Early Registration ends soon!! August 1st ends the early registration period! On August 1st the registration cost will rise from $125 to $150, so ge

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Early Registration ends soon!!

August 1st ends the early registration period!

On August 1st the registration cost will rise from $125 to $150, so get in early to save some money!

Still on the fence about attending the Leaders' Summit?

Here are 10 Reasons to Attend:

1. Save a bunch of money!

By attending the Leaders’ Summit you actually save money! It sounds crazy, but it’s true!

If you were to purchase the handbooks each attendee will receive: “Teaching Mountain Bike Skills” by Lee McCormack and "NICA Coach Manual: Starting, Managing & Coaching a High School Mountain Bike Team" ($34.95 each plus shipping and handling) and you attended a MTB 101 workshop on your own (about $100) you will already have spent more than the cost of the Leaders' Summit - and that doesn’t even consider the numerous other workshops you’ll participate in at the Leaders' Summit!

2. Build your own Cycling Community
At the Leaders’ Summit we will go over how to work with administrators and parents to build a successful team.

3. Build your network
Get to know those in the same boat! Meet those you will be competing with and who you will be leaning on/learning from as we get into our first season.

4. Identify your role
The Leaders' Summit is an integral part of developing your skills as a coach and setting yourself up for a successful season. The Leaders' Summit is NOT just for Head Coaches; it can help you to determine what role you might play on a team - remember, coaching a team will take a team of coaches!

5. Confidence
The Leaders' Summit will have you heading into the season confident in your direction, skills, and focus.

6. On the bike skills
Learn how to teach skills and run a mountain bike practice.

7. Certification
The Leaders'’ Summit provides a great opportunity to knock out a lot of the coaching licensure requirements in one weekend!

8. Be part of the process!
Provide direct input during the conference by sharing your ideas and getting your questions answered

9. Learn how to coach adolescents
At the Leaders’ Summit you will explore how to effectively work with adolescents in a supportive and instructive relationship.

10. Sponsorship
Learn strategies for fundraising and securing sponsors for the team.

Register before August 1st and pay only $125!! After that the price moves up to $150.


Do not go it alone!!

A common concern I have been hearing from people over the past couple of Dirt Tour stops is an uncertainty that they can commit enough time. Totally valid concern, but I do not want that to stop you from helping with a team! Teams will be coached by many coaches... some coaches will be at every practice and race, while others will only be available to help out on Thursday evenings and every other weekend (for example).

We all have busy lives, but even helping out at one practice a week can go a long way in making or breaking a team. So if you are at all interested in helping with a team in any capacity reach out to those in your area and see how you can tackle setting up a team AS A TEAM

Find others in your area using our google map to make the development of a team easier.

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