Going This Way How are you doing? In December, when I wrote my last newsletter, I was sailing through "Moon to Return to Zero". As you may recall.

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Going This Way

How are you doing?

In December, when I wrote my last newsletter, I was sailing through "Moon to Return to Zero".

As you may recall. I was pretty busy being still.

I shared three wellness tools with you: Return to Zero, The Body Compass, and The Hunger Scale.

I hope those of you who waded into actually working with and applying the tools found them as helpful as I do. And if that's not what you're into right now, I hope you enjoyed the pictures!!

This newsletter will be shorter. Promise.


Naming This Moon

When I'm out walking with my dogs and they are off lead, they run on ahead of me. I sometimes turn around to walk back, or make a sharp left or right turn to go in a different direction. When I do, I sing out "Going This Way". My dogs run back to me, and then take off ahead of me in the new direction.

So I think those words in a lyrical way, just short of a song.

At New Moon on January 9, it became apparent that this was to be the name for this moon.

For me, Moon of Going This Way represents the energy of making a shift. Quickly and abruptly. Just turning and going in a different direction. I am able to change directions easily while on a walk with my dogs. There is no struggle. It's not even a difficult choice. Just an intuitive turn that's internally sparked and maybe not even thought about much, if at all.

Coming out of a deep trust. Instinctive. Curious. Like something a wolf in the wild or a bird in flight might do.

I'm reminded of one of my affirmations from my "Today is a New Day" credo:

Today, I am willing to experience dramatic, swift and effective change, in my attitude and in my life.

This is Moon of Going This Way for me. Full Moon is this Saturday


Two Questions...

for your quiet contemplation:

Is there an area in your life, real or metaphorically, where a pause, however brief, might be a daring, great act of self-love?
Health. Work. Relationships. Finances. Shelter. Whether or not to act on an impulse to eat more, drink more, shop more, play computer games more, watch tv more...

Is there an area in your life, real or metaphorically, where it's your time to change directions and sing out to the masses, and to yourself: "Going This Way"?
I am simply going to do this [fill in blank] differently, starting today. Even if it's hard sometimes. I am choosing long term joy over short term pleasure. Right here. Right now.


Two bonus credo affirmations...

to kick start new neural pathways in your brain:

Today, I am willing to experience being awake in the wild. Fully alive.

Today, I am willing to experience living a life that is beyond my wildest dreams.

Have a great month.

Go foster some freedom,


PS: See? I can do short!


Three Upcoming Events with Me

#1: Heart Rhythms

Heart Rhythms Picture-A

Heart Rhythms

In April, 2015 an amazing group of strong, beautiful, courageous women gathered together at The Healing Space on Todd's Island for my Heart Rhythms workshop.

More details to follow, but for now, if you're not wanting to miss this...

Saturday, April 16, 2016
10 am - 1 pm followed by pot luck lunch
The Healing Space, Todd's Island Road, St. Margaret's Bay
Cost: $60
Limited to 12 women.

Registration will open toward the end of February. If you want to get your name in sooner, e-mail me.


#2: Drum Story

Anansi Picture

Claire & Heather, Spring 2015

Claire Miller and I are collaborating on another project, which is always loads of fun!

Storyteller's Monthly Gathering
A program of drum stories
Thursday, May 12, 2016
Spencer House on Morris St., Halifax


#3: Awake in the Wild

Big Rock at CLLC

Come to Upper Cornwall in May

I am planning to offer my Awake in the Wild day long personal wellness retreat for women again this spring.

This year, it will be in Upper Cornwall, Lunenburg County, at a beautiful spot by Church Lake. (90 minutes from Halifax, 20 minutes inland from Exit 11 (Blockhouse) off Hwy 103.

For your long range planning purposes, I'm looking at Saturday, May 28.

Stay tuned for more details.

Certified hi-res

I welcome the opportunity to bring valuable personal wellness tools and inspiration to women who are experiencing big shifts in their lives.

Whether these shifts are imposed by the hand life deals us, or freely chosen as a natural part of growing and evolving, it is a great pleasure to be of service to strong, beautiful, smart, courageous women.