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SLWCS Field Report

IMG 20170319 065901

Chandima with the help of a Jerdon's Leafbird demonstrating the proper method to hold a captured wild bird


SLWCS Field Report

University of Colombo Sri Lanka Department of Zoology Field Training Program

Chinthaka Weerasinghe
Operations Manager
Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society
March 2017

On Friday, March 17th a group of students from the Department of Zoology of the University of Colombo, Sri Lanka with their senior lecturer, Dr. Sampath Seneviratne visited the Sri Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society project site in Wasgamuwa. The group came to participate in a 3 day field training program. The group consisted of 13 students specializing in ornithology and environmental management.

The entire group stayed at the Field House and participated in several of the field research activities of the SLWCS. For the first time they got the opportunity to work with remote cameras* especially how to use remote camera traps to collect information on birds. They also spent an exciting night in the SLWCS tree huts to collect information on nocturnal animals. In addition mist netting was conducted to demonstrate to the students the safe capture of wild birds for identification purposes, to gather biometrics, collect blood samples for genetic analysis and for bird ringing. They also recorded bird songs for playback to entice birds to fly into the traps.

Over the past 21 years the SLWCS has hosted many such international and national student groups. This is in keeping with the Society’s mandate to encourage, foster and inculcate a passion for field research and applied conservation in students for the conservation of wildlife and their habitats.

IMG 20170318 163310

The students taking in the view from the Field House on their arrival

IMG 20170319 070850

Chandima showing the various parts of a bird's body

IMG 20170319 071900

Dr. Sampath explaining how to take a bird's biometrics

IMG 20170319 070439
IMG 20170319 070443

A student taking physical measurements of a Jerdon's Leafbird

IMG 20170319 071124
IMG 20170319 071135

Chandima showing our international volunteers and visitors the proper method to hold a captured wild bird

IMG 20170317 090132
IMG 20170317 090302

Chandima showing the workings of a remote camera

20170317 122723

Tracking in the jungle

20170317 101739

Scouting the forests for potential camera locations

20170317 102901

Chandima explaining how the remote cameras are set up

20170317 104234

Sampath helping to set up a remote camera

20170317 110035

Chandima showing the students how the images are downloaded for analysis

20170317 174609

Heading into the woodland grasslands to set up a mist nest

20170317 174716
20170317 174733

Getting ready to set up a mist nest

20170317 175117

Preparing to set up a mist nest

20170317 175112
20170317 175336

Students preparing a mist nest

20170317 175340
20170317 175451

Setting up a mist nest

20170317 175500

The mist nest in place

20170317 191651
20170317 191654

Dr. Sampath holding a captured Nightjar which is a nocturnal bird

20170317 191657

Students identifying the Nightjar

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SLWCS has been operating its Volunteering and Intern Program since 2002; it generates much-needed revenue to support our critical conservation and research work.
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Photo Credits:

Chinthaka Weerasinghe/SLWCS
Chandima Fernando/SLWCS
Sampath Indika/SLWCS
Ravi Corea/SLWCS

*Remote cameras courtesy of S.P.E.C.I.E.S./SLWCS Carnivore Project

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