Thank you to our readers who quickly informed us of the link errors in this quarter's issue of A Word from GHF. We have fixed all the links, and are r

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Thank you to our readers who quickly informed us of the link errors in this quarter's issue of A Word from GHF. We have fixed all the links, and are resending the updated version to all of you. Our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused.

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Creative Catapult Coaching and Tutoring

Welcome Creative Catapult Coaching and Tutoring!

Creative Catapult Coaching and Tutoring is our latest Institutional Basic Member. We welcome Creative Catapult Coaching to the GHF community. To learn more about our Institutional Members and membership options, please check out our Why Should I Join? page.


A Letter from GHF Online Director, Susanne Thomas

Hello GHF, I am Susanne Thomas, GHF Online Director. I hope things are going well for you. I'm in the middle of working hard to make sure the new fall semester for GHF Online classes goes off without a hitch (or at least with very few hitches). We have a great line up with a lot of new classes starting: two levels of Latin (Introduction to and Parts to Whole), an Art Journaling Class, a STEAM PBL class (Doctor Who themed!), Minecraft Math, Epic Heroes, Technomythica, Intro to Astrobiology, and Story of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way.

In addition to these awesome classes, we’re also looking forward to introducing a lot of new instructors to you.

Gwyn Ridenhour is teaching our STEAM Project Based Learning Wibbley Wobbley Timey Whimey class.

Christy Knockleby is a blogger and a homeschool mom, who has figured out ways to use Minecraft to teach concepts in math that many students struggle with.

Liz Burr-Brandstadt is teaching our Epic Heroes and Technomythica classes for us. She’s not new, but she is pretty incredible,

Justin Schwamm is a former high school Latin teacher, who is active in the gifted community and will be helping families with this challenging subject.

Cyd Smith has long been a GHF supporter, and will now be teaching web design to our students.

Lisa Lauffer is an artist, a certified life coach, and a guide for others trying to learn what art is, Her Art Journaling class was the first one I thought of when I took over this role, Her enthusiasm and knowledge are incredible .

Robin Schneider is a scientist who will teach the Astrobiology course. When I heard what she was proposing, I jumped at the chance to have her teach geology, biology, and aliens, all wrapped up in one class!

Andrea Whitson is our Story Of Science: Aristotle Leads the Way instructor. Though we’re still working on her “Meet the Instructor” page, her class already has a waiting list! Her knowledge and willingness to work with students to get through this amazing book series by Joy Hakim is exciting (especially since I use these books in my own homeschool curriculum!).

Please check out our course offerings at There isn’t a bad choice among them!

Thank You

GHF Meet & Greet Wrap-up

We loved swapping stories and sharing experiences face-to-face at our first GHF Meet & Greet at the SENG 2014 Conference. The event reaffirmed our mission and inspired us to organize more events. If you weren't able to attend our first, we hope you can make it to one of our future Meet & Greets.


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We recently updated our popular Who is GHF? brochure. Print out copies for you, family, friends, support groups, . . .

While you're there, check out the other free brochures GHF provides for gifted and 2e families and the professionals who work with them.


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