Tell the NDP to Stop obeying the Israel lobby Dear Friend, It’s one thing for the NDP to say they don’t want to raise the red flag of Palestinian hu

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gaza children massacres

The NDP doesn't want candidates to talk about this.

Dear Friend,

It’s one thing for the NDP to say they don’t want to raise the red flag of Palestinian human rights during the election. After all, foreign affairs is not exactly one of the bread and butter issues politicians speak about on the hustings.

But as a Nova Scotian, it shocked me that the NDP demanded the resignation of their Nova Scotia candidate Morgan Wheeldon, after the Conservative Party smeared him for daring to criticize Israel’s brutalilty against the Palestinians.

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IJV supports the grassroots Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions movement to end Canadian corporations’, universities’ and government support of Israel’s occupation and siege of the Palestinian people.

In August 2014, when Israel killed more than 2,000 Palestinians, including over 500 children, in its 51 day war on Gaza, Wheeldon (like thousands of other Canadians) called Israel’s actions against the Palestinians a war crime. Wheeldon also suggested that Israel has a long history of ethnically cleansing the Palestinians, which is entirely accurate.

Independent Jewish Voices - Canada believes Wheeldon was speaking truth to power. The Conservatives and the Israel lobby want to stop any criticism of Israel and its illegal and violent military occupation over the West Bank, East Jerusalem and Gaza. They want to deflect attention from Israeli-Canadian policing and trade agreements that implicate Canadians in this illegal occupation. So why is the NDP dancing to their tune?

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If the NDP is allowed to betray Palestinians and rights activists, and then get elected, we wonder about their commitment to striking down the Anti-Terrorism Act (formerly called Bill C-51), and their determination to uphold international human rights.

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Great - Now do this!

Judy Haiven
Halifax, Nova Scotia

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We count on you to help us work for a just resolution to end the occupation of Palestine.

P.P.S. You can support the reinstatement of Morgan Wheeldon through this Facebook page.

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