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Newsletter #131 for August 21, 2014


New Small Systems Field Guide

AWWA recently released a valuable reference for operators. Here's what they say about it:

"Operators of small water systems do it all – O & M, management, sampling, customer service, everything. This new field guide may be the handiest book ever written for these unsung heroes of public health protection. It provides information and data needed for operating small drinking water and wastewater treatment facilities: chemicals and feeds, monitoring, water distribution, equipment maintenance, safety, pumps, meters, pipes, installation, water wells, relevant math and chemical equations, water quality regulations, wastewater collection, and much more."

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Affordability of Water and Sewer Rates and the Affordability Assessment Tool
Hosted by the University of North Carolina Environmental Finance Center
In this free, interactive webinar, systems (geared to Alabama, but open to all) will learn ways to assess the affordability of water and sewer services for their customers. Participants will encounter approaches to help low income customers pay for their water and sewer bills. | More Details

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Protect Your Groundwater Day is September 9th

We're proud to be a promotional partner for NGWA's annual Protect Your Groundwater Day. This event is an opportunity to engage the public, especially children, around water and what people can do in their homes and communities.

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Reading Selections

400,000 in Toledo, Ohio, water scare await test results - City's drinking water comes from Lake Erie, where a harmful algae bloom that causes microcystin has been growing. (Editor's Note: The do not drink order was lifted on August 4.)

Maintain septic systems to save big bucks - Spending a little time and money to maintain your septic system could save you from major headaches and repair costs. (Editor's Note: Great article to share with customers!)

Scouting program educates kids about wastewater - A FLUSH program in Michigan offering treatment plant tours meets early success and looks to expand beyond state borders.

California court says groundwater extraction harming rivers must be regulated - A California court has issued a ruling requiring the regulation of groundwater withdrawals that harm the Scott River in Siskiyou County.

And from our own archives...

Infographic Links Water Infrastructure with Job Growth
Perception of Operators, Boards, and Customers
Red Flags Rule: What You Need to Know

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Featured Video

Are you preparing to take a wastewater certification exam? The CAwastewater YouTube channel offers a series of HD-quality math tutorial videos.

The series of 19 videos, created by an operator, offers instruction, examples, and advice on the math topics covered by the the Grades 1-5 exams offered in California.

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Wastewater Math Tutorial Videos

Have a great video? We're dedicated to bringing you helpful, entertaining, or inspiring videos to you. If your organization has a relevant video to share, let us know!

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