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June 2018 Newsletter

A Note From Paul Wheelton AM KSJ

Paul W

Paul Wheelton AM KSJ

On January 26th (Australia Day) Marg Barry was awarded the Order of Australia Medal for her services to education in Bali.

The order of chivalry was presented to Marg by Victoria Governor Linda Dessau AC.

This is an extremely prestigious award granted to only a very few Australians.

Marg is an extremely deserving recipient. She created BCF and personally ensured that it has continued to grow.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-31 at 2.29.15 PM

Marg and Pat Barry, Governor Linda Dessau AC, Nelly Ellis, John and Edmond Barry.

The Board and team at BCF wholeheartedly support Marg’s selection for this award and offer her our heartiest congratulations.

With sincere thanks,
Paul Wheelton AM KSJ


Bali Hope Ultra

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Runners at the start point in Lovina

On May 26, 15 elite runners made history by completing an 84-kilometers run from The Lovina in Singaraja to Old Mans in Canggu for the Bali Ultra Marathon (BHU) 2018.

It all began days before the event with many of the runners meeting each other for the first time. They all participated in a Balinese blessing ceremony and visited the very enthusiastic kids from Tigawasa who they were benefiting.

The runners started on mountainous roads in the night climbing 1400 meters above sea level. The beginning of the route was dark, windy, and cold with runners wearing headlamps to light their path.

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Meeting with the kids of Tigawasa

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Balinese blessing

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Two essentials: snacks and light

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Running through the night

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Josh Lynott

The fastest runner this year was Josh Lynott who completed the grueling track in 9 hours and 45 minutes. Prior to signing up, Josh had never run for more than 10 kilometers in his life, had no experience with marathons, let alone ultra marathons, and ripped through the entire ordeal with pure will and determination.

Whilst the evening was full of exceptional displays of courage and athleticism, without a doubt one of the most endearing moments was seeing two of the strongest runners hold back to support and encourage the last few who were struggling. This selfless and caring attitude exemplified the spirit of the Bali Hope Ultra and ensured every one of the 13 participants crossed the finish line.

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Finishing at Old Mans

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Staying limber

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Enjoying a well earned Bintang

For the runners, it was a fruitful experience with many lifelong bonds made between their fellow participants and the people of Tigawasa.

“This year’s Ultra will raised funds to cover 100 children's complete primary education. The students are from the deeply disadvantaged village of Tigawasa in North Bali. This impact will create long lasting change for the students and their village,” said Bali Children’s Foundation’s Founder Marg Barry.


Teacher Training


Bali Children’s Foundation is dedicated to providing quality education to the disadvantaged children it supports whether it be financially, vocationally, professionally, and mentoring them for the future. A huge part of that mission is providing teacher education so that their students can be competitive.

BCF is currently implementing training sessions to help train our qualified English teachers to the highest level. Our volunteer educational advisor, Andie Carroll, has been conducting these training sessions on a weekly basis with teachers from some of the remotest parts of the island.

Andie designed English teaching modules that contain six levels of English lessons. The teaching style differs from previous formats in that in emphasizes more personal interaction between teachers and students allowing each student to move at their own ability and level. Furthermore, the class room layout has been significantly changed to allow pupils to learn in small groups and teach each other, building confidence and the ability to work in teams. These cooperative learning sessions enable students to receive a more bespoke curriculum which is much more student centric.

We’d also like to recognize Ari Muliani who was recently awarded a BCF Teacher Recognition Award for her outstanding teaching performance.


Mentoring the Next Generation

mentoring mamasan 1

Mentoring at Mamasan

Education is only one part of bringing an economically disadvantaged community out of poverty. Helping students navigate the job market so that they can land fulfilling careers is an integral part of what Bali Children’s Foundation does.

Food for Thought is a scholarship initiative by Will Meyrick (Sarong Group) to provide students with opportunities within Bali’s premiere hospitality businesses. The program benefits current tertiary students pursuing food and beverage related degrees in Balinese higher education institutions. It is structured so that students are given jobs in the F&B industry while attending classes. Students within the program generally generate about three to four times the average income from more traditional sectors within their villages.

foto group

Wayan Aggriani, our project coordinator and Ibu Yanti, Sarong Group’s human resources leader recently held a mentoring session for students in the program. They were accompanied by our Food for Thought graduates who now work at Mamasan, Sarong, Tiger Palm, Metis Restaurant & Gallery Bali, Saigon Street Bali, Salumeria Tanah Barak and Indo Wines.

In these meetings they looked at how each student is progressing and discuss how they can retain or improve their performance where necessary.

“It's important for us to keep the students motivated, to address any problems they may have and to help them move forward with their careers,” said BCF Founder Marg Barry.

One of our students, Ayu Arsi, will even be managing a restaurant in the near future! Thanks to her outstanding previous work, she was personally chosen by Sarong Group owner Will Meyrick. Great job Ayu Arsi and good luck with your new job!


