Hello !! As we change our clocks and experience more frequent rain, I know that time to enjoy fall colors is limited. I'm taking in as much as possib

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Hello !!

As we change our clocks and experience more frequent rain, I know that time to enjoy fall colors is limited. I'm taking in as much as possible, focusing on individual trees and bushes as well as enjoying the wider panorama of a multi-colored street or hillside. All this beauty leaves me grateful to be alive. Which leads me to want to keep living as long as possible. So. . .

I've updated a post from one of my first newsletters two years ago about living to 100. A reminder for each of us to assess our "standard of living."

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Living in the "Blue Zone"

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Can we live well into our 90's and even 100's and be happy? According to Dan Buettner, a New York Times author and founder of Blue Zones, YES! His view is corroborated by other studies in the US, the New England Centenarian Study and a long-term study of Seventh–Day Adventists in California, as discussed in the Harvard Health Reports.

Interestingly, people who are frail die at younger ages, and those who live longer tend to enjoy additional “healthy” years. It helps if you are female – there are 9 women centenarians for every man! But those men who make it to 100 are healthier than the women, less likely to suffer from dementia or other serious health problems. For all centenarians, serious illness and disability tended to be short in duration. Life expectancy at 100 is only a year or two.

Working with The National Geographic, Buettner identified and studied places with the greatest life expectancy or the most people reaching 100 years old. Buettner and his expert helpers (medical researchers, anthropologists, demographers and epidemiologists) identified eight common characteristics of these long-lived people:


--Natural Movement: living in a way that consistently requires or supports moving or low-intensity exercise (he recommends 40 min per day) e.g. gardening, walking, less mechanical conveniences
--Sense of Purpose: a reason to get up in the morning can add 7 years to life expectancy
--Plant-Based Diet: meat only 5 times/mo
--80% Rule: stop eating when 80% full
--Alcohol in Moderation: 1-2 drinks/day (mostly wine in Buettner's studies)
--Faith-Based Community: attending a community service 4 times/mo can add 4-14 years to life expectancy. Related to this, a regular stress management routine, e.g. meditation, prayer, gratitude practice, also adds to longevity.
--Family First: a connection to and time spent with older and younger generations
--Supportive Tribe/Culture: social circles that support healthy behavior

These same habits are found in the two US studies, with a few additional recommendations.
-- Strength-building exercise like using the stairs and lifting weights to help maintain muscle mass
-- Gaining little or no weight in adulthood, consuming less calories, non-beneficial fat, and meat, while eating more fruits, vegetables and nuts
-- Not smoking at all, or not smoking for very long
-- Mental stimulation, reading, learning, creative pursuits in the arts.

All things we may be doing to some extent. All things we could more intentionally incorporate into our lives. See you in the Blue Zone!

No Classes Nov 10 & 11 -- Classes Begin Nov 17

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The EYES Have It!

Activate your eyes to:
* improve comfort and easy movement in your neck and spine
* enhance balance
* improve coordination and range of movement
Maybe even sharpen your vision!

Tuesdays Nov 17 - Dec 8 10:30 - 11:30 am
$22 resident; $27.50 out-of-city; $8 drop-in
Chintimini Senior Center - 2601 NW Tyler Ave, Corvallis

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Flexible Hips and Low Back

When: Nov 17 - Dec 15 -- Noon - 1 pm
Where: Corvallis Friends Meeting House,
3311 NW Polk Ave, Corvallis
$40 series, $10 Drop-in
Parking available in front, and next to school yard playground across the street.
Please bring a blanket or mat for use on the carpeted floor.


Mindful Movement with Parkinson's

Ongoing Class - Wednesdays 11:30 am-12:30 pm,
Nov 4, 18, and 25 -- $30 for series; Drop-in !12

A specialty class for People with Parkinson’s and their caregivers focused on movement issues important to health and safety. Participants will learn specific movement strategies to make daily activities easier and more enjoyable.

New students--first class session free! Read More
Where: Fitness Over Fifty -- 6735 SW Country Club Drive Corvallis

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