bardon office

Welcome to Sonia Jones Travel’s New Office!

It’s official! Our new office in Bardon is open! Located right next door to Ithaca Creek State School and just down the road from our former space in Ashgrove, we are only 5km away from Brisbane CBD.

We've settled in, got our bearings, and are really excited to be working in such a beautiful and welcoming space.

Step inside and feel a little of the SJT magic!


Our reception area

A warm and inviting atmosphere that reflects the spirit of Sonia Jones Travel.

Lounge 2

The Engine Room

Amy Ti, and Fel share this bright and open space. This is where your Travel Advisors design every detail of your itinerary with a wealth experience and a deep sense of service. It is also where we create content to inspire your next travel adventure!


Travel Planning Space

Need a quiet space to brainstorm your next adventure? This is where we will work with you, discuss your trip and plan those magical experiences. This is also where we meet suppliers who come to us from all over the world to present their hotels, cruises, and unique experiences.

meeting room

The Control Tower

Sonia’s and CP’s office is where every detail is taken care of, making your itinerary a unique and seamless experience and making SJT run.

Sonia s and CP office

Street Library

Relocated from our Ashgrove office, we love our street library, and so do you! Our new Bardon neighbours have already dipped into it, and that makes us very happy!


Final Touches

At the back of the building you will find our light-filled kitchen and a lush garden downstairs that make us feel at home.

What a wonderful place and space for us to work on your travel experiences!
We look forward to welcoming you here soon and to start planning your next trip, from rediscovering the wonders of Queensland and Australia to the four corners of the world.

We have moved 59 Lugg street

Wherever your inspiration takes you…talk to SJT to bring into life.

NEW Office Address - 59 Lugg Street, Bardon QLD 4065

Office Hours - By Appointment, Monday-Friday 9am-4pm

NEW central phone number:

Phone - Office (07) 3778 3849

Make sure to update us in your contacts!

Yours in Travel

Sonia, Amy, Christine, Tiana & Feriel
The Sonia Jones Travel Team

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