Australian School Students Raise Money for New Initiative


Students at the Australian Independant School in Bali helped raise money for the Hi Tech initiative with a hugely successful walkathon. Hi Tech is a new program which provides geographically isolated students with app-based learning on tablets. The students live in such remote and mountainous areas that they oftentimes cannot reach after school programs. The Hi Tech program will roll out in August of this year.


A Step in the Right Direction

Photo5B 3

Sang Tu in a rehab session after surgery.

For Sang Tu and Kadek Dika, moving themselves over even the shortest of distances was a laborious hardship one should never have to experience. Born with clubfoot, they’ve never known simple pleasures, such as running around in a field or an afternoon stroll.

Clubfoot occurs in about 1 in 1000 newborns and the exact cause is unclear. It is defined as when one or both feet are rotated inward which causes the affected to walk on the outside of the foot which results in profound mobility issues and degrades one’s quality of life-emotionally and physically.

But things are looking up for Sang Tu and Kadek.

Sang Tu returned from a very successful surgery in Sumatra in February. Bali Children Foundation in partnership with Stepping Stones Bali organized the surgery and will is providing Sang Tu the rehabilitation and medical care necessary for him to have the opportunity to live a full and fulfilling life. We’d like to thank the Wildebeest Group, a compassionate lunch club in Melbourne, for raising the money to make this all possible.

The 13-year-old now back in school, able to walk with a stick, and is very happy to be among his friends.

Photo5D 2

Kadek Dika in her new wheelchair.

Kadek Dita is a two-year-old girl born with both feet malformed. Because her clubfoot has been identified at an early age, we’re able to treat her without invasive surgery. Years of intensive rehabilitation is required to slowly manipulate the bones, muscle, and tendons in her tiny legs and get her walking normally. Kadek has recently received a wheelchair so that she can get around while on the mend.

"This chair and three similar ones have been donated by Lisa Howard of Australian Mobility co-ordinating with Amanda Bruce and Adrian Reed of Indo Thrive Project. The chairs will be used by children in North Bali undergoing rehabilitation at Stepping Stones," said BCF Founder Marg Barry.

We’ll continue to update you on how Sang Tu and Kadek are doing.


Featured Donors


William Dalton
Will recently went to Banjar to visit some of the 27 students he has sponsored since 2011. He’s currently sponsoring 21 students in junior and senior high school. During his visit, many students brought their friends along to meet the man who has supported their educations for over six years.


Kylie O’Callaghan
Zahra Foundation Australia’s Kylie O'Callaghan and her mother-in-law, Pam, visited Kylie’s BCF-sponsored student Ketut Ribek Apriani back in December. Ribek is from Cempaga, North Bali, and is currently in grade 4 elementary school. Kylie and Pam visited Ribek’s home, and participated in a number of activities with Ribek and his family. Kylie has been sponsoring Ribek since September 2017. This was her first visit to North Bali.


Felicia Engstrom
We’d like to thank Felicia Engstrom for joining our Teaching Learning Club in Banjar in her last Bali trip. Felicia was joined by our team and brainstormed various teaching topics including professional standards and cohesive curriculum as well as visited our English In The Village and Reading in the Village programs. We’d also like to thank her and her friends for donating money that went towards dictionaries.


Olivia Hoopman
Olivia joined us on a visit to Kayu Putih, the hometown of her sponsor student Ketut Budiada who is in grade 7. Originally from Banjar, North Bali, Ketut is currently studying in Nusa Penida where he lives with his brother. Bali Children Foundation continues to support his education as an external student. Olivia dropped into Ketut’s family home for the first time on her visit. She also checked out our English in the Village, Computer in the Village and Reading in the Village programs in Kayu Putih.


Olivia Canning
We were joined by Melbourne NGO worker Olivia for our Village Open Day in North Bali. Olivia is experienced in the philanthropic area and was keen to learn more about Bali Children Foundation. On this trip, she accompanied Kylie O’Callaghan to her sponsor student’s home, dropped into an English class, watched a drama performance followed by a Ramayana-themed art class and sat in on our reading program.


Eva Noviari
Eva is our first local sponsor and visited her Bali Children Foundation-sponsored child Putu Arya Chandra Utama in Tigawasa in December. It was her first visit since she started supporting Putu in July 2016. Putu previously lived alone in a tattered house made of bamboo and old tiles. He worked in a small bamboo workshop owned by his uncle, earning around IDR 7000 to 15.000 (70 cents – $1.50) per day. When this wasn’t enough, he asked his uncle for food. Bali Children Foundation helped him apply to Bali Mandara, a special boarding school for disadvantaged, academically-gifted students. Eva’s sponsorship supports his daily costs and school supplies.


Susan Lett
Susan Lett became a sponsor in 2015 during a Gold Coast Diva Lunch. Susan and her husband Robert recently visited the North Bali community and their sponsored children, Ida Ayu Chintya Antari- Dayu and Gusti Komang Mangku Pastika. She provided funds to purchase new mattress and pillow sets for each student. A very valuable gift after our long heavy wet season, which has wrecked mattresses and anything which stores damp. As Dayu graduates this year Susan has decided to sponsor her little brother, Wirabawa.


