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Meal Planning Classes

Meal Planning Classes

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Quick and Easy Meal Planning Class

Quick and Easy Classes

Prepare flavorful meals in a flash with guidance from this Quick & Easy Meal Planning class. You'll get instructions for making your favorite AH/AD recipes (and some new recipes) with our favorite shortcuts. Create all the flavor you want in half the time. We've specifically designed this class for minimal prep, so you can spend more time doing the activities you love.

Quick and Easy Basics (includes a one-week meal plan)

Quick and Easy Using Common Kitchen Staples

Quick and Easy Cooking for the Family

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Leftovers Meal Planning Class

Using Leftovers Classes

Let's face it, leftovers get a bad rap, but they could may our lives so much easier! Our leftovers classes are specifically designed to teach you ways to use your leftovers in new and exciting ways - all while cutting down on prep time!

Quick and Easy Part 2 (Using Leftovers and Cooking for One) (includes a one-week meal plan)

Using Common Leftovers

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Dairy Free Meal Planning Class

Dairy Free Classes

Eager to learn how to prepare Dairy-Free meals? Looking for new and exciting ways to make your favorite AH and AD recipes? Our Dairy Free classes are perfect for dairy-free eaters and anyone who wants to add new twists of flavor to their favorite meals.

Dairy Free Basics (includes a one-week meal plan)

Dairy Free Breakfast and Brunch

Dairy Free Desserts and Snacks

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Vegetarian Meal Planning Class

Vegetarian Classes

Not just for Vegetarians - Our Vegetarian classes are perfect for learning to incorporate a few new plant-based meals into your weekly rotation.

Vegetarian Basics (includes a one-week meal plan)

Soy-Free Vegetarian

Mexican, Indian, and Japanese Cooking (Vegetarian Focus)

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