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Writing you from an Israel who 'doesn't want war':
​We Israelis keep updating our newsfeed to read of yet another series of missile attacks from Gaza. The constantly changing headlines include this call to end the terrorism​, for it is we who want to live in peace ​- ​while our ​palestinian Arab ​neighbors are encouraged to escalate the terror in order to chase us away.​


Events ​seem to be ​unfolding more quickly than we can absorb. First, here is my take on the latest on Israel's borders from our civilian view.​ ​You'll note that these simple hints are a very real tribute to the Israeli civilian population always as the front - we see, hear and smell the tanks rolling in, and we each have a safe room or bomb shelter very much in potential use. This has been reality ​for the Jewish families living along Israel's southwest coast for years. Our unilateral pullout from Gaza over ten years ago, destroying 10,000 Jewish homes in a crazy hope for peace with our palestinian Arab neighbors, has brought more unrest for all Gazans, more squalor and poverty for them; while Israel was rewarded with escalated terrorism and more sophisticated weaponry, aimed at neighboring Jewish towns and becoming well-equipped and ruthless enough to reach up the coast as far as Tel Aviv!

We stand vigil, and we pray that today brings long-overdue understanding by the international community to thwart the Gazan terror rather than encourage its deadly goals. Meanwhile, we will take care of ourselves, thank you. Stay tuned.


The initial mourning period is almost over for Ronen Lubarsky, a fighter in the IFD's elite Duvdevan unit. He was involved in a routine military operation near the town of Ramallah, arresting terrorists who had shot Israeli civilians, before they could carry out plans to continue attacking. One Arab threw a marble slab from a third floor window, down onto Ronen's head, crushing his helmet and rendering him unconscious and fighting for his life for two days. He was 20 years old, buried in the military cemetery on Mt. Herzl in Jerusalem. The whole country mourns our youth, putting their lives on the line and in this case, paying the highest price. May his family find comfort somehow in his heroism.

As President Ruby Rivlin said:

“…I want to offer strength also to the wonderful fighters and commanders of his unit, the best of our young men, who go out every night on operations which ensure we are able to carry on our day-to-day lives in safety. We feel the pain of the family and of the unit and have them in our hearts.

​ ​May Ronen’s memory be for a blessing.”


The United States marked Memorial Day with a growing number of people understanding it's not about a long vacation weekend or a good sale. We Israelis stand with you in understanding and kinship, as you protect the values of democracy and freedom for us all. ​

W​e know why we are here, and we understand that it is not always an easy mission. But we take pride and joy in extending those values to our youth, to raising another generation of dedicated Zionists who will defend their land and make it flourish, each in his own way. I look forward to watching that evolve. But until then, we watch our borders and do what we must to ​ensure our collective future. We know you agree.


Kudos to Louisiana for joining a proud, growing list of states that have adopted anti-BDS legislation, making it illegal to boycott Israel and other friends.

Louisiana becomes the 25th State to prohibit business ties with anti-Israel BDS groups

I​f you need more information, to get your state up to speed, drop us a line and we'll put you in touch. Let's reach a list of all 50 states!​


​After a long night for our ​Israeli friends & neighbors in the south​, spent ​with their families ​seek​ing​ the safety of​ a ​bomb shelter, ​we face perhaps another day under threat of ongoing missile attack​s​ from Gaza​. Our​ homes, schools and streets​ are under fire - and we cannot submit to simply going about our lives while this is a reality just one hour's drive from our offices in central Israel.​ We pray for a day of quiet, as we prepare to defend ourselves from a deadly neighbor.

May you be blessed with peace and security,

Sarah & the team


Half of Syria’s air defenses destroyed by IAF in recent months

“The risks are all around us—whether it is instability in Syria or in Lebanon, where Hezbollah is a forward [Iranian] division, or Hamas, which gets its support from Iran. Iran is all over, offensively trying to operate against Israel, and we have to weigh and asses the risks constantly as we operate against this aggression,” a senior IDF source said.

The US, Morocco and Iran’s North African Expansion

Iran’s response to President Donald Trump’s May 8 announcement that he was withdrawing the United States from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action, otherwise known as the Iran nuclear deal, has been striking.

Iran’s first response, issued by President Hassan Rouhani, was to issue a blanket rejection of Trump’s move.

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Israel is Beautiful!

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