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Early December 2018 || issue #74
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Boston and Winter Running

December is the month when many runners set their foundation for the coming year of running. For those running the Boston Marathon in April – or any spring marathon – December is when long runs are mapped and scheduled, tempo runs set, prep races identified, and speed work planned.

For runners who are not running a spring marathon, December is the month to establish the base for the next 12 months of running – how well you race in September will partially depend on what you did during the winter. You cannot apply your racing edge without first building your foundation. Winter is your foundation season.

If you want a Boston training plan or a winter foundation building plan, let us know.

Coach Braz provides personal coaching for runners at all levels who want to improve their performance or want a guided maintenance program.

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The program is designed for runners who have a specific racing goal, or a series of races to prepare for, or want to build or maintain their running fitness.

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IMG 7907-001

Sean Kay (XC shirt in center) with friends at Brazcamp on a perfectly misty August 13 morning.

High School XC Results

[The results below for GTD xc runners begin with the All-State meet on November 18 and continue to the earlier Divisional, League, and other key meets. We have cited the runner's school with the first appearance in these results. We apologize to any GTD runners we've missed. Please send me your results.]

Sean Kay Top GTD XC Runner

At the 2018 MIAA All State Cross Country Meet on November 18 over the snow-covered Stanley Park 5K course, Sean Kay (Arlington Catholic) ran 16:35 for 2nd in the Division 2 race, and 4th fastest time of the day. Sean finished his Junior year xc season with a 16:02 (5K) at the National Cross-Country Northeast Regional Championship at Van Cortlandt Park (Bronx, New York) on November 24. Sean was 15th out of 193 finishers.

At the All-State Division 2 meet, Aiden Hill (Bishop Fenwick) was 42nd in 18:17.

Ipswich runners showed up in force at the GTD summer XC program and it paid off with a team qualification for the All-State meet. Here are some of their results at All-State – Jack DeMarco (18:45), Jonah Orroth (19:25), Dmitri Angell (19:51), Liam Russell (20:09), Zach Forni (20:43), and Finn Russell (21:03). Here are some of the Ipswich runners. Lauren plays soccer in the fall; Kellen runs for URI and Reed for Vassar.

IMG 4848

Lauren Waters, Kellen Waters, Reed Dolan, Jack DeMarco, Dmitri Angell, Jonah Orroth, Finn Russell

IMG 8875

Kellen Waters, Lauren Waters, Jessie Harrington, Zach Forni,, Finn Russell, Dmitri Angell, Reed Dolan


In the girls Division 1 All-State race, Kelsey Seamans (Central Catholic) ran 21:12. In Division 2, Grace Sousa (Georgetown) ran 22:41, Jessie Harrington (Ipswich) 23:50, and Joy Wambui (Bishop Fenwick) 24:44.
The MIAA Eastern MA XC Divisional Championships were run at the Wrentham Development Center on November 10. There are six divisions.

Sean Kay won the Division 5 race in 15:55. Anthony Farago (Triton) ran 18:00, Dylan Brawley (Swampscott) 19:04, Colin Harrison (Manchester Essex) 19:36, and Michael Ferragamo (Swampscott) 19:42.

Billy Beauregard (Salem) was 44th in Division 4 in 18:04.

In Division 6, Aiden Hill was 5th in 17:15, Dmitri Angell 12th in 17:42, Jack DeMarco 21st in 18:06, Wyatt Burr (Bishop Fenwick) 26th in 18:18, Finn Russell 27th in 18:18, Jonah Orroth 46th in 19:00, Liam Russell 57th in 19:17, Zack Forni 66th in 19:46, Spencer Mullen (Georgetown) 79th in 20:07, and Ethan Tran (Bishop Fenwick) 152nd in 22:56.

Peabody had the following runners in Division 1 – Ryan Buchanan 75th in 17:41, Matt Davidson 103rd in 18:07, Jacob Farhat 117th in 18:15, Noah Roan 120th in 18:17, and Cam Rich 124th in 18:20.

In Division 2, Oliver Glass (Marblehead) was 20th in 17:08, TJ Glowick (Danvers) 53rd in 17:40, Anthony Iannalfo (Essex Tech) 75th in 17:58, Ian Brito (Malden Catholic) 127th in 18:45, Jarrod Wardwell (Malden Catholic) 147th in 19:18, and David Smagala (Essex Tech) 193rd in 21:38.

For the Division 1 girls race, Ali Barrett (20:40) led the following Peabody runners – Victoria Lombardi (20:41), Sarah Enes (21:00), Shannon O’Connell (21:12), Lexi Bettencourt (21:39), Emily MacDonald (22:20), and Cassia Picardy (22:58).

