March 2020

It's Daylight Savings Time March 8th. Don't forget to set your clocks forward one hour before going to bed Saturday night!


President's Message- March 2020

The seasons have not seemed to have their normal trends this year. Winter is almost over, although I would not be surprised by another snowfall. Spring is a beautiful season in Birkdale as our common areas, private gardens, and natural areas all begin to show new growth. All of us homeowners can also begin to take advantage of warmer weather to begin our home clean-up.

Are you on NEXTDOOR Birkdale? Community Policing Officer Nick Carico has been providing some excellent information about community living. Issues like on-street parking, bus stop parking, bike riding, walking on streets or sidewalks, and crime or vandalism matters have all been addressed and are matters for us all to monitor. We don’t have a Neighborhood Watch, but all of these are areas where we can work together to make Birkdale better and safer. In cases of crime or vandalism, call the police right away.

At its February meeting, the Board of Directors approved changes to the Birkdale Architectural Standards and Guidelines. This document is the most used and referenced guide for our community. Whether you may be considering an addition or modification or have a concern about some conditions, this document can answer many questions. More information will be in the mail soon. The New Standards can also be found on our website.

With the coming of Spring, many of us may be enjoying spring trips. Before you leave, be sure to inform your neighbors. A watchful eye can yield great rewards.


Treasurer's Report

March, 2020


Your Birkdale Community Association Board sincerely appreciates homeowners who pay their assessments in a timely way. Birkdale’s annual assessment continues to be the same as in past years; $101 per quarter or $404 per year. Your second quarterly payment is due April 1, 2020.


Did you receive your 2020 coupon book from our community manager, ACS West, Inc.? If you didn’t receive your booklet, please contact Lee Ann King, Birkdale’s Community Manager.

ACS West, Inc.
Lee Ann King, Birkdale’s Community Manager
1904 Byrd Avenue, Suite 100
Richmond, VA 23230
804-282-7451, or


There are several options for paying your assessment. Owners can mail a check to ACS West, Inc. at the address above. Some residents pay online through their banks while others use an electronic assessment payment outlined in your coupon book. Remember, some methods of payment add service fees. Please allow adequate time to ensure that your payment is not late.

Assessments are due on the 1st day of each quarter: January, April, July, and October.


If you have not paid your quarterly assessment, ACS West, Inc. will send out notices which will indicate additional fees for late payments. Our community manager follows the BCA Policy for Collections, adopted February 7, 2018, effective April 1, 2018. The Collections Policy is available at, under Governing Documents.


If a homeowner does not pay assessments after ACS West, Inc. has issued reminders, the delinquent account is referred to Equity Experts. This company, Birkdale Community Association’s collection agency since November 2016, currently is dealing with 18 delinquent accounts that total over $30,000. Equity Experts contacts homeowners and makes efforts to bring accounts current. However, if their efforts are not successful, BCA Board has authorized Equity Experts to file liens and other legal actions, including foreclosures.

Once an account has been referred to our collection agency, Equity Experts, owners must deal with the collection agency, not individual Board Members nor ACS West, Inc., our Community Manager.

Delinquent homeowners pay all collection fees. These charges can be substantial since the collection agency bills for each contact, service, and procedure. There is NO CHARGE, however, to our association.


Each homeowner is responsible for notifying our community manager, ACS West, Inc. if there are changes in the names on your deed or billing address if it is different from the Birkdale residence.

Recently Vice-President Doug Craig and Betsy Martello compared Chesterfield County’s real estate records with ownership information on file with ACS West. Many owners have made changes by adding or deleting owners of record because of marriage, divorce, death, or establishment of trusts. If there is a change in your account information, YOU should notify ACS West, Inc.


Contact Betsy Martello, Treasurer, 804-739-7487, or,

march 2020
March 2020a

The next board meeting will be May 7th

Approved Board Minutes can be found online at our website


ACS West is our Managing Agent

You may use your coupon book to send in your payment or set up quarterly payments through ACS West or your bank.
link to: ACS WEST


Thank you!


