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Summer and Fall Classes are Filling Up Fast!

Registration for GHF Online Summer and Fall Sessions is now open. In addition to many of your favorites, we've added loads of new classes in science, art, social studies, language arts, and more!

Planning your GHF Online class schedule is now easier than ever! In addition to listing classes in each session, we've organized classes by subject, as well as listed them on weekly calendars. For more information, check out our main GHF Online page.

GHF Online offers original curriculum designed by the instructors who teach it. Our instructors are passionate professionals committed to sharing the subjects they love with their students.

You can also read what 2e Newsletter wrote about GHF Online in a recent article.

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Discipline and Your Gifted Child

As so many of us discovered, parenting books and magazines were not written with our kids in mind. It seems our children have read all the user’s guides and are determined to prove them all wrong. How do we teach our gifted kids right from wrong, help them navigate the complexities of social interactions, and guide them toward making good choices, when nothing in the parenting books or magazines works? GHF Bloggers have been there, done that, and now share their experiences and insights. What worked? What failed epically? What would they do differently? Read their stories to discover positive ways to use discipline to strengthen our gifted children’s self-esteem and ability to make wise choices.

Discover more bloggers and learn more about the gifted/2e journey by reading our previous blog hops. With GHF, you are not alone.




Gifted Wins!

Periodically, we like to highlight success stories from our members. We call these "Gifted Wins!" Despite public perception, the hidden challenges that often coexist with giftedness and twice-exceptionality hinder growth and self-acceptance. That's why GHF likes to recognize those individuals who succeed in trying new things, moving out of their comfort zones, and take steps toward pursuing areas of interest, serving their communities, or whatever they classify as a "Gifted Win."

Our latest story highlights one of our GHF Online students, who went from being shy and unsure, to taking home first prize in her division at her regional science fair, winning Best of Fair in Biology, and winning the City’s award for best environmental project, all for her study of zebrafish development.

Read more about this Gifted Win story. Then share your own with us!


The Answers You Seek

We created GHF Press seven years ago, when we saw a need for books hyper-focused on topics important to the gifted and twice-exceptional community. We understood that gifted and 2e families lead busy, often stressful, lives, leaving little time to wade through parenting books trying to find the one bit of information that might pertain to their situation. All our books are available in print and ebook formats, so you can read them when and how you want.

No matter where you are on your gifted/2e journey, regardless of the type of educational approach you've chosen, or if you just need a laugh with someone who has already walked the path, GHF Press has a book to help!

GHF Press books are available throughout the world. To help you find the Amazon link for your country, we've compiled this list.


The Information You Need, FREE!

Sometimes, you need to share information about gifted/2e issues in a quick, brief format. GHF Free Brochures to the Rescue!

GHF has created a set of topic-specific brochures to aid professionals and others in their work with the gifted/2e community. In addition to English versions, we're busy adding Spanish versions to reach this under-served population. And we have plans to translate our brochures into other languages!

Whether you want to learn more about GHF, explain twice-exceptionality to others, help your healthcare provider better understand giftedness and twice-exceptionalities, or are an educator who wants work more effectively with your gifted/2e students, especially your Gifted Cubed students, we have the brochure for you.


Become a Supporting Member!

GHF exists because most homeschool and alternative education organizations do not address giftedness, and school-based gifted programs, when they exist, often do not serve children whose intense giftedness or twice-exceptionalities require home-based supplementation or truly customized schooling. We view homeschooling broadly and inclusively. Our membership is diverse and far-flung, hailing from across the US and the world. Not all members of the GHF community are currently homeschooling. Many never will. What brings us all together is a common interest in meeting the parenting and educational needs of each student based on their individual development.

For as little as $29 per year, you can become part of the GHF Supporting Members community. Gain access to discounts on online classes, including GHF Online, Open Tent Academy, Opportunities Unlocked, and Online G3. Supporting Members also get discounts on special events, such as the upcoming Beyond IQ Boston conference. Your Supporting Membership will quickly pay for itself. But the best part is you will help support GHF's numerous outreach and advocacy efforts. Your support is vital to GHF. Join today!


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