Kelsey Seamans was 10th in Division 2 and led these Central Catholic runners – Lily Angluin (20:16), Janessa Nault (21:33), Sophia Beland (21:42), and Megan Gallagher (21:49).

In Division 3, Caroline Johnson (Marblehead) ran 20:45, Riley Bowen (Marblehead) 21:59, and Emily Ernst (Essex Tech) 23:08).

Leah Rudolph (Gloucester) ran 21:25 in the Division 4 race.

In Division 5, Elizabeth Gacek (Dracut) ran 22:10, Olivia King (Swampscott) 22:34, and Natalia Kay (Arlington Catholic) 23:16.

In Division 6, Jessie Harrington was 10th in 21:50, Nicole Johns (Bishop Fenwick) 13th in 21:52, Joy Wambui 22nd in 22:12, Annie Olsen (Lynnfield) 44th in 23:15, and Brie Passatempo (Lynnfield) 53rd in 23:44.
The Merrimack Valley Conference xc championship was on October 27 in Chelmsford.
In the boys varsity race, Jett Stad (North Andover) was 17th in 17:42. Joe Schifano’s 18:20 led the following Tewksbury runners – Jonathan Cabral (18:22), Lucas Gondola (18:46, Cameron Gondola (19:05), Will Andella (19:08), and Bricen Boudeault (19:42). In the boys JV race, Michael Koral (Andover) ran 19:58, Alex Lee (North Andover) 20:22, Owen Salamone (Andover) 20:31, and Stephen Duquette (Tewksbury) 23:12.

In the girls varsity race, Kelsey Seamans was 4th in 19:50. Izzie Carleton (Tewksbury) was 10th in 20:32, Janessa Nault 12th in 20:37, Lily Angluin 16th in 20:53, Sophia Beland 26th in 21:21, Megan Gallagher 42nd 22:43, Elizabeth Gacek 51st in 23:09, Jessica Freeman (Central Catholic) 58th in 23:36, Aidan Bowler (Central Catholic) 61st in 23:44, and Olga Gorman (Central Catholic) 75th in 26:35. In the JV race, Alicia Beland (Central Catholic) ran 25:58. In the Frosh race, Courtney Duffy (Andover) was 4th in 15:09 and Mikaela Skelley (Central Catholic) ran 17:46.
The Northeastern Conference XC Meet was held at Gloucester-Stage Fort Park on November 4. In the boys varsity race, Ryan Buchanan was 6th in 16:34, Oliver Glass 7th in 16:38, Matt Davidson 15th in 17:24, Jacob Farhat 16th in 17:27, Billy Beauregard 18th in 17:30, T.J. Glowick 20th in 17:35, Cam Rich 22nd in 17:36, Michael Ferragamo 29th in 18:12, Antonio Craveiro (Peabody) 30th in 18:12, and Dylan Brawley 46th in 19:44.

In the girls varsity race, Victoria Lombardi was 5th in 20:04, Sarah Enes 6th in 20:11, Caroline Johnson 8th in 20:20, Shannon O'Connell 9th in 20:25, Ali Barrett 10th in 20:29, Leah Rudolph 19th in 21:27, Lilly Brennan 21st 21:30, Riley Bowen 23rd in 21:45, Olivia King 31st in 22:29, Cassia Picardy 35th in 22:50, and Maria Limbanovnos (English) 42nd in 23:56.

In the boys JV race, Noah Roan was 2nd in 17:36 and Noah Christopher (Peabody) 5th in 17:46. Trevor Smith (Peabody) ran 18:33, Ryan Nagy (Peabody) 18:43, Jake Melionek (Peabody) 20:20, Sam Izzo (Peabody) 20:23, Jamie Godwin (Swampscott) 20:25, Chris Morales (Peabody) 21:02, and Luke Buckley (Peabody) 21:31.
In the girls JV race, Lexi Bettencourt was 2nd in 22:08.
At the Catholic Conference XC Championships, Franklin Park, on October 22, Colin Scarpola (St Johns Prep) won the Freshman 3K in 10:39.
At the Catholic Central League Cross Country Championships on October 24 (Franklin Park), Sean Kay won the 5K in 17:19. Aiden Hill was 3rd in 18:04, Wyatt Burr (Bishop Fenwick) 9th in 19:00, Ethan Tran 36th in 20:57, and Charlie O’Hare 58th in 22:02. In the girls race, Nicole Johns was 8th in 22:23, Joy Wambui 12th in 22:47, and Katie Loehle (Bishop Fenwick) 53rd in 27:58.
The 58th Annual Catholic Memorial XC Invitational was at Franklin Park on October 20. Sean Kay won the 2nd boys 5K in 16:25. In the 1st 5K, Aiden Hill ran 17:46, Ryan Buchanan 17:56, Antonio Craveiro 18:05, Matt Davidson 18:23, Cam Rich 18:26, Jett Stad 18:28, and Jacob Farhat 19:02.

