July 11, 2020 Dear Community, I have been going through big initiations lately. Kontomble with their keen feeling of kinship for the human realms, a


July 11, 2020

Dear Community,

I have been going through big initiations lately. Kontomble with their keen feeling of kinship for the human realms, and wanting an alleviation of the suffering in our experience. Djinn and I are in the midst of agreeing to dance with each other, tenderly and exploring. This past weekend, I was at a retreat immersed in Divine Birth/Divine Self Mystery Teachings that Marguerite Rigoglioso is facilitating the uncovering of. We held the mysteries in an evolutionary way: the body of women and men who came together, equally, a part of finding and remembering the keys to the puzzle. We are singing our wholeness and authentic selves into being, in and for these contemporary times. Remembering and co-creating the reaches of our sacred interconnectivity, so that we may walk the earthwalk in beauty that befits the soul nesting in our human and planetary, multiaspected bosoms. May this healing be for the highest good of all beings and interbeing. May we weave with our love again and again Her whose body and dreaming we are a part of.

May I trust and take the next step, and the next! May I embody my purpose fearlessly.

Alia2 - Goddess of Love Fertility - Saudi Arabia

Rock art, pre-Islamic Arabic goddess Alia, via The Bradshaw Foundation

Kontomble and the Waters

The West Coast Village was at Pantheacon, introducing kontomble medicine and offering a community voice divination ritual. Many of us kontomble diviners are finding that the little people are coming in more strongly than ever before, responding to the urgency of these times. The medicine of memory is awakening. The sweet, sacred waters are so needed: water is life itself, but water is also memory. To never forget that there is a stream of continuity we are riding upon: the love and courage and resistance and resilience of our ancestors. Of the goodness of our very hearts! For in our hearts we center again and again the entirety of all times: all the pasts, presents, and futures that arise for us.

Let us continue to trust that there is deep healing to be released in going through the current crises. Let us continue to build evidence -- and actions -- that support and engender and announce that healing.

This grid of the earth, wherever we are: may we offer a drop of water to get in touch with the never-drying, always-replenishing wells of healing.

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Holding a banner at the NoDAPL Standing Rock Action in San Francisco, I found my body involuntarily gathering herself in a warrior stance, a stance as old as the warrior ancestors. To be a warrior is to always be circulating between the inner and the outer, bringing back from the reaches of the heart the spill of the truth that shows up in the world ardent and potent. It is about finding the alchemy where our vision is guiding the certainty of our steps: the borderlands where we give birth to the world we have always known in our hearts is possible. May we long for it. May we act for it. May we flow towards it.

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मोनिका \Monica


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Monica Mody is a poet, writer, cultural theorist, and diviner blending West African Dagara-inspired medicine with earth-ecstatic ancestral teachings. She has been merged with the kontomble, the elemental little people, and seeks to bring their medicine into these times of fire and crisis.
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