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Welcome to September.

Today the world is experiencing social and environmental issues bigger than ever before, people are feeling disillusioned and confused about how they can have impact and feel disempowered despite being more technologically connected. There is a light at the end of the tunnel because whilst we experience problems as individuals, we can solve them collectively. At this year Ethical Enterprise Conference we have created spaces to bring people together to work, learn and collaborate together to create change. To solve some of our biggest challenges, we cannot work alone. I welcome you to join me at the 2019 Ethical Enterprise Conference.
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New Conference Packages just released

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Ticketing Page

We have just released a whole suite of conference packages and offering for this year Ethical Enterprise Conference, Student Packages for both days or for individual days, Standard Packages for singles days as well as both days and a very good discount for group booking, 3 tickets for the price of 2. Book before 30th of September to take advantage of the great prices


An amazing line up of speakers and presenters coming together at this year Ethical Enterprise Conference

Join fellow businesses-with-purpose from every possible sector in a friendly and interactive atmosphere offering unrivalled networking opportunities. Industry-leading and cutting-edge content designed to encourage you expand your boundaries, and explore new possibilities, will help the successful businesses of today transition seamlessly to the thriving enterprises of tomorrow.
This year we will explore the topic “collaboration for change:"
How do we collaborate for change and purpose.
How does collaboration create value and impact.
The changing nature of collaboration at a local and global level.
Collaboration to tackle social and environmental challenges.
Collaboration to drive community outcomes.
How to engage in a collaborative approach.
Cross-sector collaborations.
Collaborative leadership.

Andrew Davies circle

Andrew Davies CEO of B Lab [PANEL]: “Network collaboration for positive change

Hanna Ebeling

Hanna Ebeling Chief Investment Officer – Sefa [PANEL]– Multi stakeholder collaborations for Community Outcomes


Chris Croker Managing Director at Impact Investment Partners [PANEL] Collaborating in the Indigenous business sector


Dr Michelle Evans Associate Professorship in Leadership at the Faculty of Business and Economics at the University of Melbourne [PANEL] – Collaborating in the Indigenous business sector


Archie Boulter Co-Founder/ Co-CEO of Queer Town [PANEL]: “Collaboration through Innovation – Understanding collaboration through technology”


Claire Goldsworthy Founder & Editor – The Fashion Advocate [PANEL]: “Food, Fashion, Future”

Cliff image

Clifford Moss Co-Founder of Goodsmiths [PANEL] – CollaborAction: Collaboration case studies – the good, the bad, the downright ugly.


Alex Tullio CEO/Founder – Alex Tullio Pty Ltd [WORKSHOP]: “Leadership in action – how the most successful leaders collaborate for success.”

Square profile photo

CEO of StartSomeGood [PANEL] – Collaboration through innovation- Understanding collaboration through technology

Jess Colgan

Jess Colgan Director Y-Impact [PANEL]: “Food, Fashion, Future”


Max Lynam CEO & Founder – isgood.ai [PANEL]: “Collaboration through Innovation- Understanding Collaboration through technology


Molly Harriss Olson CEO of Fairtrade Australia [PANEL]: “Network collaboration for positive change”

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Ethical Enterprise Award

Well done to those who applied for the Ethical Enterprise Award. Whilst we wait for the finalists to be announced, we would like to congratulate everyone that took the time to apply and shared with us their extraordinary journey of the making of an ethical enterprise. We would also like to welcome this year's judges a representation of different industries, Ben Neville (Leadership for Social Impact @ the Centre for Workplace Leadership); Peta Granger (Director LUSH Cosmetics Australasia); Bevan Mcleod (Director BlueRock Group); Susanna Bevilacqua (Director/Founder Moral Fairground)


Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition receives high quality applications

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Click to website link

In the next few days we will be announcing the finalists of the Early Ethical Entrepreneur Pitch Competition, these are start-up or enterprises that have been operating for less than 24 months from around Australia that have been selected to pitch at this year Ethical Enterprise Conference. This year the quality of the applications were very good and we cannot wait to see them pitch.


The third "Collaborator Workshop" coming up

The Collaborator Workshop

Visit website for more info

Do you run a business in the City of Whittlesea?

The third "Collaborator Workshop" will take place on Wednesday the 25th of September 2019.
Some key takeaways from today’s session include:
*We may face individual issues that we can solve in a collaborative way. Creating win - win situations as opposed to relocating issues. On a larger scale, we have global issues that we couldn’t tackle individually, but collaboratively we can create waves of change.
* Diversity & Collaboration adds to success by way of creating resilience in the work place and dissolving obstacles to work. For example; corporations coming together to create a solution to the issue of child care.
* Purpose & Impact - Mindfulness in each step of business can creates a positive chain of impact. When your core values echo through from the Why of your business —> How business is done —> What you buy/supply chain you can create much more of an impact at every stage.
* Focus on what matters most to your business. There’s always ‘more’ that can be done, but we alone can’t do it all. However, if we all actively advocated for what we believe in, we would create change in that area. Eg; if supporting local businesses is a core value, you may choose to buy and support local businesses (that align to your values as well) rather than supporting a Fair Trade business in in another county.

What’s next - so now you have an idea of how impactful collaboration can be, how do you manage Conflict Resolution and Managing Difficult People?

Join us for the next 2 workshops as Victoria Plaksin, co-founder of Trusted Negotiator shares with us insights from her twenty years of negotiation skills for the purpose of empowering people to transform tough conversations into sources of mutual value, trust and impact.

Details here.


Out and about

This year’s SEWF Global Forum will be held in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia from 23-25th October. This year’s forum theme is local traditions, fresh perspectives. Ethiopia has a long history of social enterprise engagement, not under the label of social enterprise, but supporting the community. Visit website for more info.

Join the Global Climate Strike

Join people from around Australia on September 20 – three days out from the UN’s Emergency Climate Summit -- by taking the day off school, uni or work to show our politicians that we’re serious about climate action.
​Click HERE for all the details.

Melbourne SOUP #6

When: Thursday the 24th of October 2019
Cost: $15.00
Location: Envato in the CBD
Booking: HERE

Melbourne SOUP #6 is taking place Hear 4 presentations on ideas that address a social or environmental issue. Everyone then enjoys a bowl of soup and some live music, while voting for one of the presentations. The presenter who receives the most votes takes home the majority of the ticket money raised. Expect a night filled with good causes, good food and good people.


Volunteering opportunities

Copy of Message from susanna bevilacqua founder director moral fairground-2

2018 Volunteers

Want to learn all aspects of running an event? Have an idea you would like to explore? Do you want to use your creative skills and have impact?

Volunteer opportunities are open right now

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