"An heirloom garden is an opportunity to plant a piece of history that provides a deeper connection to the food you eat, the people you love, and the landscape that surrounds your home."

- Ellen Ecker Ogden from The New Heirloom Garden

New Heirloom Book. Cover

Front Cover.


Braised Cosmic Carrots from The New Heirloom Garden. Photo by Matthew Benson.

Book News

I'm excited to announce that my new book, The New Heirloom Garden is available now for pre-order on Amazon or in your local bookstore on February 2nd. Featuring themed designs and heirloom recipes for gardeners who love to cook. Autographed or personalized copies can also be ordered on my website.


Hello Everyone.

This month, I'm doing what every gardener does in January: sitting by a sunny window watching plants grow - indoors. But that's not all. I'm counting seeds. It's an age-old tradition to see what's in the seedbox before ordering new, but also shucking shelling beans from their crackly pods. Akin to knitting, there is a comfort in using my hands to do something useful.

Seeds hold the promise of good things to come, but are also like a crystal ball -- what we choose to grow in our next garden will ultimately determine what we eat or savor. I order most of my lettuce and salad greens from Wild Garden Seeds, flowers from Select Seeds, and then fill in the rest with seeds I've carried over from the previous year.

What I like most about seed saving, is that it's all about sharing, both the knowledge and the thrill of growing something new. There are so many ways that seeds are integral to everything we do, and how gardens are a metaphor for life: like companion plants, we grow best when surrounded by friends.

Sowing, saving, and sharing seeds is at the heart of my new book, and a reminder that a book is a collection of ideas, that involve many people. The author plants the seed, yet it is all those who contribute that allow it to grow. I am excited to announce my debut book talk on February 2nd @ Northshire Bookstore, where I am joined with my book photographer Matthew Benson and the illustrator, Terry Findeison. Hope to see you there.

Tasting food pulled from the ground and twisting off a green stem at the peak of ripeness, that's the way I wish we all ate, and food gardens are more important than ever. Sending you best wishes, from my garden to yours.

As Always,
Ellen Ecker Ogden

Author of The Complete Kitchen Garden and The New Heirloom Garden. For Gardeners Who Love to Cook.


“A seed is its own world, a garden is its own universe.”

― Matshona Dhliwayo

Borlotto Beans

Heirloom Borlotto or Cranberry Bean.

FARRO BEAN-New Heirloom Garden

Heirloom Borlotto and Farro Salad. Recipe from my new book.

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You are receiving this newsletter because you signed up at one of my garden talks, or on the website. Starting this month, I've added another level: subscriptions. Subscribers of this newsletter will receive benefits that include classes, design downloads, on-line Q & A garden chat, plus a select invitation to visit my garden this summer, during the open days. If you would like to learn more about how to design a kitchen garden, get behind-the-scenes tips for what to plant for the best flavor, sign up for my expanded newsletter, The Art of Growing Food, visit this page to learn more.

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Follow me into the garden to spark fresh ideas for your own kitchen garden on Instagram.

Ellen Ogden. Kitchen garden designs

Start with a simple outline. Use Vellum to create an overlay with plants. This is a design is from The New Heirloom Garden, my newest book.

Kitchen Garden Design Class

Get out the graph paper and pencils, take a look at photos of your garden and learn to start your design on paper to map out a plan.

This class follows my lecture format, yet goes deeper to learn more about the elements that add art and whimsy to your design. Follow this link to learn more. My next class starts in March.

I'll also be teaching at Tower Hill Botanic Garden and Maine Botanical Gardens.



While listening to a recent podcast on The American Life, the episode titled The Show of Delights stuck me as exactly what I needed to hear. That word sparked joy, wonder, curiosity and the determination that I would find delight every day.

Favorite Garden Word: Delight
Sowing this month: Poppies outside, on top of the snow.
Currently Reading: Vesper Flights by Helen McDonald
Wish List for 2021: A cold frame for early seedlings
Cooking Tonight: Caramelized Leek Tart
Watching: Master Class with Alicia Keyes
Stop and Listen: Listen Well January
Crafty Art Projects: Food 52
Cool Garden Design Website: Paper Garden Workshop
Best Christmas Gift: Honeybelle Tangelo Oranges (Thanks, Mom!)

Ogden. Cropped Circle

"I believe that a true kitchen garden settles into the space where the garden and home merge. A beautiful garden that surrounds your home, is also an extension and reflection of what you love. "

- Ellen Ecker Ogden, from The New Heirloom Garden

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