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New Moon in Taurus, 5/4/19


"Taurus" by Teo Olivieri (linked)

Greetings Deer Spirit Friends!

May the 4th be with you! Happy New Moon in Taurus! Holy Cow! Time to cut out the bullshit! I could spout corny bovine idioms until the cows come home but there's more important things to do, so lets take the bull by the horns and get down to business......

It's been a long time since I've had anyone else's writing in this newsletter, so I'm very happy to share a piece by Tiffany Credle. She completed her Reiki Master Teacher training last weekend and is now taking my Reiki Master Teacher Apprentice program.

In her article, which is titled Being Mastered by Reiki, she tells the story of how she discovered Reiki and fell in love with it. She's going all the way with Reiki, having already built her Reiki website (she has great web design skills and in addition to her creative writing, she's also a very talented photographer and musician). She's been volunteering for the last couple months as a Reiki provider in our Free Clinic For Recovery and in my clinics at The Lower East Side Harm Reduction Center and The Alliance For Positive Change Her piece is posted below Message Of The Stars.

The Month of May

The 5th month of 2019 began on Wednesday, which was both Beltane (the Celtic / pagan mid - Spring fertility festival) and May Day (International Worker's Day). The New Moon in Taurus falls on Saturday 5/4 and Cinco De Mayo is the day after.

Many confuse Cinco De Mayo with Mexican Independence Day which is September 16th. The modern celebrations on May 5th commemorate the Mexican Army's improbable heroic victory over a much larger French force on May 5th, 1862. The French eventually regrouped and conquered Mexico a year later, but Cinco De Mayo is still a major holiday, especially in America, where it is observed as a general celebration of Mexican culture.

Of course Mother's Day always happens on the 2nd Sunday in May, which happens to be the 12th this year. American Mother's Day was created by Ann Reeves Jarvis in the 1st decade of the 1900's. According to Wikipedia -

"The modern holiday of Mother's Day was first celebrated in 1908, when Anna Jarvis held a memorial for her mother at St Andrew's Methodist Church in Grafton, West Virginia..... Her campaign to make Mother's Day a recognized holiday in the United States began in 1905, the year her mother, Ann Reeves Jarvis, died. Ann Jarvis had been a peace activist who cared for wounded soldiers on both sides of the American Civil War, and created Mother's Day Work Clubs to address public health issues. Anna Jarvis wanted to honor her mother by continuing the work she started and to set aside a day to honor all mothers because she believed a mother is "the person who has done more for you than anyone in the world"."

Buddha in Deer PArk

Buddha giving his first sermon in the Deer Park after achieving enlightenment (linked)

Since my next Angelic Liquid Light Distant Healing session will happen on Thurs., May 9th, just 3 days before Mother's day, I decided to make the Mother aspect of the divine the theme for the session. It will be an all purpose healing / set your own intention type session that will also enhance our connection with the incomparable nurturing love of She Who Gives Birth To All That Is. I will be using many of the Mother's Heart energies of the Angelic Liquid Light modality in the session, such as Mother Mary's Roses (emotional healing, love), Mother's Milk (nurturing, nourishing, healing inner child), Sekhmet's Ankh (courage, love, leadership, creativity, kundalini activation), Quan Yin (enlightenment compassion, healing, relief of suffering), Kali (tough love, slays demons, sets boundaries), Lakshmi (spiritual and worldly success, prosperity, comfort) and Saraswati (wisdom, artistic creativity, eloquent expression). BTW, I will be teaching Angelic Liquid Light Levels 1 & 2 on July 20th & 21st. I only teach it twice a year; once in January and once in July. For more info on the modality go HERE.

The upcoming Full Moon in Scorpio on Sat. May 18th is the Wesak Full Moon which is the annual celebration of Buddha's birth, enlightenment and death. It's big deal for Buddhists world wide and it's a powerful sacred portal into transcendence and enlightenment.