In the girls 5K, Ali Barrett ran 20:53, Lily Angluin 21:03, Janessa Nault 21:15, Shannon O'Connell 21:35, Emily MacDonald 21:50, Lilly Brennan 22:12, Sarah Enes 22:15, Sophia Beland 22:22, Megan Gallagher 22:50, Nicole Johns 22:52, Joy Wambui 22:59, Cassia Picardy 23:33, and Jessica Freeman 23:49.

In the boys 3k Run Frosh race, Wyatt Burr (Bishop Fenwick) ran 11:06, and Gabe Gitonga (Peabody) 13:41. In the girls Frosh race, Natalia Kay (Arlington Catholic) ran 14:36.
The NEC Middle School XC 3K was held at Stage Fort Park, Gloucester, on October 30. In the boys race, Logan Tracia was 2nd in 10:30, Ryan Alves 8th in 11:08, Dennis Downing 9th in 11:22, and Riley McGoldrick 19th in 11:28. In the girls race, Sarah Divasta won and established a meet record of 11:46. Isabella Verrico ran 15:11.
At the 5th Annual Massachusetts Elementary School XC Championship at the Lynn Gannon Golf Course on November 12, Logan Smith (Pike School) was 2nd in 8:15 (7:03 pace).


Shannon Burke

[Shannon graduated from Salem High School in 2017, and now is a sophomore at Fitchburg State University. She writes: “Key moment in my career -- making the women’s soccer team for Fitchburg State. I’ve really learned what being part of a team is all about and I’ve pushed myself more than I ever have before because of this team.”]

GTD: Shannon, how many summers have you trained in Coach Braz’s program? What got you started doing it?
Shannon: This summer was my 6th session training with Coach Braz’s program. It’s crazy how time flies, I started this program the summer going into my freshman year with my heart set on varsity.

GTD: You’re a soccer player. How does the program help you?
Shannon: What I’ve taken from this program is a workout that is designed to replicate soccer fitness or all sports such as, field hockey and lacrosse. The program targets heart rates for certain amounts of time similar to the sport, thus preparing us for the endurance needed for the sport. Coach Braz always has ladders, cones, mini hurdles, a field and a track ready for us to work out on and at the end of each session we would use bands and regular hurdles to stretch and work on flexibility. It helped to prevent injuries, it really helped a lot.

GTD: How do you keep your focus during the drills?
Shannon: Each year I have done the camp I have had a different focus in mind that motivates me. Such as making the varsity team as a freshman and keeping that sport for the next 4 years, and then wanting to play college soccer became the next motivational stand point for me. When I wanted to quit in a drill or skip a practice I would just tell myself “you can only control how hard you work, nobody else”. I had to be my own support and motivator and it took practice to get into these routines, especially when I was fatigued from work and other workouts, and then the next morning I’d have to do it all over again. I really had to dig down and find my focus and remind myself why I do this every day and every summer, and why I’ve been doing this for so long. I can’t just give up now. I’d be giving up on everything -- the progress I’ve gained, and I’d be giving up on myself! When I think like this I can just zone out and focus on each drill, one drill at a time

GTD: How do you handle nutrition on Braz camp mornings? It’s the heat of summer, you’re starting at 9am and you have 90 intense minutes of work.
Shannon: I drink lots of water leading up to each session and I usually will have a LaraBar before practice. After practice I use Ultima (electrolyte replenisher) in my water and I make some eggs and toast.

GTD: What’s ahead for the fall soccer season?
Shannon: I will be playing in my second soccer season at Fitchburg State University. Towards the end of the Fall, most likely winter, I am looking to have surgery on my right hip for a labrum tear. I’ve trained with this for years un-diagnosed until before going into college I had an MRI done and I was told my cartilage was basically detached from my hip which causes me pain but I have been managing it with my workouts and physical therapy. I am very excited to get back on the field with the rest of my team.

GTD: Long range plans after college?
Shannon: After college I plan on either policing or law school, maybe both! I am currently in a 5-year Criminal Justice-Police Concentration program, where I will receive my Masters and will have finished the police academy by 2022. I’m not sure where this path will bring me but for sure it will be in law and I hope to make a positive impact in any way I can.


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