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Well it's been a crazy start to our mystery Advent with over 2400 people taking part pushing my systems and websites to the limit. I've learnt alot about web hosting in the past few days and have not had much sleep, nor been able to answer your 100's of emails when you can't find them or they wouldnt download or you got 503 errors.

But, I think we have a workaround! so today I'm resending you the first three links and hoping with every finger crossed that this option will be successful. (please note that all previous options were thoroughly tested but the sheer amount of traffic all at once just pushed it to its limits.) And everyone around the world has a different computer, platform, operating system, email host, ISP etc which we simply cannot troubleshoot for you all. I know that hundreds of you have been fine and I'm loving seeing your progress already.


When you click on these links in the email a browser will open and your download will start automatically: you may not even know it is downloading. Depending on your personal settings it may go to your downloads folder, or it may automatically open when downloaded. If using Chrome browser you should see the download and file in the bottom left corner of your screen on a computer or laptop. On my phone it will open a browser window, you will see the file downloading and then it opens on your screen. You can then save it where you'd like to and print. Save them as they won't be here forever. I do apologise to those who have just joined in if you get a couple of these early - your daily ones that still come will be the same links.


I am leaving the information below from your initial welcome, in case you need to read it again. I have had many emails asking questions, many that were answered below but I will summarise some FAQ's here for easy reading:

What size background fabric do I need to cut?
If you have the iron on transfers then you need a fat quarter of background fabric.
If tracing each day you need:5-6" square of fabric so you have edges to put into your hoop
How much seam allowance do I need? as stated the outer line of the design is the cutting line - you don't need anything larger than this IF you are going to make the same finished project as mine. (which you haven't seen yet as its a mystery) IF you want to use your designs for a different project then I'd suggest having more seam allowance until you know what you're doing.
How many strands of thread do I use?
Two strands of a stranded thread, or a single strand of a Perle 12 or 16 thread - depending on what you choose to use.
Do I stitch the outer line?
NO, this is a cutting line (unless you want to use them in a different way)
The black and white drawing and the photo are different sizes, which one do I trace?
The black and white drawing is the actual size so trace that. The photos are sometimes larger so you can see them up close.
What will they be used for?
This is the mystery - wait and see on the last day
You didnt send me my email today?
Your emails are sent automatically every day and we can see for every one of you that they were sent. We can also see if they've bounced, if they've been viewed, opened, clicked on or forwarded. We cannot see if they've gone into your spam folder or been blocked by your email host/ISP
We cannot resend them (its all automated) and unfortunately we cannot tell you where they are on your computer.
Occasionally people unsubscribe themselves (or if you've forwarded your email which we hope you're not doing, then they can also unsubscribe you), or if you unsubscribe from another of our lists you may inadvertantly unsub from all (if you say its spam for example) or if your email bounces you may become suppressed and emails will no longer send. So you must follow our original instructions to ensure your email provider lets you have your emails from us. When 1 or more emails come from the same sender every day they can easily be marked as spam. And you and anyone else who may have access to or read your emails must be careful not to mark anything as spam or delete without reading.


A few things to try if having issues finding your emails:

For hotmail, live, outlook, microsoft addresses

Open your Hotmail(or other) account and login in (online)
Click ‘options’
Click ‘safe and blocked sender’ under ‘junk email’
Click ‘safe senders’
Enter email addresses:, and, - to be safe as invoices sometimes come from these other admin addresses Click ‘add to list’

gmail side

For gmail addresses:
Login to your account online
Check in the Promotions or social folders - these are sometimes in the tabs across the top or in the list down the left side. Your emails may be going into here.
Scroll down that list on the left until you find the trash and spam folders - you may have to click on more to see this.

gmail promotions
gmail spam

For bigpond or other Telstra addresses: add our addresses to your safe senders lists if you use something like Outlook or Thunderbird. Check spam and junk folders. Sometimes our emails will be blocked before they even download to your device so you need to login to your account online and go to webmail

Check the spam/junk folders, select the email, go to the dropdown list 'more' and select 'mark as not spam'. Wouldnt hurt to also add our email address to your contacts list there also.


Join the Facebook group

Join our facebook group to share your journey See what colours and stitches people are using, join in the fun and share the love... Here you can also troubleshoot with others (sorry we can no longer troubleshoot your missing emails, I need to get back to work ;) but others may be able to tell you where they found theirs hiding. Note: although I've setup to send at 8am each day - the system is smart and will start to send in your time zone instead so you may all get them at different times.

A reminder of how it works

Each day you will receive this email around the same time of the day. (if you don't receive it then please check your junk mail and ensure you followed everything we said in your welcome email to prevent your server or mail client sending it to spam or blocking it from your end. It will always go from our end as it is automated and tested).

When you recieve your email you'll see the blue button down below. You will click on that button to download the day's pattern as a PDF. It is set up on A4 size paper - if you have letter paper, do not select scale or fit to print - it will still fit onto your Letter size paper (I've made sure of that). The pattern also has a 1" checkbox on it, so when you print, measure that box and it should measure 1" square.

Save the PDF to your computer or device if you don't wish to print it right away. It won't come again so this is your one chance.

Iron on Transfer Tutorial

If you pre-purchased the iron on transfers then you can visit this tutorial to see how to use them. You will be removing the writing, and then transferring the whole sheet at once onto your fat quarter of background fabric following the tutorial. Read first, so you don't muck them up and waste both your transfer and your fabric.


Once your transfer is complete you will now want to attach the HNK stitchery stabliser or a similar product to the back before stitching. To attach our stabiliser we recommend a hot iron with steam - and using a pressing cloth over the top, or pressing from the fabric side for at least 10-15 seconds on each spot. Place the stabliser down glue side up (it will feel rough) and the background fabric on top. (wrong side down of course). Press with steam from the fabric side. OR turn upside down and press from stabliser side BUT with a pressing cloth or baking paper sheet in between so you don't melt the stabiliser.


Once transferred and stabilised you are ready to stitch. You will want to put your fabric into a 6" embroidery hoop or similar and use a HNK stitchery needle (crewel #7 or similar) and two strands of a stranded thread, or a single strand of a Perle 12 or 16 thread - depending on what you choose to use.

Tracing your own pattern

If you did not purchase the transfers or fabric kit (perfectly fine) you will print out your daily design sheet and place it on a light box. Use a ceramic pencil or similar to trace the design onto a light background fabric. I'd suggest about 5-6" square of fabric so you have edges to put into your hoop. Then fuse your choice of stabiliser to the back. NOTE: the outer circle on both the transfer and the design sheet is a cutting line. You will not be stitching it, nor do you need any seam allowance around it.

advent mystery Im doing

Remember to share your Advent journey with your friends and the world - please use the hashtag #hnkadventmystery. I'd love you to tag my IG @helen_stubbings also so I can easily see your progress and join in the fun with you. I can't wait to see what you all do...

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