And then there's Memorial Day, a day in May that Americans always look forward to. It always falls on the last Monday in May (5/27/19), giving us a nice 3 day weekend which we think of as the unofficial start of Summer.

And last but definitely not least, today (5/4) is National Scrapbook Day!! May your May be a month to remember! :-)

Bulletin Board

The next Deer Spirit Reiki Circle will be held on Monday May 6th, 7pm - 9pm, $20 at TRS Professional Suites, 40 Exchange Pl., 3rd Fl. (in lower Manhattan near Wall Street), RSVP required. This circle is open to the general public - you do not have to be attuned to Reiki to attend and receive treatment. If you are attuned to Reiki, any level or lineage, you are welcome to come and give and receive treatment. We start with a guided meditation and then give 30 min. treatments on massage tables. The circle is held bi - weekly.

The Angelic Liquid Light Mother Divine Distant Healing Session will be held on Thurs. May 9th. There will be a conference call from 7:30 - 8pm EDT (not required in order to experience the distant healing) and the healing will go from 8pm - 9pm EDT. the suggested exchange is $15. I chose the Divine Mother theme because Sunday, May 12th is Mother's Day in the USA, not to mention that the Angelic Liquid Light modality is aligned with the Mother aspect of divinity. You can put your animal companions on the distant healing list for free. Just tell me their name and what type of animal they are. In order to register, email me and send your payment via PayPal (the Buy Now button on my contact page), Venmo (Geordie-Numata) or chase QuickPay / Zelle (

I'm teaching Reiki Levels 1 & 2 on Sat., May 18th & Sun. May 19th. 10:30am - 6pm at 1115 Broadway, 10th Fl. in Manhattan near the corner of 25th St. The fee is $333 with a $108 deposit for both classes or $180 with a $45 deposit for one class. I will be assisted by Tiffany Credle who is my current Reiki Master Teacher Apprentice. For more info on Reiki and the class curriculum see the classes page of my website.

Insta Poem 1

The VortexHealing® Ganesh Creativity Session will be held on Thurs. 5/23, 7:15 - 7:45pm EST conference call, 7:45 - 8:45pm EST distant healing, $20 In order to register, email me and send your payment via PayPal (the Buy Now button on my contact page), Venmo (Geordie-Numata) or chase QuickPay / Zelle ( (See write - up on my website). You can put your animal companions on the distant healing list for free. Just tell me their name and what type of animal they are. This is the 4th session in our 5 session Ganesh series. Ganesh is the Hindu demi - god who helps us break through obstacles. The sessions will happen once a month. In this 4th session on May 23rd we'll release whatever is blocking creativity. This session is not just for artists! Everyone is responsible for creating their personal realities, yet we often feel blocked or limited in creating fulfillment in all aspects of our lives.
4th session on May 23rd - Creativity - $20
5th session on June 27th - Ganesh 90 Min. Super Session - $27

There is no Free Clinic For Recovery in May! The next one will be held on the 2nd Saturday in June, which is the 8th. Please let me know if you'd like to volunteer as a Reiki provider, LAc, LMT or receptionist.

I set up a GoFundMe page to raise money to donate to The Point. The Point is a wonderful non - profit facility in the Hunt's Point neighborhood of the S. Bronx that provides many services to the community. They donate their space to us on the 2nd Saturday of every month for our Free Clinic For Recovery. Please give whatever you can. All the money raised will be given to The Point as a gesture of gratitude for their generosity in letting us use their space for free. Here's the link for the GoFundMe page.

Message Of The Stars

Every day is new and different but we often fail to appreciate the uniqueness of what's arising and dissolving. Our lives are shaped by habits that become repetitive grooves in a limited landscape of perception. When those grooves become ruts that we can't break out of, our quality of life declines in a downward spiral that can only end in crisis.

What I'm describing is a classic Taurus / Scorpio shadow dynamic. When that polarity is out of whack in our lives, our growth becomes stunted by Taurean stubbornness based in fear of change. Our inner Taurus wants to be comfortable but we need to step out of our comfort zone in order to let go of the old so we can bring in the new, and that's uncomfortable and scary.

