July 5, 2020 Dear ones, So much is afoot—so much magic! I don't even know where to begin. Rituals and grace. Fire. Beautiful medicine, beautiful ke


July 5, 2020

Dear ones,

So much is afoot—so much magic! I don't even know where to begin.

Rituals and grace. Fire. Beautiful medicine, beautiful keepers of heart and medicine. Slow unfolding of the Heart of love. Inside, the wise ones. Ancestress energy, ancestral healing wells.


I was part of the Necromanteum crew that brought ★ energy at Pantheacon. David Bowie, great ancestor, wherever you are, we are dancing with you. See us brave and crying, "I'm a blackstar!"

I have been dancing otherwise too, more than I did last year. Dancing brings for me a deep reconnection with my own spirit, and with Mother Spirit. It's a way for me to release everything that accumulates in the days in between dancing, cutting me from connectedness—that gets stored in my body as tension. I so love my beautiful 5Rhythms community and its stewards. Come dance with us sometime.

And, if you are a bodyworker, maybe we can work out some kind of a trade?

In the meantime, I am also surrounded (quite literally) by books and citations and engrossed in birthing a very ambitious baby of a dissertation proposal. Would you send some good energy my way so that I may easefully and speedily bring forth this magnificent being and send it right out into the world?

Holistic Health Saloon on Sunday, Feb 21

This will be the second time I'll be offering "speed" cowrie shell divinations in a community format. The Holistic Health Saloon at The Centre SF this Sunday will bring together holistic health practitioners in multiple modalities, including me.

Each practitioner will give 20 minute "sample" sessions—and this is time enough for a good enough divination, don't you think?

Swing by if this calls. They were still looking for volunteers yesterday in exchange for a free entrance. I will be there from 12:30pm-3pm. Bring a question, bring a quarter, bring a friend!

Poetry @ Noise Pop 2016 on Wednesday, Feb 24

I will be performing in support of Mitski at the Noise Pop Music Festival at the Swedish American Hall. This should be fun. Get your tickets!

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Connect w/ Me

me boonville holding glasses

"I received a voice divination from Monica three months ago. The session itself was very fun, enchanting, fascinating, and had a lighthearted humorous tone while also managing to address deep and complex issues in my life. Monica touched on some things that I had suspected but wasn't sure about and it was wonderful to receive external confirmation/validation. She also provided new insight and perspective on some things I hadn't been able to see or consider previously. I emerged feeling lighter and more hopeful in general. She (and the team she works with, so to speak) were a delight and definitely beneficial and I would absolutely recommend her services to anyone who could use some clarity on their path."

— Morgan K, bodyworker

Read more testimonials here. I also have a new Yelp page, in addition to a Facebook page (yes I know it's been a bit sleepy over there—I admit I have not worked out how Facebook pages work completely yet. I hope to change this so that it becomes a place to serve you and your spirit more consistently).

Diviners are doctors of spirit.

I currently use two modalities to divine: read about them here. Divinations are available on a sliding scale. Offer what you are comfortably able to. May you and yours receive inspiration, guidance, and nourishment into a new blossoming.

Gratitude for Trees

Is there a tree, seeing whom activates a pulse familiar in your body? A tree you recognize in your deep within—that you are in love with? A tree whose ancient tongue fills you with awe, with grandeur—in it, each of you is fully known?

Honor the tree. Offer it milk, or maybe some ash. Ask the tree what it wants. The offering it asks of you may be a possibility of connection that opens up only in that moment, only for the tree and you, only because you asked and the tree responded.

May we listen. May our memory of who we are awaken, may we listen.


Strega and earthworker Theresa Dintino has just released her new book, The Amazon Pattern: A Message from Ancient Women Diviners of Trees and Time.

This is from the blurb:

"In a forest in Northern California, Dintino encounters a Tree that tells her she does not like her pattern. Surprised and intrigued by this statement, Dintino asks the tree what pattern it does like. "What happened to the Amazon Pattern?" the Tree responds. "I want the Amazon Pattern." This mysterious meeting propels Dintino onto the journey described in her book. With curiosity and wonder leading her, Dintino uncovers a thread of messages that ancient Amazon Women hid, discovers a lost tradition of priestess-diviners, and begins to understand and restore this mystical cosmology of Trees and Time called "The Amazon Pattern."

Thank you for listening, Theresa. Thank you, Tree.

With that, this is


मोनिका \Monica


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Monica Mody is a writer, diviner, and dancer. She blends West African Dagara-inspired ways with the teachings of wisdom keepers and elders from earth-honoring traditions, including the old religion/goddess traditions of her ancestors from India. Her work engages with radical decolonizing paradigms of co-creation.

For more information, visit www.artofdivinations.com | www.modymonica.com

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