Locker Hooking Tutorial, Ami in Italy, plus Scooter's favorite video! It's all in the May 5th newsletter. Hello Quilter! At 19 months Zoey is into e


Locker Hooking Tutorial, Ami in Italy, plus Scooter's favorite video! It's all in the May 5th newsletter.


Hello Quilter!

At 19 months Zoey is into exploring big time. And hiding. Here she is playing Peek-A-Boo in her play Bar-B-Q. I just can't get enough of her.

Zoey babbles like crazy, "reads" books out loud (page by page, right side up), and she hollers at the dog. Words are coming! Soon...


Locker Hooking

I can't remember when a newsletter generated so many emails! After I sent out the last newsletter I must have gotten several hundred emails in response to my offer of creating a Locker Hooking tutorial. I'm sorry it took me so long, but as you'll see below, there was some competition for my time.

Click here for the tutorial.
Click here for the Starter Kit.



Steve and I spent a week in Rome! I had lived there as a kid, I studied in Italy for a year in college, and we have visited many times since, but this was the first vacation all by ourselves in 30+ years. It was totally fantastic in every way.

We walked 55 miles in 7 days seeing the sights. We learned to ride Segways, and we ate like there was no tomorrow! Yum!

IMG 1227
IMG 6978
IMG 6981

Two days after we came home I was off to visit with guilds in southern California. April was a wonderful month! (Heads up if you live in Pennsylvania! I'll be at Quilters' Holiday in Bloomsburg, PA on May 14th. For more information email


Scooter's Video Pick

Hello Human Peoples! Canine person here. Mom and Dad said they had a good time on their vacation, but I looked at all the pictures. BORING! I definitely got the better deal. I went away to sleepover camp for dogs in the country. I sniffed butts, rolled in dirt, and got drool-slimed when I ran all over the place with my new friends.

I hope you like my video pick today. Be sure to read the video description after you watch it.


Thank You!

Thanks for reading all the way to the end! I so appreciate it when you open my newsletters and take a peek inside. Have a wonderful day!

AmiSimms Sig

PS: Click here in case you missed the last newsletter.

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