In This Issue – 10.02.20

1. Recognizing Our Senior Student-Athletes
2. Catching Up with Chloe Woodruff
3. Responsible Riding
4. Sweepstakes Rolls On
1. Recognizing Our Senior Student-Athletes
2. Catching Up with Chloe Woodruff
3. Responsible Riding
4. Sweepstakes Rolls On

Recognizing Our Senior Student-Athletes

Get to know the class of 2021, what they've been able to accomplish thus far and how far they want to go. If you are a senior or the parent of a senior, be on the lookout for an email from

We will be highlighting our seniors through the league's social media. Make sure that you're following the league on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, and watch for the hashtag #seniorspotlight.

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Catching Up with Chloe Woodruff

Join us on Wednesday, October 14, at 7:00 p.m. for a chat with current U.S. national mountain bike champion (and past Olympian) Chloe Woodruff.

Fresh off her overall win at the inaugural Pikes Peak Apex MTB stage race, hear what she has to say about dealing with the disappointment of canceled races, what she's doing to remain motivated and how she continues to find joy in riding her bike.

The Zoom video call will be limited to the first 100 participants.


Responsible Riding

Trail use has surged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. IMBA launched its Rules of the Trail in 1988 to educate mountain bikers and serve as a pro-bike advocacy tool. These guidelines for responsible riding have been adopted by land-management agencies nationwide. Your actions have critical impacts on the landscape, the trails, the animals and other trail users. Ride friendly, ride prepared, ride responsibly, ride lightly.

Respect the Landscape
Respect your local trail builders and be a good steward of the physical environment. Keep singletrack single by staying on the trail. Practice Leave No Trace principles. Do not ride muddy trails because it causes rutting, widening and maintenance headaches. Ride through standing water, not around it. Ride (or walk) technical features, not around them.


Share the Trail
Most of the trails we ride are multi-use. Mountain bikers yield to horses and foot traffic, and descending riders yield to climbing riders. This yield triangle has been formally adopted by land managers since the late 1970s and is a significant reason why we have the access we do. There are some regional differences and unique rules on single-use, directional mountain bike trails—know the code where you ride. Be nice. Say hi.

Ride Open, Legal Trails
Poaching trails, building illegal singletrack or adding unauthorized trail features are detrimental to our access. Poorly-built features could also seriously injure other trail users. If you believe there aren’t enough trails or variety near you, it's time to get involved. Your engagement will be welcomed because it takes a village to create, enhance and protect great places to ride.

Ride in Control
Speed, inattentiveness and rudeness are the primary sources of trail conflict among user groups. If you need to pass, slow down, ring a bell or verbally announce yourself, and wait until the other trail user is out of the path. Use extra caution around horses, which are unpredictable. Be extra aware when riding trails with poor sight lines and blind corners, and make sure you can hear what's going on around you.

Plan Ahead
Be prepared and self-sufficient. Every mountain biker should carry what they need for the ride they're undertaking, and know how to fix a flat tire and make minor repairs. Download a GPS trail app on your phone for navigation or carry a map in unfamiliar locations. Ride with a partner or share your riding plan with someone if you’re heading out solo.

Mind the Animals
When it comes to wildlife, live and let live. In some places, running cattle and disturbing wildlife are serious offenses. If you want to ride with your dog, first find out whether or not it's allowed by looking up the leash laws. Be prepared to take care of your dog. Ensure your companion is obedient enough to not cause problems for you, other trail users or wild animals.


Sweepstakes Rolls On

Support your favorite team. Support the league. And maybe win something really awesome, too! The funds raised through this sweepstakes will be split 50/50 between the teams and the Arizona league.

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Each team that participates will keep half of the money they raise, and will have full discretion on how to spend it on their team. The other half will stay with the league to improve the multiple programs, clinics and events that we host each year. The league will also set aside a portion of these funds to help families needing financial assistance to participate.

Sweepstakes Prizes

▪ Grand Prize: Pivot Mach 4 SL Pro XT/XTR with 120mm Fork (MSRP $6,399)
▪ 2nd Place Prize: Saris MTR-2 Bike Rack (MSRP $799)
▪ 3nd Place Prize: Bontrager Blaze Helmet (MSRP $299)
▪ 4th Place Prize (10 winners): CLIF Swag Package
▪ 5th Place Prize (10 Winners): ESI Swag Package
▪ 6th Place Prize (10 Winners): Squirt Swag Package
Grand Prize: Pivot Mach 4 SL Pro XT/XTR with 120mm Fork (MSRP $6,399)
2nd Place Prize: Saris MTR-2 Bike Rack (MSRP $799)
3nd Place Prize: Bontrager Blaze Helmet (MSRP $299)
4th Place Prize (10 winners): CLIF Swag Package
5th Place Prize (10 Winners): ESI Swag Package
6th Place Prize (10 Winners): Squirt Swag Package

Team Prizes

The top two teams that sell the most tickets per registered student-athlete will win prizes from Strike Visuals and Feedback Sports!

▪ 1st Place Prize: Strike Visuals Custom Tent (MSRP $775)
▪ 2nd Place Prize: Feedback Sports A-Frame Portable Bike Stand (MSRP $299)
1st Place Prize: Strike Visuals Custom Tent (MSRP $775)
2nd Place Prize: Feedback Sports A-Frame Portable Bike Stand (MSRP $299)

Share the sweepstakes information via email and social networks. Remember to include your team name and make an “ask” to select your team when purchasing tickets, and consider including information about how your team will use the funds raised from the sweepstakes.


Thank You to Our Arizona League Sponsors!

These companies provide the Arizona Interscholastic Cycling League with the support we need to help us get more kids on bikes. Please keep them in mind when considering your next purchase.

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