Hi ,

Greetings from Hangzhou Airport.

I'm on the way to Kuala Lumpur and then on to Delhi India.

Last week I was telling you about an amazing old Chinese lady I am proud to know, you can read about it here.

Since then we have driven from the home town of Dongxiang back to Yiwu along the famous G60 motorway. Its the Routes 66 of China.. And at Chinese New Year one of the main transit routes as half a billion people travel from the industrial coastal cities to their home towns and back.
Normally about 5 hours drive it took 10 hours, although a lot safer these days we still passed about 6 multiple pile ups.. And steady stream of cars broken down by the road side. Always an epic journey, this year a new section has opened that cuts through dramatic bamboo clad mountains, huge tunnels and bestrides wide gorges. And yes I do drive in China.. It's a different mind set, quite aggressive .. if I drive the same way in Europe I'd quickly upset people.


Bamboo Clad Mountains


G60 Motoway - China

Back in Yiwu, everything is quiet before the start of the new trading season.
The only busy places are legal accountancy offices, busy finalising year end and company upgrades ready for trading. I went along with my wife to do a company upgrade, it's not like the accountant office in Sheffield, here ranks of desks and lots of young people all buzzing away doing who knows what, but very busy. A young lady, deals with us in a conference room. Her English is not perfect, but she seems well versed in the politics of Brexit. Asking some very informed questions.

I'm always amazed by how much everyone is interested in this. I think in the same way people try to understand madness, they can't understand why we would vote to self harm, and why our political leaders even allow it.

With only 40 days to go, everything seems to be a shambles. But at least we have some insurance in our EU distribution warehouse. AWGifts.eu if you one of our many European customers.. Don't Panic! Whatever happens you can get supplies from here.
And if you are UK customer and sell in Europe.. Maybe we can help you also.
I will stop off in Kuala Lumpur for a couple of days, to meet our IT wizard Raul.. He is based there.
We have a new dropshipping system in development.. I want to see how its going. Maybe we can find away that you can retail in Europe without customs forms and admin, by dropshipping for you from Slovakia. Would be cool no?

Anyway I need to go Airasia flight D7303 is ready for boarding.

Next week I will be in Delhi, India - a full report from there.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Take care.



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