New 10-week songwriting workshop begins! Thursday, June 16, noon to 3 PST

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I just finished another song in Harriet Schock's class, and I had a realization that I wanted to share. I've been writing songs for many years, but now that I apply the steps learned in her class, there is a dramatic difference in my writing, and it's this: my lyric writing has risen to a point where the lyrics are actually poetic and lyrical (imagine that), not just words on a page.

The steps have enabled me to find more beautiful ways to say what I want to say. They have a better visual quality, scan better (so I can sing them better), and contain beautiful imagery with better word choices than ever before. As such, I get more compliments on my lyrics now than I ever have, and I can honestly say that I am truly proud of what I am writing.

On top of that, my melody choices have become better, mostly because I am not just finding good chords and melodies to sing, but because I'm PROPERLY ALIGNING the improved lyrics with my music to truly deliver the message. This has taken my writing from "pretty good" to "really evocative" and I recommend Harriet's class to anyone who wants to take their songwriting to the next level (and what songwriter doesn't want to do that?)!

This Thursday class is a special group of songwriters all using my step-by-step method. Noon to 3PM West Coast time. Call me at 213 840-6732 to reserve a space or get more info.

Documentary campaign extended

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We have a few more days in the campaign for "Hollywood Town - the Harriet Schock Story," a documentary Tom Solari is producing. Here's the preview:
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