In this edition General chit chat And on a lighter note- WHOOPPEE Blogs and MP3 Hints and Tips on Forgiveness 'It's Time for Me' Programme and Wo


In this edition

General chit chat
And on a lighter note- WHOOPPEE
Blogs and MP3
Hints and Tips on Forgiveness
'It's Time for Me' Programme and Workshop

General chit chat

I bet nobody loves a whinger or whiner but here I go anyway.
I have to say that I was recently well below par for about 3 months; 2 different ailments, the 2nd one being Bronchitus. I've never had bronchitus before and once I realised that coughing can damage your ribs or rib area- it was too late!
I decided to try the prescription the doctor offered as I am going to Oz in mid February and I knew that the rib area takes time to recover so, the coughing had to stop. Anyway I am much better now.
BTW: I am supposed to know a bit around this physical/emotional health stuff but sadly knowing that doesn't mean I can avoid bouts of ill health coming my way which, if I ran a persecussion belief I could say that's not fair.
My Meta Health friends tell me to do a 'High Five' as I have resolved, accepted or said 'f... it to an emotionally distressing issue. So - High Five done!

And on a lighter note WHOOPPEEEEE

Herb and I are off to Australia mid February. We are going to see my daughter Rachel and we're staying with Rachel's boyfriend Tom's family. We have met Ross and Kate in London late last year and they seem lovely people.
We have a fairly crazy itinerary organised and the big surprise was Rachel's Christmas present; she and I are doing the Sydney Harbour Bridge Climb. Exciting!
Herb and I are then off to Thailand for a belated honeymoon. Haven't been there before so hoping to all the things necessary when on a trip to Thailand and we finish with a week of relaxation on Koh Samui.
We have House and Cat sitters coming; they are part of Trusted Housesitters which we have used before, we have also House sat twice in France and loved it!
I will post some photos and maybe do some blogs. Besides very much looking forward to this trip I am hoping for fresh ideas, new goals and inspiration to carry me forward; to find the work which makes my heart soar and gives me joy.

Blogs and MP3

I have written 3 consecutive blogs on Forgiveness. For those who can't forgive I truly sympathise. I want to work with those ready and eager to move from that place of stuckness and immovability. I am channeling my energy to work as a conduit for those who seek release from stress and old patterns of behaviour, who desire an abundance of confidence and self-belief and who are ready for fulfilment in life; now that rocks my boat!
1. Are you big enough to forgive?
2. Where do you vibrate? sharing the Emotional Vibration Scale
3. Hints and tips encouraging forgiveness 2 versions!
ALSO I wish to share an MP3 Visualisation: 'Use your senses to see your goal' -part of the support offered in my new Home Study programme 'It's Time for Me'

Hints and tips encouraging forgiveness

It's Part 3 of my Forgiveness Blog
I offer the same message delivered in 2 styles: gentle and subtle OR clear as crystal. Which style would get the message across to you do you think?

Hints and tips encouraging forgiveness

It's Time for Me

The Piloting of my new programme is well under way and some tweaking will be done before release in March.
It's for those who
* prefer Home Study and Self Delevolpment Learning from the comfort of their own home.
* are ready to release old patterns of self sabotage behaviour ; the stuff which stops you getting out there and doing your thing.
* now have time to do something fulfilling and pleasurable but confidence and self-belief need a little tweaking before jumping out of the comfort zone and just doing it.

The programme will cost £127 however I will have an offer for my newsletter readers: £99 until June.
It is in 6 comprehensive and supported parts. The support comes from EFT Video Tapping Routines, MP3s and a couple of phone calls to check and help with progress.
If you want more details please email me -

Workshop: It's Time for Me

I will be running a Workshop based on my online course It's Time for Me'.
The date is Saturday 21st March 2015 - 9.30 for 10 till 2.30 in The Long Room, Rowlands Castle.
This will be my 1st workshop with the programme so cost is £45. I expect to increase the cost in the future.
For newsletter subscribers the cost is £40. Drop me an email if interested and PLEASE do share this newsletter.

I wish you a happy winter enjoying or tolerating the variety of weather which comes your way; you may think of me in Australia and Thailand if that will help.

Susan x

My book 'Survive and Thrive after Trauma' is now available on Kindle.

I have a Home Study Programme supporting those recovering from divorce and relationship challenges: 'It's Time to MOVE ON'.
Please share this newsletter with friends.
Here is the contact form on my website or call me on 02392 410090 Mobile: 07917 680967.

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