchiato, Padova, Italy
I have worked almost exclusively with the human form throughout my career and ‘Solid Air‘ is the latest solo exhibition since my very first pioneering solo show in London in 1984. Since that exhibition a whole new genre of steelmesh art has evolved and continues to grow.


Vecchiato Arte ‘SOLID AIR‘ Catalogue

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Please send any enquiries and RSVP for the Private View on 16th October to

The SOLID AIR exhibition catalogue is available (hard cover, 77 pages) - reserve a copy at Vecchiato Arte Galleries or contact me by email.


‘CHROMO‘ and ‘CHROMOS‘ 2015, painted bronzemesh (zoom)

A Different Colour … the Fluorescents
Colour shock - provocative and shocking new colours move the visual emphasis of my sculpture from graphic linear description of body and form to timbre, character and identity achieved through the use of colour and pigment where each one is unique. The new fluorescents demonstrate that these sculptures are as much about light as they are about sculptural form and graphic rendition.


Using a pure bronze mesh as a surface for his palette of high-saturation colour, the translucent medium becomes even more volatile and optically unstable - monochrome becomes ‘Colour Field‘ and impossible to identify as a specific colour. Light reflected back through the transparent sculpture using different coloured painted backdrop canvases dissolves and mixes the surface colour of the figure into shimmering new colours and colour washes, perpetually changing, as the eye explores the artwork.

Read more: ‘SOLID AIR‘ Press Release (English) and SOLID AIR Critique by Massimiliano Sabbion in Italiano or English


Fluorescent painted bronzemesh torso sculptures, suspended (zoom)


Background Image: ‘DUTCH‘ 2015 - New bronzemesh ‘EMBLEM‘ series.


Biennale Brabant, Koepelhal, Spoorzone, Tilburg, NL

6 - 2 November 2015
Van Loon Galleries is staging the next "Biennale Brabant", a major art event, where a new selection of my sculpture will be exhibited.

Van Loon Galleries will also present my 2016 solo exhibition of my sculpture in January.


New bronzemesh ‘EMBLEM‘ series, ‘WANTU‘ 2015.


You can't attend?

Two new PDF catalogues with a selection of unique and editioned/editionable sculpture is published online for viewing / downloading:


Selection 2015 Unique Sculpture


Selection 2015 Editioned Sculpture


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