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All Souls Anglican, Cherry Hill, NJ

August 2019 Prayer Letter

We greet you in Jesus’ name. Every month or so we will send this prayer email to you, letting you know the most effective way you might pray for us. We do hope you will consider All Souls Anglican for your personal prayers that this new mission for the gospel may continue faithful to the gospel.

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This Coming Sunday:

Join us this Sunday on the Tenth Sunday after the Trinity for Evensong at 4:00 PM as our new sermon series on the Book of Genesis, Genesis 1-11 continues with Genesis 1.1-2 entitled, God and the Beginning.


For Your Prayers

It encourages us deeply to know that you are praying for us. We look forward to sharing with you how God answers. Here is our latest update.

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Join us this month as we raise our voices in THANKSGIVING and in PRAYER to our heavenly Father because:

   •    A young member of our congregation renounced her faith in 2018, returning her Bible to her parents due to the pressure of peers concerning gender fluidity and choice. After many prayers by our congregation and others around the world, she spoke recently with me to tell me that she had returned to Christ and the life of our church. Give THANKS to God for drawing our young member to return from a sojourn on “Bypath Meadow”. PRAY that there will be spiritual growth through belonging to All Souls, and that her confidence in Christ will deepen, becoming a bold witness among her peers.

   •    We didn’t plant in Camden County, New Jersey because of a measured strategy and plan, but to flee the wickedness of the Episcopal Church in its apostasy. The course of church plants in the Delaware Valley is varied and challenging. The Muslim population is slowly rising in the more working-class boroughs, while one of the most radical mosques in the States is just 20 minutes from us on our side of the Tacoma-Palmyra Bridge to Philadelphia. Northeast Philadelphia has scores of language groups and plants visible and underground. South Philadelphia is exploding in Gentrification with NJ middle class Millennials relocating there to form cores of new plants. But our immediate working class post-Catholic population remains stagnant and slipping deeper into darkness. Please PRAY that instead of following middle-class millennials back into the city, our local church networks would also dedicate an equal amount of its resources to send out the gospel, missionaries, and support for Christian ministry among former Roman Catholics and newly arrived Muslims right here where the Lord God has put us. PRAY that God would give All Souls a part to play in that transformation. “All things are possible with God” (Matt. 19.26).

   •    Our current sermon series is on the Book of Genesis, and tomorrow’s sermon is on Genesis 1.1-2. Having set three points by way of introduction last Sunday, it will examine the threefold emphasis in God, then the universe, then the earth, particularly in light of the Christological focus of the Scriptures. Please PRAY that God may help me communicate his truth clearly. Pray that he would grant us a real humility in light of the measured grandeur of Moses’ solemn utterance.


Latest Sermon Podcast

Our sermon this month is the ninety--eighth and final sermon in our series on the Gospel of Luke, Luke 24.36-53 entitled, A Double Joy.

Here is the link to the sermon podcast. Share it by forwarding this link or email it to your friends

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