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Ed. Notes- Today's ICH is devoted to the third in a series of Student Voices, originating from the iEARN project Finding Solutions to Hunger. They can also be viewed in the KIDS Website.

Introducing Hafsa Farhan

My name is Hafsa Farhan and I study in P.I.S. I've been working on this project alongside my friends for over a year now and I must say it has been so amazing and wonderful to do so. I am one of the student ambassadors

In this project we don't only get to do research and more research, but we can help people who are suffering from hunger by spreading awareness and raising charity. It is so very important that we help people understand why hunger is a huge issue which hasn't been able to be solved yet and it's our duty as human beings to do that.

_I am thankful to Ms. Mary and my teacher for giving me the chance to become a student ambassador and I sincerely hope I'm able to help and guide you guys the way I was guided. I know that this is an experience filled with learning and understanding and _

I hope you all enjoy your time while doing this project.

Signing out for now,

Hafsa Farhan.

Our Journey by Hafsa Farhan

It’s been an amazing year working with all of you. In the beginning we all had thought that this would be another one of those boring projects that we do, and it’ll be finished in 4 months tops. And I’m so glad to say that we couldn’t be further from the truth. This past year has been wonderful and full of new opportunities and lessons for us all. I remember the first task that was given to us all was to come up with causes and reasons for hunger in this world. We all, of course, went to the Internet for aid and what we read, what we saw was truly life changing. At that moment we all were so grateful to be so privileged, privileged enough to get food three times a day and privileged enough to get enough water. We all realized that as the future of this world and for our own futures we must work ourselves in order to make this world a better world. We all decided to not only raise awareness but also raise funds for the cause of donation and I’m proud, proud to say we did so.

No matter how many words I use and no matter what I say it can never properly communicate the feelings that we all felt when we were able to make a difference though it may be a minor difference but a difference, nonetheless. My dear fellows, me and my fellow team members not only learned about this world and the struggles people go through every single day but we also got a new mentor in the form of Ms. Mary along with our already amazing teacher Ma’am Ambreen.

My only wish now is that we are able to make you all feel as welcome as we did and I hope with all my heart that we all together make a difference. For even little steps amount to larger ones. To conclude, I would like to say that now it’s in our hands to make our futures bright and our world a better one.

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