July 11, 2020 Dear Community, In this newsletter you will find: ▪ July 24 Community Voice Divinations, and more▪ No Guarantees▪ 3 Poems in Kitaab


July 11, 2020

Dear Community,

In this newsletter you will find:

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The once-a-month community voice divinations Lillie Falco-Adkins and I offer are coming up in a little over two weeks, on Friday, July 24. Spots are limited, so sign up soon, or tell your friends about it now!

You can also book a personal voice or cowrie shell divination with me. If you are a low income person of color, I have sliding scale spots available.

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A friend asked me what my specialties were as a diviner.

And--it could be the tricky Kontomble--they said:

Who knows what's going to happen during a divination!

Can I guarantee anything at all as a diviner? No.

That said, I have certain relationships with the Kontomble. With the ancestors. I have allies and guides. Based on my good offices with them, I can ask that I become a conduit for their wisdom and guidance.

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A Testimonial

"My experience with Monica was genuinely moving and profound. She was able to tap into and share wisdom that deeply resonated with me. She was present, compassionate, intuitive, and professional throughout the entire session. I have already found personal clarity and healing from important information that came through the divination. I would see her again and recommend her to anyone looking for guidance in any area of life."

-- Sarah H, M.A. in Somatic Psychology

Three of my poems have been featured in Kitaab: "Resonance," "our faces collective as rage, snake," and "Shadown".

I hope you enjoy reading them: here!

...Honey from their ears

Dance your dance and trust that you will be seen. You will be seen.

Let them go and what is yours will come back.

Let power flow, and its current will always flow through you.

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Look deeply and say her name, by jjaahzz

If you, like me, look for spaces where politics, the sacred, love, and transformance are intertwined, you might be interested in checking out the multi-medium art project & exhibition #UGODS at Krowswork, Oakland, that supports and documents women of color exploring race, gender and divinity.

I know I will, once I am back from my East Coast sojourn.

With that, this is


मोनिका \Monica


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