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Special Topic: Managing Transitions for Students in Educational Settings

Guest Editors: Roberta DePompei and Ann Glang

In this special issue, leading researchers in the field of pediatric brain injury identify key issues in supporting children and youth with brain injuries as they transition to school or college. Using qualitative and quantitative methods, the authors address the topic of transition from a range of perspectives. In each article, there is a clear call for ongoing research on supporting students with traumatic brain injury in the school setting.

A key goal is to implement promising practices across settings to improve outcomes for children with brain injury. Over the past 25 years, significant progress has been made to address challenges that are highlighted in this issue. However, many of the same challenges identified in the 1990s still exist today across the world. This special issue describes many of these challenges and focuses on practical approaches for developing more effective supports for these students.

The issue content is outlined below, which includes a selection of openly available articles. Further details about this special issue are featured in the press release and the editorial.

Editors’ Choice

The following articles from this thematic issue are freely available online:

Have we made progress with educational services for students with TBI? – Openly Available
DePompei, Roberta | Glang, Ann

A systematic review and meta-analysis of educational interventions for children and adolescents with acquired brain injury – Openly Available
Linden, Mark A. | Glang, Ann E. | McKinlay, Audrey

Self-regulation strategies used by students with brain injury while transitioning to college – Openly Available
O’Brien, Katy H. | Schellinger, Sarah K. | Kennedy, Mary R.T.


Most Read NRE Articles in April 2018

The impact of traumatic brain injuries: A global perspective (Research Article in Vol.22, Iss.5, 2007, and the top cited NRE article in the last 25 years) – Openly Available
Hyder, Adnan A. | Wunderlich, Colleen A. | Puvanachandra, Prasanthi | Gururaj, G. | Kobusingye, Olive C.

Dance therapy improves motor and cognitive functions in patients with Parkinson’s disease (Research Article in Vol.40, Iss.1, 2017) – Openly Available
de Natale, Edoardo Rosario | Paulus, Kai Stephan | Aiello, Elena | Sanna, Battistina | Manca, Andrea | Sotgiu, Giovanni | Leali, Paolo Tranquilli | Deriu, Franca

A systematic review of the effect of physical exercise on cognition in stroke and traumatic brain injury patients (Review Article in Vol.40, Iss.1, 2017) – Openly Available
Vanderbeken, Ines | Kerckhofs, Eric

Rey–Osterrieth Complex Figure – copy and immediate recall (3 minutes): Normative data for Spanish-speaking pediatric populations (Research Article in Vol.41, Iss.3, 2017) – Openly Available
Arango-Lasprilla, J.C. | Rivera, D. | Ertl, M.M. | Muñoz Mancilla, J.M. | García-Guerrero, C.E. | Rodriguez-Irizarry, W. | Aguayo Arelis, A. | Rodríguez-Agudelo, Y. | Barrios Nevado, M.D. | Vélez-Coto, M. | Yacelga Ponce, T.P. | Rigabert, A. | García de la Cadena, C. | Pohlenz Amador, S. | Vergara-Moragues, E. | Soto-Añari, M. | Peñalver Guia, A.I. | Saracostti Schwartzman, M. | Ferrer-Cascales, R.

Stroop Color-Word Interference Test: Normative data for the Latin American Spanish speaking adult population (Research Article in Vol.37, Iss.4, 2015) – Openly Available
Rivera, D. | Perrin, P.B. | Stevens, L.F. | Garza, M.T. | Weil, C. | Saracho, C.P. | Rodríguez, W. | Rodríguez-Agudelo, Y. | Rábago, B. | Weiler, G. | García de la Cadena, C. | Longoni, M. | Martínez, C. | Ocampo-Barba, N. | Aliaga, A. | Galarza-del-Angel, J. | Guerra, A. | Esenarro, L. | Arango-Lasprilla, J.C.


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