Serendipitous Connection in Songan


Bali Children Foundation supporter Nicole Humphreys recently went on a trip to Songan near Lake Batur in North Bali. Nicole took some amazing photos during her visit which included various schools in the village. The pictures were a big hit on Facebook and led to a couple very serendipitous events.


Dr Agung going to work

After seeing the pictures Nicole took, Dr Agung who leads the Bali Kids dental team arranged a trip to Songan to provide dental care and education. He discovered that many of the village’s residents didn’t have access to clean water, toothbrushes and toothpaste-with many families sharing a single tooth brush. As they performed dental checks for the children of Songan, it became apparent that almost every child needed some form of dental intervention. Dr Agung taught the kids about dental hygiene presenting them with graphic booklets.

Photo8c 3

Naomi and Matt

Next came BCF ambassador and scientist Naomi Spriggs and Dr Matt Threadgate along with Bali Children Foundation and the Bali Kids dental unit. They brought along with them family-sized packages that included toothbrushes and toothpaste for children to bring back to their families. The kids in Songan turned out in droves and were extremely excited to see Naomi and Matt’s funny presentation on dental hygiene.

Photo8C 1

Naomi raised the necessary funds for this trip by holding a movie night fundraiser and we salute her for making those Songan smiles that much better!


GoStudy Livens Things Up

Photo 9A

Norwegian GoStudy students hosted 110 Bali Children Foundation, Bali Kids and Jodie O’Shea Orphanage children to a fun filled day. It included a ton of different fun activities and a delicious lunch. The kids spent the day splashing in the pool and playing with the Norwegian study abroad students who host this event twice a year.


BCF Martial Arts Team Wins Big

silat winner 1

Its good to be on top

The Bali Children Foundation Pencak Silat team has swept the Banyuning Cup, a regional championship, with three of our students winning trophies including best performance, first place for the senior high school category and first place for junior high school.

Silat is an indigenous martial arts discipline practiced all over Indonesia and in many parts of Southeast Asia. It uses the entire body for attack with punches, kicks, knees, and elbows all being used in rapid coordination.

The team from Banjar Village in the north of Bali includes 30 students and was developed by one of our graduates, Bella, who went to Undiksa University on a BCF scholarship. As part of her Give Back program, she founded this silat team which she now leads along with her fellow coach, Ayu and team manager, Pak Dewa.


Upcoming Events


Christmas in July - July 27

Perth Bright Futures is hosting a benefit dinner at Fraser's Restaurant in Perth. Tickets cost $145 and they'll be customized meals along with a door prize, auctions, raffles, a dress competition and more. Book via trybooking.com


Marriott Golf Day - August 10

This golf tournament is being held by the Marriott at New Kuta Golf and benefits BCF. There's over $100,000 worth or prizes. They'll also be a charity dinner at the Renaissance Uluwatu. Email rob.par5club@gmail.com for more info.


Da Maria Luncheon - August 15

Da Maria is hosting a charity lunch which will include door prizes, raffle tickets, auctions, a best dressed prize and live DJs. Tickets are 600k and bookings can be made by emailing martini@bcfbali.org

WhatsApp Image 2018-06-01 at 4.29.05 PM

Glitterati - August 24

Glitterati is a photo exhibition by acclaimed celebrity photographer Robert Rosen. The event supports BCF and will be at Red Carpet Champagne Bar from 7pm to 9pm. For more information & to secure your invitation to this exclusive event contact martini.bcf@gmail.com

TBB 2018-masquerade

The Bali Ball Masquerade - October 6

Alila and Jemme are presenting the Bali Ball benefit for BCF. Bring your masquerading mask to this four-course cocktail filled gala. The dress code is batik or black tie for men and ball gowns or kebayas for women. Check out www.thebaliball.com for more info.


A Closing Note From Marg

IMG 0133

We've just about finished this school year and all I can say is that I'm incredibly proud of what the BCF team has achieved. This year we increased our reach from 3784 kids in 60 communities to 4,727 kids in 66 communities. We have expanded our programs in Tigawasa to include three new communities thanks to funding from the Bali Hope Ultra as well as an additional three new communities in Nusa Lembongan.

The next months will be very busy times with our completion of our Tigawasa Disabilty Project, the opening of new schools in Tigawasa and Nusa Lembongan, and our new Hi Tech initiative.

Our biggest immediate challenge will be the massive effort to assess our children with placement tests in order to properly place them in English and computer classes in the next school year.

As the end of the financial year approaches, BCF is urging people to consider a charitable donation that could boost their tax return while educating disadvantaged children in some of Bali's poorest communities.

We're so grateful for the funds that you continue to raise and donate to us. Nothing is more rewarding than seeing those funds help the next generation lift entire communities out of poverty. If you'd like to help, you can click here.

Thank you all and if you are planning on visiting Bali in the upcoming school holidays please know you are always welcome to visit us for our village open days on July 1 in North Bali and July 20 in Central Bali. We'd love to see you.

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