Consider Volunteering in Birkdale

A volunteer is needed to maintain the message boards at the entrances to our neighborhood.

This job is currently being done by Earl Bishop and he is hoping someone will offer to take over. Please email if you are willing to help out. Boards require changing once or twice a month at most and are a great activity for a mother with a young child learning their letters. Your child could help pick out the letter needed and add it to the board!

Want to participate on a committee? This is a great way to meet and work with neighbors for a common goal: helping our community. We are currently looking for Neighborhood Watch, Covenants and Social Committee chairs.

Please send a message to this newsletter with your interests or contact any Board member, and the BCA will gladly and willingly find a place to use your talents! Many thanks!

DSC 0028

We are alway looking for residents willing to lend their time and talents to help make Birkdale the community we are all proud to live in. We are grateful to the many kind folks in Birkdale willing to help with committees and social activities, and serving on the Board of Directors. It takes many hands to successfully execute the duties of our Birkdale Community Association for the benefit of all the residents of our 657 homes.



News from the Architectural Review Committee


No news is good news here in Birkdale. All continues to be quiet in the community with very few requests for ARC. Hopefully, March will come in with nicer weather which includes drier conditions and warmer temperatures. Think Spring.

Applications submitted to ARC for approval:

9124 Spyglass Hill Terrace - Extend driveway and add concrete pad for a hot tub

The revised ARC form can be found on the Birkdale Website under the important documents tab. The new ARC Standards were adopted at the February meeting.

Some of the items updated/modified include:
- Additions must match your house- siding, brick etc.
-Solar collectors can be allowed but must be installed on the back of the home out of view.
-BACK YARD trash service is still a requirement.

-Recycling is allowed to be on the curb on the day of recycling only.
-Vehicles must fit size and weight limit as outlined in the county code.

The fence on Winterpock road has been taken down for the road project. It will kick off in July and the fence will be reinstalled.

Lee Kemmet
ARC Committee

Mailbox Maintenance

Mailbox maintenance is the homeowner’s responsibility, and the specific requirements are in the ARC Guidelines.

When painting your mailbox, Lowe’s on Hull Street has the equivalent paint color as Benjamin Moore which is Lowe's - Valspar, Quart, 372, Birkdale Vanilla Cookie, Exterior Satin, Duramax, 105-1, 107-1, 214-2.5.

For your metal mailbox, Cottage Red Benjamin Moore is available at Virginia Paint and can also be mixed at Lowes.

The Birkdale logo and numbers may be purchased from Sign Crafters Inc., Attn: Barbara Isenberg, 804-379-2004 or email


You may contact residents Larry Marko or Rich McGinness who will both assist you with maibox maintenance.

▪ Larry Marko at or call 804-399-6013.
▪ Rich McGuinness or call 919-621-9983
Larry Marko at or call 804-399-6013.
Rich McGuinness or call 919-621-9983


Every resident can be the eyes and ears of the association and the county for many purposes and for the benefit of all. The Association, through the Board of Directors and the Covenants Committee, has the authority to enforce the standards to which we all agreed when purchasing property in Birkdale. These standards and rules may be in the Declarations, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, or Architectural Standards and Guidelines. Although there is a recommended form for the submission of a complaint or comment, it can also be done by sending an email to Replies are generally not issued.


Birkdale is a planned community that has a certain authority and responsibility. However, an even greater authority rests with Chesterfield County or Virginia Department of Transportation.

The Chesterfield Department of Community Enhancement’s mission is “Improve the value, quality, and attractiveness of Chesterfield County”. Details of these standards and a complaint form are on their webpage. Access these in this order:, My Community, Community Enhancement; File a Complaint. Complaint categories are Animals, Business, Code Enforcement, Housing, Litter, and Vehicles. Be aware that issues of personal concern may not be a violation of the county code.

The Virginia Department of Transportation is responsible for the roads in Birkdale including maintenance and snow removal. The VDOT website for reporting problems or filing comments is Regulations concerning Birkdale roads are part of the Chesterfield Code of Ordinances; some are parking regulations and others may be in zoning.