Life wants us to evolve and it's our inner Scorpio that gives us the passion and courage to take the transformational leap into the unknown. If we can't "let go and let god" we become obsessive, secretive, manipulative and dishonest. The addict, hoarder, the control freak; they're heading down a one - way street to a crisis, which becomes their last chance to transform. Hopefully the crisis will bring them face to face with their inevitable demise and they'll wake up and reach out for help in order to break out of their self imposed prison.

This New Moon in Taurus is a very special one because it's giving us a lot of transformational encouragement and support.

Uranus in Taurus near the Sun and Moon in Taurus adds a powerful boost into the new. Uranus, more than any other planet, helps us break out of the herd mentality, let go of the past and welcome the future, embrace our uniqueness, and freely share our gifts while Taurus helps us integrate, ground and stabilize as we navigate the incoming newness.

Uranus is in 3 deg. Taurus today, and the Sabian Symbol for that degree is "The Pot Of Gold At The End Of The Rainbow", which couldn't be more appropriate for the current global shift back into currency backed by gold and other assets.

On a more spiritual level, the rainbow is a symbol of unity, emotional buoyancy and hope, and gold is the color frequency of spiritual mastery and divine love.

The Sun and Moon are always conjunct on the New Moon today they're both in 14 deg. Taurus. The Sabian Symbol for that degree is "Head Covered With A Rakish Silk Hat, Muffled Against The Cold, A Man Braves A Storm"

We need protection in stormy times of great transformation but this symbol suggests that rather than letting our male warrior aspect engage in battle against the storm, we maintain a more feminine (silky) nonchalant, devil may care (rakish) attitude which is fluid and confident.

Radical trust in the divine within and all around us will keep us safe and centered in the midst of the shift - hitting - the - fan!

And let's not forget that Venus is the ruling planet of Taurus, and today we have Venus and Mercury in Aries conjunct Uranus, Moon and Sun in Taurus. This lineup helps us tune in to the ongoing restoration of the Goddess / Mother Divine energies.

Cobra's latest update reveals how significant progress has been made recently as the old male control hierarchies fade away -

"On April 15th, 2019, full mysteries of the Goddess were finally anchored on the surface of this planet in a certain group, after centuries of suppression and after the last mysteries of Isis were completely discontinued at the Isis temple of Philae in the year 457 of the current era....."

He's goes on to explain how the Notre Dame (Our Lady) cathedral fire was arson by the Dark Side against the Goddess.

But fear not, Mother Divine is always victorious in the end. You just can't beat She Who Gives Birth To All That Is. Resistance is futile!

Insta post 3

Here's a poem that I wrote many years ago and posted on FB. I had forgotten about it, but rediscovered it when FB reposted it for me a few days ago.

insatiable desire
led me
through countless rounds
of night and day
birth and death
falling down
rising up
letting go
not realizing
that this rhythm was healing
that the heart
was slowly ripening
until it burst
in an ecstatic riot
of boundless love and laughter
embracing the infinite
annihilating the seeker

"Humanity doesn’t need saints and guru’s who teach from a pulpit or pedestal, but real flesh and blood people who have experienced darkness and light by themselves and are able to embrace both without judgment. You become a human angel at the moment you dare to face and accept your own darkness." Jesus channeled by Pamela Kribbe

Reiki stones

Being Mastered by Reiki

by Tiffany Credle

I have tried to write this first blog post three different times and became resigned to not having a blog on this site. I would start writing about the beginning of my Reiki journey but it seemed painfully long winded, then I took a shot at focusing on what changed for me once I completed certification for the Reiki Master Teacher level and still ran out of steam. It felt like I was going in the wrong direction each time. And then, something special happened today.

