February 7th, 2018

One phrase you'll hear a lot from us at MY Canada is an encouragement to "Get in the Game." This is because we know that unless we are active participants in moments of decision-making we'll miss our chance to impact the nation for godly values within the governmental sphere.

For the people of Ontario, there is a significant and time-sensitive opportunity to get in the game and have a say in who the next leader of the Ontario PC Party will be - and potentially who the next Premier will become on June 7th.

Become a member. Get a vote.

Members of the Ontario PC Party will elect a new party leader to replace Patrick Brown on March 10th.

Polls show that the current provincial government's approval ratings are very low and suggest that the new PC leader has great potential of becoming the province's next Premier.

The only way to have a vote in the March 10th leadership election is to purchase a PC Party membership by the deadline on February 16th.

In order to purchase your membership, you must:

▪ Be at least 14 years old
▪ Be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
▪ Reside in the province of Ontario.
▪ Pay the $10 membership fee
Be at least 14 years old
Be a permanent resident or citizen of Canada
Reside in the province of Ontario.
Pay the $10 membership fee

Please act now: We urge our Ontario friends to sign up today to ensure you have a say in who one of the choices for Premier on June 7th will be.

Please share this information with your Pastors, friends and family. Time is limited to spread the word!

MY Canada is currently researching and interviewing the three candidates and will make suggestions about the ranked ballot in the coming weeks. But don't miss the membership deadline: Feb. 16th!


(To stay on top of breaking news and important articles from across the nation, we encourage you to join the MY Canada Facebook group where we post national news and announcements daily.)




A new current issues show, with Faytene Grasseschi as host, just launched on national television airing Saturdays and Sundays across Canada.

We encourage you to visit for a listing of times and channels or to watch episodes any time you want.

Please share this exciting info with your friends!


Interested in Running for Election?

We can help! MY Canada is currently conducting a series of trainings and webinars to help godly candidates get started in their campaigns for office. Please e-mail if you are interested in learning more.


Volunteers Needed:

One of the most important things you can do to impact Canada is to volunteer to help Godly people get elected. Please e-mail us at to sign up!


The Justice Wall is a virtual prayer wall where you can join with others to pray for the ending of abortion, human trafficking and for the persecuted Church around the world. Will you help us build a 24-7 virtual prayer wall for these issues? Please check out the website and share with your friends.

Click here to sign up for your 15-minute prayer slot now.


MY Canada is hosting national prayer conference calls every second Tuesday at noon EST.

The next call is February 13th, 2018.

If you would like to participate in these calls please click here and add your name to the Keep Our Land e-list.



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