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August 25, 2021


Make the Most of the Early Years with The Basics

Did you know 80% of brain growth happens before age 3? To help your child make the most of these early years, use The Basics! Developed by leading Harvard University researchers, The Basics offer five fun and easy ways to help your baby or toddler learn and grow. Visit for more information and follow The Basics on Facebook and Instagram for daily tips on ways you can use the Basics.


Spread Your Word on TMoM

Now is a great time to share news, information and announcements about your business or organization with Triad Moms on Main fans and newsletter subscribers!

With school back in session, TMoM readers search our site, weekly newsletters and social media pages more frequently for advice, resources, things to do, and entertainment.

TMoM offers a range of affordable opportunities. To learn more, email us here!


In-Person Music Lessons with Duo Licht

Duo Licht is now offering in-person lessons for violin, viola and music theory/composition!

As an established violin and viola duo that believes teaching and performing go hand in hand, they emphasize learning proper instrument technique as well as “how to practice.” This allows students to make a better tone, learn new music easier, and feel confident in their own skills on their instrument.

Email them at
Instagram: @duolicht
Facebook: @duolichtwsnc


Farm Birthday Party Venue in Summerfield

Birthday parties have never been easier! Let Summerfield Farms host your kiddo’s next birthday party where guests will be excited to meet and ride miniature farm animals. Their farmhouse cottage and outdoor sheltered space provide places to host a party without the stress of having guests to your home.

To request more information on hosting an epic birthday celebration, click here.


This newsletter is sponsored by The Basics Guilford, Duo Licht, and Summerfield Farms.

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