About eight months ago I met a very special person during a dark time in my life (one of many). I'd been dealing with chronic pain following multiple injuries and was uncertain about my future. It was during this time I met a very beautiful, strong, intelligent and powerful woman who had been tasked with getting people who were facing major career upheaval after suffering from changes in their health to consider new career paths. I admit that I was resistant and hesitant at first because I thought I should be figuring out my new path alone – definitely not with a bunch of strangers. However, our vocational instructor forced us to work in a group and share our stories – just like that, we became a support group of people who could relate to being at a crosswords and facing futures of uncertainty. We began to coach one another through obstacles and pass on any information we came across if we thought it would aid in each others' progress.

Our amazing instructor introduced us to the Japanese concept of Ikigai. It is used to determine what makes your life worthwhile – in a nutshell, your reason for being. We would use this following a curriculum she invented to determine our new career path. She was a tough, no nonsense teacher having been through serious hardships herself and refused to allow us to short change ourselves or give up. She was passionate about her story, her curriculum and about us. She was born to teach, born to guide. She wanted us to choose a career path that would enrich and fulfill us, not just pay the bills. It was so unexpected – she was basically giving us life coaching and counseling in what was supposed to be a typically job resource and training center! Our instructor truly saw us and treated us like we mattered. She reconnected me with my dreams and aspirations when I'd been living primarily from my circumstances.

Today this incredible teacher revealed that she was in a very bad space. It seemed she no longer saw herself and had forgotten who she was. After one devastating blow after another from life she now saw only her circumstances, not her dreams and aspirations, and certainly not her Ikigai.


Tiffany giving Reiki at our Free Clinic For Recovery at The Point in the S. Bronx

As I started to write her an email, something clicked and the words just flowed. I poured my heart out to her and hoped that it would hit it's mark so she could see herself how I saw her and remember who she is. I like to think that maybe my joyful discovery of Ikigai is what helped me be open to the Japanese relaxation and healing practice of Reiki. After receiving Reiki to help manage my chronic pain, it completely mastered me.

In less than two months after my introduction to Reiki, I became a student - learning Reiki from the amazing Geordie Numata (I would list all of his disciplines but I am trying to keep this post short). I needed to learn how to make other people feel the way I did when I first experienced Reiki from one of Geordie's students. I had been living with daily back pain and spasms for months and was becoming resigned to living a life in pain at less than 40 years of age. The moment Reiki began to flow into my body from a lovely person named Laura, I felt a beautiful, floating and loving sensation. But more importantly for the first time in months I felt absolutely no pain, not a diminished sense of pain but no. pain. at. all! That was the day I fell in love with Reiki. That was less than five months ago and here I am a Reiki Master practitioner with her own business.

I fell in love with Reiki and surrendered to it – allowed it to master me. I guess this what some would call a “calling” if you will. Now I could tell you that Reiki will solve all of your problems magically and miraculously in a flash but, it wont. While Reiki can be felt instantly, it's overall effect on your life and health happens gradually and subtly. Each time that you receive Reiki little by little, you become more relaxed, more resilient, more optimistic, etc. You may notice some relief in your pain immediately but do not expect to be instantly healed.

I practice self Reiki every day, it is now my morning cup of coffee and I will not start my day without it. In fact, I do not feel like myself if I do not practice Reiki after waking up. Let that sink in for a moment. Reiki has mastered me and everyday it reminds me more and more of who I am. Everyday life can cause you to forget yourself and make you lose touch with your Ikigai, but promise me and yourself that even if you never personally experience Reiki, you will make a daily practice of doing something that reminds you of who you are!

With gratitude and love,
Tiffany Credle

Services, Classes & Regular Events

Deer Spirit Hat

Deer Spirit baseball cap prototype. I've often dreamed of having baseball caps made with my logo. Then recently I saw an add on FB for a 1/2 price deal on custom made caps ( I never pay any attention to FB adds but this one somehow caught my eye and I couldn't resist. I just had 2 made (one for me and one for TJ) to see how they looked and felt. They did a nice job so I'm gonna order a bunch and sell them..........they make T - shirts too!

