Good News for Recovery + Life (April 2015) You are Wonderful "You are wonderful." Those have to be three of the most, well, wonderful words in the

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Good News for Recovery + Life (April 2015)


You are Wonderful


My wonderful baby tortoise, Malti, covered in mud after another tunneling project.

"You are wonderful."

Those have to be three of the most, well, wonderful words in the world.

I say them about 2,500 times a day to my parrot, Pearl, and my baby tortoise, Malti.

I often share that having pets is like having built-in reminders to say my daily affirmations.

This is because, even though I'm speaking the sweet words to other beings, in a way I'm saying them to myself at the same time.

I can tell this is true because I also feel more wonderful after telling someone else I think they are wonderful.

After a time, after so many affirmations spoken very authentically from my heart, I begin to believe they apply to me too.

I start to think more wonderful things about myself, and anticipate more wonderful opportunities in my life.

My lows don't last so long, and I can see some wonderful aspects to enduring those times.

My highs last longer, which is because I have become stronger in holding the experience of "wonderfulness".

I have discovered that simply by surrounding myself with wonder, I become a part of all that is wonderful in my life.

The same holds true for YOU!

With great respect and love,



This month in Good News:

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Love & Feathers: "The Preening Salon"
Mentoring & Recovery Blog: "If I Had Only Known"
Animal Mentors: "Rio 2"
3 Great Live Events to Choose From!
About Me, Pearl & Malti
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Beating Ana: Inspiration for Recovery + Life

I am beautiful. I am wonderful. I am smart. I am capable. I am worth loving. I am worth fighting for.


The Preening Salon


Hi Grandpa, Grandma – I’m so glad to host you both for this private Preening Salon.

When you are born little and petite with soft black eyes and even softer grey feathers and a sweet curved beak and cute pink feet, being deluged with fans is a given.

But not all fans are created equally.

There are those fans who just want to bask in your reflected glory.

And then there are those fans who will do anything for feathers.

For these VIP uber-fans, you may choose to host the occasional private audience to thank them for their slavishly tireless devotion.

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ReserveMyCopy wbird

If I Had Only Known


My parrot, Pearl, with his version of the “cupcake” – a warm freshly toasted waffle.

Today I went to the chiropractor, like I always do on Thursdays.

Afterwards (like I always do on Thursdays) I stopped at the cupcake shop.

I got my usual – hot chocolate (with whip) and a cupcake.

I love going in the cupcake shop.

The people are always so happy in there.

The counter staff, the customers, even the “frosters” – visible through a glass wall as they work hard to frost and decorate cupcake after cupcake – everyone is smiling.

And why not – we are all there for a sweet treat, whether for ourselves, for others, or both. No one is there to have a root canal or pay their taxes......

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Animal Mentors: Rio 2


I probably don't need to explain why I'm a big fan of the "Rio" movie series.

I mean just look at those cute blue faces!

But I also love the series because they tackle themes common to all of us - regardless of species.

For instance, what do you do when you and your in-laws don't get along?

Or you have to go to a new, super-scary place full of beings who think you look delicious?

Or when, try as you might, you just can't seem to ever fit in?

Rio delivers powerful lessons with characters that are (to put it mildly) easy on the eyes.

Sometimes taking in wisdom isn't about what is said, but how it is said and who is saying it.

This is "Rio" (and "Rio 2") in a nutshell for me!

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3 Great Live Events to Choose From!

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About Me, Pearl & Malti

PearlHatPurple Trans

Me. Pearl.

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My newest book, "Love & Feathers" (Fall 2015), is all about how my parrot has taught me to love myself and my life and live each day to the fullest!

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