March 23, 2021


edFocus Industry Summit

The Impact of COVID-19 on K-12 Education

edWeb and Eduscape co-hosted an edFocus Industry Summit in February that provided an opportunity to listen firsthand to leading educators about how the industry can help schools find solutions to the unprecedented challenges created by the coronavirus. Educators offered many ideas for how we can transform education for the better, and the American Rescue Plan Act will provide the funding to do it.
Read the report and listen to the podcasts

We had the opportunity to feature Speak Up district leaders and students from districts across the nation!

Student panel included:
▪7th grader from Albemarle County Public Schools in Virginia
▪8th grader from Talladega County School District in Alabama
▪11th grader from San Marcos Unified School District in California
▪12th grader from Ysleta Independent School District in Texas

District/School administrator panel included:
▪Gene Osborn- Assistant Director for Technology Integration Albemarle County Public Schools (VA)
▪Lesley Bruinton APR- Public Relations Director Tuscaloosa City Schools (AL)
▪Dr. Lu S. Young- Executive Director of the UK Center for Next Generation Leadership University of Kentucky College of Education
▪Malina Villalobos- Middle School Principal, Ysleta Independent School District (TX)
▪Sheri Cole- Middle School Science Teacher, Jessamine County Schools (KY)
▪Dr. Tiffany Campbell- Assistant Superintendent, Instructional Services San Marcos Unified School District (CA)


It’s Time to Speak Up!

Be part of this year’s Speak Up Research Project to learn about the views of your stakeholders and ensure that your community is part of decisions in Washington DC!

Listening to the views of your students Speak Up makes this easy and effective – with no costs ever to your school or district.

1. What do student think are the pros/cons of remote learning?
2. Hear from participating district leaders: What do they do with their Speak Up data!
3. Schedule a Speak Up intro webinar for your association/organization, we make it easy!
4. Got a question – contact us at
5. Register here to start using the Speak Up survey tools today.


Find Out What Your Students Have To Say

Because of school closures this year, many students are now learning online at least part of the time. What would your students say are the potential benefits or positives for remote learning students enrolled in online classes and using digital tools?

• Can learn at their own pace
• Develop technology skills
• Easier to collaborate with classmates on projects using online tools
• Easier to review class materials when needed
• Learn skills needed for college or the workplace
• Learn to be more responsible for their own learning
• Learning is more interactive and engaging
• Less school drama
• More comfortable participating in online discussions than in a physical classroom
• More comfortable to ask teachers questions
• More individualized teacher-student communications

Which of the following would they say are the potential downsides or negatives for virtual learning students enrolled in online classes and using digital tools?

• Does not fit how some students learn best
• Harder to do collaborative projects with classmates
• Having too much responsibility for their own learning
• Lack of teacher support when needed
• Learning is less interactive and engaging
• Miss school routines
• Miss social aspects of school
• Need to be well organized
• School is more stressful
• School workload is more
• Teachers are not effective teaching in a virtual setting
• Technology access problems
• Too much screen time
• Worries about quality of the learning experience

This year's survey asks timely questions on topics such as:

• Ultimate school of the future - what types of technology will enable better student outcomes
• Student engagement - how to measure it in remote learning
• What PD teachers want and need
• Learning gap
• Preferences for learning
• School Climate questions
• Teacher to student communications
• School to home communications
• Digital citizenship
• Workplace and skill development
• and more!


How do district leaders use

their Speak Up data?

Listen to the views of these district leaders as to how they use and share their Speak Up data and why they continue to participate every year.

Watch Dr. Evans’ interviews with:

Stephanie Casperson, Director of Education Technology, San Marcos Unified School District (CA)


Watch Now

Gene Osborn, Assistant Director for Technology Integration, Albemarle County Public Schools (VA)


Watch Now


NCEA Members you are invited to Dr. Julie Evans' Speak Up Session

Copy of Speak Up 101 - CITE MEMBERS 1

Join Project Tomorrow/Speak Up CEO Dr. Julie A. Evans for a discussion on how Speak Up data can support districts and educational institutions as they work to realize their goals, meet current challenges and plan for the future. The webinar will identify:

5 reasons why participating in Speak Up is more important than ever for all schools
3 ways school leaders can use Speak Up data to inform planning
1 thing you can do right now to get started with Speak Up!

WHEN: Mar 24, 2021 11 AM PT/ 2 PM


Interested in scheduling a Speak Up intro webinar for your association or organization contact us at


Speak Up Features


The shifting role of principals during the pandemic

Taking into consideration what school leaders have to say is an essential part of the Speak Up research. Last week, Dr. Julie Evans was able to interview Jose Villareal, the principal at Oceanside High School in Oceanside, California. The interview provided valuable insight into understanding the challenges of the Principal role during a pandemic.

Connect with Dr. Evans to share your insights


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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the Speak Up team at or via phone at (949) 609-4660.

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