Healing Sessions in Person -
$135 for 90 min., 3 sessions - $378, 5 sessions $630
60 min. sessions - $108
Distant Healing Sessions via Phone or Skype - $108 for 90 min.,$288 for 3 sessions,
$90 for 60 min. session,
$63 for 45 min. session
House Call or Hospital Healing Sessions - $135 for 60 min., 3 sessions $360 (additional travel time fee added according to distance involved)
Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot - $135 for 90min. in person or $108 over the phone or Skype, $108 for 60 min. in person, $90 phone or Skype, $72 for 45 min. phone or Skype.
60 min. Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot + 60 min. Healing Session Combo - $250 in person or $225 via phone / Skype
90 min Spiritual Life Coaching w/ Astrology & Tarot & 90 min. Healing Session - $288 in person or $252 phone or Skype

Contact me for rates on space clearing and astrology tutoring - / 646 505 9798

Deer Spirit Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program - My Reiki Master Teacher Apprenticeship Program began in February 2017. After a candidate is chosen, they assist in teaching all 4 levels of training (Reiki Levels 1, 2, 3 and Master Teacher). They also have weekly coaching sessions which may be over the phone or in person, and homework assignments. Another aspect of the program is providing Reiki in a volunteer capacity at the free clinics I supervise. The program is tailored to the needs of the individual candidate. If there are issues blocking the candidate's general fulfillment in life and success as a Reiki healer and teacher, these will be addressed through counseling and healing sessions. I am accepting applications for an apprentice who would start working with me in January, 2020.

2019 Reiki & Angelic Liquid Light Healing Classes
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. Apr. 27th & Sun. Apr. 28th
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. May 18th & Sun. May 19th.
Reiki Level 3 - Sat. June 29th
Angelic Liquid Light Healing Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. July. 20th & Sun. July. 21st
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. Sept. 21st & Sun. Sept. 22nd
Reiki Levels 1 & 2 - Sat. Oct. 19th & Sun. Oct. 20th
Reiki Level 3 - Sat. Nov. 23rd
Reiki Master Teacher - Sat. Dec. 14th & Sun. Dec. 15th
See the classes page of my website for details of class curriculum, fees and deposits. In special cases where students cannot attend regularly scheduled weekend classes, private one on one classes can be arranged.

Corporate Wellness Clinics
Hire me and my team of healers to come to your workplace for a day of holistic healing and intuitive counseling including Reiki, Massage, Chiropractic, Ear Acupuncture and Tarot readings. Contact me for rates and booking.

Accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 for professional healers, yoga practitioners & meditators - If you are an L.Ac., LMT, Craniosacral Therapist or other holistic health professional, a yoga teacher or seasoned yoga practitioner, meditator and / or chi gong practitioner, you may qualify for my accelerated Reiki 1 & 2 training. Do you know the 7 chakras and basic anatomy of the human body? Do you know what chi is? If your answer is yes to most of the above then you're probably ready to take Reiki 1 & 2 in 7.5 hrs. (it normally takes about 13 hrs) in a private one on one class, preferably at your residence. The fee is $270.

Group VortexHealing® Sessions w/ Geordie & Carol - distant healing for anyone anywhere in the world, bi - weekly on Thursdays, $20, 7:15pm - 8:45pm NYC time (you can put your pets get on distant healing list for free) . These sessions start with a 30 min conference call. At 7:45, we log off the call and start the healing session. Email me to register and pay via Paypal. High quality / low cost divine magic energy healing and awakening sessions for the people. These groups sell out fast so please RSVP in advance. See testimonials on my site.

Deer Spirit Reiki Circle - Bi - weekly on Mondays, 7pm - 9pm, $20, at TRS Professional Suites, 40 Exchange Place, 3rd Fl. in the financial district in Lower Manhattan. RSVP required. This circle is open to the general public - you do not have to be attuned to Reiki to attend and receive treatment. If you are attuned to Reiki, any level or lineage, you are welcome to come and give and receive treatment. We start with a guided meditation and then give 30 min. treatments on massage tables.

Love & Gratitude,
Geordie Numata
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