Great Start Collaborative Vision

A Great Start for every child in Kalamazoo County: safe, healthy and successful in school and life.

Great Start Collaborative Mission

The purpose of the Great Start Collaborative is to ensure a coordinated system of community resources and family supports in Kalamazoo County.

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Please join us for our Quarterly Meetings!

We Need Your Voice

Our December Meeting will focus on the Kalamazoo County GSC Work Plan for the coming year and how recent data will drive our work.

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Great Start Parent Coalition Updates

The main focus for the Parent Coalition this year is supporting Families in Housing Transition. If you are interested in learning about work with Ministry with Community please contact Marta Lehman for details!

We are very excited for a new partnership with Kalamazoo Valley Museum! The museum will host our noon meetings for the coming year. Don’t worry, downtown parking is easy; validation for the parking ramp on Eleanor and Rose St. will be validated. Please remember to RSVP by November 14!


There is a new report out from the University of Michigan that details the challenges faced by our youngest citizens facing housing insecurity.

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Early Childhood in the News

As we move into the fall and winter, it is important to help our littlest ones celebrate important holidays while being respectful of other cultures. This is especially important for Halloween and Thanksgiving. Check out the NAEYC resources for Anti-Bias Education: Holidays.


Community Events

Round Up for Reading Supports Local Families

The Great Start Collaborative is so excited to be the recipient of Bookbug/this is a bookstore's Round Up For Reading Program in November! We are looking forward to getting books into the hands of local dads, Spanish-speaking families, young parents and urban Native American families. Be sure to visit the store and say YES when they ask you if you want to round up to the nearest dollar for books!

42nd Annual KPL Youth Literature Seminar

Friday, November 8 | 9 a.m. – 3 p.m. | Fetzer Center/WMU Campus
Learn more about our speakers and what topics they will be discussing at the seminar. If you have additional questions, please email Jill Lansky at



Sarah Drumm, Program Coordinator, 269-250-9635

Marta Lehman, Parent Liaison, 269-250-9665

Deirdre Bartells, Program Assistant, 269-250-9664

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