There is a Flow..
There is a River..
There is a Song..
that flows throughout the earth..
the Rythmns of the Seasons..
the Song of Creation


Come Explore Painting the Seasons with me

.We will be seeing the world in a different way...your eyes will begin to open to a world bursting with color,light and wonder.
As I look outside this early morning, I see warm peach light bathing the landscape of soft yellows, and taupe ...beautiful grey greens and pale turquoise in the leaves...shadows of purples and blue.

Bird photo collage
IMG 2951

This is my painting from the Cardinal photo

Bird Painting Workshop

You choose the Bird (above are some of your choices).

The wood boards are 12x12.

The workshop fee is:
$35.00 which includes all your supplies.


Friday, Jan.19, 9-12
Sun. Jan.21, 1:30-4:30

IMG 2483

Winter Forest Workshop

Here's the photo I am using for the Winter Forest painting.

You will be using palette knives and brushes. Also, you will learn about glazing paint to create luminous color.

Below is the painting I am developing for this workshop...I am just beginning to start the glazing.

Cropped madmimi forest winter

My painting before glazing

Winter Forest Schedule

Sunday afternoon, Jan.14 from 1:30-4:30

Friday morning, Jan.26 from 9-12

The workshop fee is $35.00

cropped face

Contact me to sign up for the January Workshops

My email is:
or phone: 706-540-5450

I look forward to painting with you,

May your day be blessed with all of the colors of the rainbow. May your life be filled with creativity, and all the joy it brings,

Laurel Genteman

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