We have a new locally owned landscape company called Nature's Way. They will be working on enhancing the entrances as this is the first thing people notice as they enter our neighborhood.

Please do not drag brush and clippings or debris into the common areas to include the area surrounding the power lines behind Royal Birkdale. Those areas belong to you and to me as property owners.

Do not park on the green spaces in Birkdale.

NO FIRES are allowed in the neighborhood. Fires require a permit from Chesterfield County. It is not appropriate to burn any vegetation in common areas and cause alarm to nearby homeowners.

If you have any problems or complaints regarding common areas, please call Wayne Bass at 804-639-0795.

New Solar Lighting is Installed

The last payment to Columbia Gas was made in December. We are looking forward to saving money each year.

If residents observe a problem with a solar light such as no light at night, please call Nick Martello at 804-739-7487.


Covenants Committee

The Covenants Committee has had a slow winter with concerns about weather. Some violations have been noted and sent initial notices. We will resume our activity shortly to address follow-up, second notices. We welcome queries or complaints and will act on them as appropriate. But we are aware that all residents do not necessarily share the same viewpoints on landscaping.

The annual neighborhood walk through will occur in late May early June. Last year the most common violations were mailboxes. Now is a great time to spruce things up if needed! If you would like to help with the annual inspection or volunteer for the covenants committee, please send an email to

All the standards are in the Covenants, specifically the Single-Family Protections and the ARC Standards and Guidelines. If you are not aware of or familiar with these documents to which you agreed when purchasing a home in Birkdale, please consult the website


Ask the Board

Do you have questions about specific covenants or projects taking place in Birkdale? Do you want to know how to volunteer your time? Email and your questions will be addressed to the board members.


Neighborhood Watch


Any suspicious activity should always be reported to the local police to investigate.

Bear and fox sightings should be reported to the Animal Control number.

Emergency 911 | Non-emergency 804-748-1251

Animal Control 748-1683

Traffic Hotline 804-318-8084 or


March Garden Tips from the Gardening Helper

March is the month when many of the beautiful spring-flowering perennials and shrubs begin to bloom. Aubrietia, Candytuft, Rock Cress, Bergenia, Snowdrops, Witch Hazel and many others will soon be brightening your days.
With Spring just around the corner, it is time to get serious and get the garden ready! The fickle weather of March makes it impossible to set exact dates and schedules for planting, so proceed with caution!

Shrub and Tree Care

In most areas, it is still possible to do dormant spraying of fruit trees until the 15th. After that date dilute the spray by 1/2. Spraying should only be done on a still day with the temperature above 40 degrees F. You can still safely transplant Azaleas and other small shrubs as long as the flower buds haven't swelled or broken open. Fertilize shrubs and trees if this wasn't done in February. Use an acid type rhododendron fertilizer to feed evergreens, conifers, broadleaf evergreens, Camellias, Rhododendrons, and Azaleas.

Use an all-purpose fertilizer to feed roses and other deciduous trees and shrubs. If you use granular type fertilizers, be sure to water it in thoroughly. Finish pruning fruit trees this month - before the buds swell!

Annuals, Perennials, and Bulbs in the Garden

There is often a strong temptation to start removing winter mulches from your flower beds....WAIT!!! Pull the mulch off gradually as the plants show signs of new growth. The purpose of winter mulch is to act as a protector from sudden changes in temperature and chilling winds, so keep in mind that it is still winter. Acclimatize your plants by removing the mulch over a period of days, allowing light and air to reach the new growth slowly. It is much better to remove the mulch a little later than to remove it to early.

Roses can be pruned this month. Severe pruning results in nicer long-stemmed flowers and more compact bushes. Begin to spray roses for blackspot. Feed roses.

