Happy Spring?! The equinox is tomorrow and a good bit of the snow has melted.....I'm feeling hopeful that we've turned a corner and that things will

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Happy Spring?!

The equinox is tomorrow and a good bit of the snow has melted.....I'm feeling hopeful that we've turned a corner and that things will start to green up soon.

It's been a "busy" winter in the best way with a quiet work life but lots of fun times with family. In February we escaped to Turks & Caicos with my cousins for some fun in the sun - MUCH needed at that time of year! I've been sewing and crafting up a storm which brings me so much happiness and have also been reading a good bit too.

As the days have started to warm up it's been heavenly to be outside more and I can already see that if Norah has her way we'll barely be inside all summer. One thing living in a cold place makes you appreciate is the changing seasons.

I hope all of you are well and that life is happy - read on for some updates!



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Lots of catch up on monthly photos.....

THE LADY CAVE is my new favorite spot in our house - it makes me VERY happy to see all my fabric displayed and be inspired to sew more.
Photos from Christmas spent at the lake and with my Dad - MANY happy memories!
Personal photos from December
Personal photos from November
Norah turned 1 and we had a small little party to celebrate (with an awesome cake smashing)
December Instagram photos
October personal photos
November Instagram Photos
September Personal Photos


Sweet newborn Wilder and very proud big sister Sylvie!
Rebecca & Tim's VERY FUN winter wedding at Trapp's in Stowe
A leather parent album album of Avery & Sarah's beautiful at-home wedding
A compilation of my favorite reception photos from last year
Two beautiful smoke colored linen albums went out to Emily's Mom.
A black leather Queensberry album from Michaela & Andy's Basin Harbor Club Wedding!
A few favorites from cocktail hours of 2014
A navy Queensberry album got sent off to England!
Portrait favorites from last summer
James & Katie's Queensberry Matted Album
Ceremony favorites from 2014


A friend recommended Anita Shreve's "Resistance" and I couldn't put it down
I am a little obsessed with this Kale, Sweet Potato, and Pomegranate salad - yum!
A yummy recipe - roasted tomato & pancetta pasta
A redux of books I've read in the past few months (that weren't quite good enough to get their own post!)
Sauteed Chicken with Brown Butter Recipe
I always like the books that Oprah chooses for her book club and "Icy Sparks" was no exception
I LOVED the New York Times Bestseller Orphan Train - the plot is based on a true story and it's just incredible and heartbreaking to think scenarios like this actually happened.
Winter is almost over so hurry and try this Creamy Sweet Potato Soup!


"My friend breastfed my baby"
How had I never seen "what does the fox say?"
OBSESSED with this new Lennon & Maisy song Boom Clap
"Breastfeeding in the Boardroom" - really good article and worth a read - my low was pumping in a McDonald's bathroom.....oy.
A super creative new project by Bianca Gaiever
So thrilled to have Starry Night practically in our backyard - such a yummy restaurant!
Maternity Leave policies hurt working Moms
Great Dowager Countess Lines - bummed I have to wait almost a whole year for season 6!
The subject of Serial has been granted an appeal....the saga continues.
I don't have the opportunity to watch much ballet but this is beautiful.
"This girl can"
A beautiful tear jerker of a tribute to Maurice Sendak
It doesn't matter how you parent do what works for you.
"When you are tightly wound"
A cartoon explaining the benefits of vaccination
Jon Stewart I will miss you.
An awesome Saved by the Bell reunion - Jimmy Fallon has been knocking it out of the park recently!
Tree change dolls have been rescued from too much makeup and marketing by toy companies - listen up toy execs!!!
A fascinating ad campaign to bring awareness to domestic violence
Being a working Mother is not easy - glad the subject is getting some attention
Hopefully you will never need to use this information - "how to break free if your hands are bound by duct tape"
I love that Obama can poke a bit of fun at himself
36 Ways you're messing up your child - hilarious.
Right/Wrong way to parent

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