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1. Double check to make sure your student-athlete is signed up to race if they plan on racing.
2. Tent/RV Camping - You MUST have a reservation! We are FULL!
3. Coaches Clothing has arrived
4. GRiT MTB201 at Nordic Mountain (Women Only)
5. Start Order for Race #2
6. Race Flyer - Venue Map - Course Map
7. Raffle Update
8. We still need volunteers
9. Suggested Reading Guide
1. Double check to make sure your student-athlete is signed up to race if they plan on racing.
2. Tent/RV Camping - You MUST have a reservation! We are FULL!
3. Coaches Clothing has arrived
4. GRiT MTB201 at Nordic Mountain (Women Only)
5. Start Order for Race #2
6. Race Flyer - Venue Map - Course Map
7. Raffle Update
8. We still need volunteers
9. Suggested Reading Guide

On-line race registration closes this Thursday at midnight

Please double check to make sure your child is registered on-line for this weekend's race if they plan on racing. Simply go back into your pitzone login and register him/her for the race at $40. If you wait until the weekend, there will be a $15 late fee added to the $40 race fee.

If your child is planning to pre-ride only, and not race, they are all set to go. They can just display their race plate on their bike for the pre-ride. There is no cost for that this season!

If your child does decide to race after doing the preride, they will need to stop by the registration booth and pay for the race and late fee.



If you haven't registered for camping, please be aware that it is FULL.

Please understand that a registration for 1 tent means that you will only be allowed to bring in 1 tent. We have been experiencing folks registering for 1 tent or RV and bringing several in.

There are several campsites around Mt Morris.

Evergreen Campsites
Mt Morris Camp and Retreat Center

There are also plenty of hotels nearby.


Coaches Clothing has arrived!

For those of you who ordered Coaches Clothing earlier this summer, please stop by the merchandise table and you will be able to pay for and pick up what you ordered.


There are open spots available in the GRiT Leadership Training/NICA OTB201 Skills Training which runs from 8:00 a.m.until 1:00 on Saturday.


Start Order for Race #3

Middle School Racers - Start order will be based on previous race results, in other words, from Race #2. Those students-athletes that are signed up for Race #3 and did not participate in Race #2 will be simply placed in the back.

High School Racers - From here on out, start order will be based on overall results.

Start Order will be emailed to Team Directors and posted on our website here by Friday afternoon. It will also be posted at the race venue by 11:00 on Saturday morning.


Raffle Program Update


All ticket stubs and sales need to be turned in at Minooka Park on October 13th!

Remember to track ticket sales and turn in all ticket stubs and half of ticket sales marked with the TEAM and STUDENT-ATHLETE'S NAME to Amanda Schulze at the raffle table (located between registration and merchandize) on Sunday 10:00 - 12:00. The student-athlete who sells the most tickets will win a $200 gift card. This is why we need the team and student name on all sales.

If you’d like more tickets, you can request more from Amanda on Sunday or email Amanda Schulze to have tickets ready to pick up.


Volunteer Needs

We rely on a volunteers to make our races happen. We value all those who give of their time and energy to help our student-athletes succeed. If you want to be a part of this exciting opportunity, take a look at the positions and get involved!

Please sign up hereto volunteer at any or all of our 5 race weekends.

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