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Late March 2020 || issue #90
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Coach Braz Offers April Conditioning Program

The coronavirus has shut down virtually all scholastic athletic programs at all levels. As athletes in all sports look for a disciplined way to maintain their conditioning level, Coach Braz is offering a free program for the month of April. In the event that organized athletic programs have not resumed in May, Coach Braz will continue to offer a program.

As is consistent with all GTD training programs, this out-reach is not meant to replace any program or direction you may have received from your individual coach or athletic program The sole purpose of this training program is to assist you with your personal training as we prepare for the up-coming seasons.

Please note the following guidelines:

-- The program will be sent to you via email.
-- The program is designed to be individualized. A partner or a group is not required.
-- Consult with your parents before implementing daily training in this program.
-- There is no onsite coaching for this program.
-- The program is free.

To receive the program, reply to this emailed newsletter (click "reply" in your email program) or send a separate email to dave@liveandrun.com.

You must include the following information --

-- Your name
-- Gender
-- Your age
-- Your current grade or year in school
-- Your primary spring sport
-- Your primary fall sport
-- Your email address (if applicable)
-- Your parents' email address (if applicable)
(At least one email address is required.)


Indoor Track Championships

The indoor track championships for Massachusetts high schools were held from February 12 through 16 at the Reggie Lewis Track. They began with Division 1 on Wednesday the 12th and continued with each Division having its own “day” at the track. The All State meet was held the following Saturday, February 22.

The Divisional and All State meets are qualification meets. To participate in the Divisionals, an athlete must qualify by meeting the challenging standard for the event. For example, for Division 1 athletes, to compete in the one mile event, a boy must qualify with a 4:34, and a girl with a 5:36.

To compete in the All State meet, an athlete must have had a darn good performance at the Divisional meet the week before. How good? From the MIAA Handbook – “Qualifers. First three (3) place winners (divisions 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) and the next top 9 performances in the finals, including the relays,are eligible for the competition at the All-State Meet. In the High Jump, competitors must score in the top 6,to advance to the All-State Meet. Student-Athletes can only compete in the All-State if they qualify via their Divisional Tournament.”

Although the GTD all-sports and xc conditioning programs prepare the athlete for the fall sports season, our larger goal is to (1) teach conditioning techniques that athletes can use all year and (2) condition the athlete’s mind to compete. The determination to finish a drill on a hot summer morning is the same determination to go hard on the last lap, dive for the loose ball at the end of the game. To not give up.

The following GTD “summer” athletes brought their determination to this winter’s track championships. Congratulations to all.

In Division 1, Jolene Murphy (Peabody) won the 300 in 39.70, with Sadai Headley-Mawasi (Peabody) 3rd in 41:22. Molly Kiley (Andover) won the 2 miler in 11:28. Savanna Vargas (Peabody) was 5th in the 55M in 7:57. In the 1000, Sarah DiVasta (Peabody) was 5th in 3:05 and Kayla DiBenedetto (Andover) was 12th in 3:11.

The Peabody 200M relay team won the event, and included Savanna Vargas and Mckayla Fisher. The Peabody 400M relay team included Sadai Headley-Mawasi, Dado Nasso, Paulina Straticos, and Jolene Murphy. The Andover 800M relay team included Kayla DiBenedetto and Molly Kiley, and the Peabody team included Sarah DiVasta and Emily McDonald. Aaliyah Alleyne (Peabody) reached 5-00 in the high jump, and Dado Nasso long-jumped 16-03.

Antonio Craveiro (Peabody) was 2nd in the 1000 in 2:34. The Peabody 200M relay team included Tyler Surman and Antonio Craveiro. The Peabody 400M relay team included Joel Lisoma, Cam Rich, and Trevor Smith. The Peabody 800M relay team included Jacob Farhat, Adam Abdulghani, Logan Traci, and Trevor Smith.

In Division 2, Rachel Brennan (Lynn Classical) was 6th in the mile in 5:20. Kelsey Seamans (Central Catholic) was 8th in the 2 mile in 11:46, and Sophia Beland (Central Catholic) was 19th in the 1000 in 3:24. Kelsey and Sophia ran on the Central 800M relay team.

In Division 3, Caroline Johnson (Marblehead) was 7th in the 2 miler in 11:44, and Ryenne Feeney (Masconomet) ran 1:45 in the 600.

In Division 4, Emily Ernst (Essex Technical) ran the mile in 6:04, and Grace Sousa (Triton) the 2 mile in 12:10. Jamie Godwin (Swampscott) ran the 600 in 1:30, and Dylan Brawley (Swampscott) the 1000 in 2:44.

In Division 5, Shannon Bresnahan (Bishop Fenwick) was 8th in the mile in 5:32. Lauren Waters (Ipswich) ran 6:00. Shannon also ran on the Fenwick 400M relay team. For the boys, Sean Kay (Arlington Catholic) won the 2 miler in 9:26. In the 1 mile, Wyatt Burr (Bishop Fenwick) ran 4:43, Finn Russell (Ipswich) 4:45, and Mike Madden (Lynnfield) 5:05. Ethan Tran (Bishop Fenwick) ran 7:16 in the 55M, and Jonah Orroth 2:47 in the 1000. Jack DeMarco ran on the Ipswich 400M relay team, and Finn Russell on the Ipswich 800M relay team.

At the All State meet, Jolene Murphy was 2nd in the 300 in 39:61, and Sadai Headley Mawasi 8th in 41:34. In the mile, Rachel Brennan was 14th in 5:23, and Molly Kiley was 8th in the 2 miler in 11:19.

The Peabody 4x200 relay team won the event in 1:44.46. Team members – all GTD All-Sports athletes – were Savanna Vargas, Sadai Headley Mawasi, Dado Nasso, and Jolene Murphy.

The Andover 4x800 relay team was 7th. It featured Kayla DiBenedetto and Molly Kiley.

Anthony Craveiro was 5th in the 1000 in 2:32.

And Sean Kay, the current Massachusetts high school xc champion, was 2nd in the 2 miler in 9:22.

Antonio Craveiro -- Salem News Indoor Track Runner of the Year

On March 24, the Salem News named their Boys Indoor Track All-Star team. The 2019-20 indoor track Runner of the Year is Antonio Craveiro (Peabody).
Other boys All-Stars: Wyatt Burr (Bishop Fenwick) and Luke Llewelleyn (Danvers). Honorable Mention recognition went to Ethan Tran (Bishop Fenwick), Jack Malionek (Essex Tech), Finn Russell (Ipswich), Dylan Brawley (Swampscott), and (all from Peabody) Joel Lisoma, Jacob Farhat, Dylan Rea, and Tyler Surman.

On March 23, the Salem News announced their Girls Indoor Track All-Star team. It includes Aaliyah Alleyne (Peabody), Ryenne Feeney (Masco), Sadai-Headley Mawasi (Peabody), Caroline Johnson (Marblehead), and Jolene Murphy (Peabody).
Honorable Mention recognition went to Shannon Bresnahan (Bishop Fenwick), Emily Ernst (Essex Tech), and from Peabody, Dado Nasso and Sarah DiVasta.


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