Thursday, July 1st, new 10-week songwriting workshop begins!

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The sun doesn't ALWAYS shine in L.A.

But before the sun goes down, we have a fun Zoom songwriting class at noon L.A. time. This allows people all over the planet to participate.

We have songwriters from :

· New York

· Virginia

· London

· Austria

· California

· And you can be there too, no matter where you are!

Wherever you live, you can join us and exercise every muscle of your songwriting talents.

Ten weeks from 12:00 noon to 3PM Pacific time Thursdays, 3-6PM EST.

You have no idea how much fun the Zoom workshops are unless you're in one of these. You will be writing songs that have the same emotional impact on the listener that the experience had on you. You will learn how to write real, authentic, impactful lyrics, not "just good or clever ideas." These confidential steps will take you to the next level in your songwriting.

A recent student said:
"The biggest thing I learned was to consciously try to use pictures in telling the story. Also, getting down the emotional bones of the song and mapping out the structure before trying to put into rhythms and rhymes – another revelation!!! Another revelation when Harriet said, ' People think songwriting is about rhyming; it’s no big deal to rhyme.”(OK, so I’m paraphrasing, but that was the gist.) I have spent many a late night hunched over a rhyming dictionary looking for a great rhyme when I didn’t even know exactly what I was trying to say! Getting the heart of the story down, without trying to put it in songwriting form, got me to the emotional center of the song in a way that I have never approached it before. And then watching how the pieces fell into place so much more easily when I got to that last step, because I had done all the prep work. It was kind of like magic." Claire Bloom, Thursday class (not pictured)

Call me at 213 840-6732 for more information or to hold a square for you! This exciting class has a wide range of songwriters, from beginner to intermediate to advanced. All ten weeks, 3 hours a week, for only $360.

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