Sow seeds of summer blooming annuals indoors. Seeds that were started indoors last month may be transplanted from the flats into peat pots and given dilute fertilizer. If you have a greenhouse, it is time to take cuttings of 'wintered over' plants such as Coleus, Chrysanthemums, Geraniums.
Alternating thawing and freezing can tear plant roots and even force the plant right out of the ground. If you notice any plants that have heaved, push them back into the soil, and tamp the dirt lightly with your foot. Divide and transplant summer-blooming perennials and fertilize established ones as soon as new growth appears. Plant tender bulbs and tubers like Gladiolas, Lilies, and Dahlias. You can continue planting additional bulbs every two weeks until mid-June to ensure a continuous source of bloom.

Prune Winter Jasmine after flowering. Cut Honeysuckle vines back to 3ft. Cut back established Penstemons. Divide Snowdrops while in leaf. Remove all spent blooms from bulbs, but leave the foliage in place. Fertilize any bulbs that have finished blooming with bone meal or bulb booster. Plant Primroses and Pansies Pinch off tips of Sweet Pea seedlings and Chrysanthemums when they are 4 inches tall.

Fruit and Vegetable Gardening

Take a little time to prepare the vegetable garden soil for planting. The addition of well-rotted manure, processed manure, peat moss or compost are good additives for building humus in the soil. Peas and Sweet Peas may be planted right now as well as perennial vegetables like Asparagus, Rhubarb, Horseradish, and Artichokes. Eggplant, Brussels Sprout, Cauliflower, Celery, Leek, Onions, Radish seeds and early potatoes can be planted in the garden about mid-month. Spinach, Chard, Cabbage, Cauliflower, and other hardy vegetables can be seeded or set out late in the month.

Plant Strawberries, Blueberries, Currants, Loganberries, Boysenberries, Grapes and fruit trees. Add some steer manure around your Rhubarb. Its time to start Tomatoes, Lettuce, and many other vegetable seeds indoors.

House Plant Care

House plants will react to longer days and brighter light at this time by putting out new growth. The end of this month is a good time to pinch them back to generate new growth and to thicken them. You can then begin fertilizing again with a dilute solution of soluble house plant food. Turn your houseplants a quarter turn each week to make sure all sides of the plant receive adequate light, and to keep the shape of the plant balanced.

Mist or spray your houseplants to clean away the winters dust, prevent Spider Mites and add a little humidity. Remain vigilant in watching for insects and pests. It is much easier to win a 'bug war' if you are aware of the infestation in its early stages.

Odds and ends

The most dreaded task of all is weeding, but it is one that really needs to be accomplished before the weeds have a chance to flower and go to seed. Remember once the weeds go to seed you can be fighting that weed seed for up to seven years or more. Most weeds can simply be pulled or cultivated out of the garden while they are young. Turn the compost pile, adding any course mulch which was removed from the garden to it. Keep an eye out for Aphids (spray off with water) and Cutworms (Cutworm Dust). Repair damaged areas of the lawn.... Dethatch, rake or aerate. Apply Dolomite Lime to sweeten the soil if needed. Most lawns will need a spring feeding but if thatching or liming needs to be done, do those jobs first.

If moss is a problem, a combination fertilizer and moss killer can be applied, to do both jobs in one easy application. Over-seeding can be done as the last step after the lawn has been fertilized. Test your soil for pH to see if any amendments are necessary. A general rule of thumb is to add 4 lbs. of lime per 100 sq. ft. of a garden for every pH point below 6.5, or 1 lb. of sulfur per 100 sq. ft. for every pH point above 7.5. Sawdust, composted oak leaves, wood chips, peat moss, cottonseed meal, and leaf mold lower the pH while ashes of hardwoods, bone meal, crushed marble, and crushed oyster shells raise the pH. The best way to adjust pH is gradually, over several seasons.

March is a good time to note areas of poor drainage. If there are pools of water in your yard that do not drain. Fill in the low spot or scoop out a channel for the water to drain away. Clean out all of your birdhouses now, so that they will be ready when the birds return. Repair any fencing, arbors, or trellis work that is weak or has broken over the winter ... before you get too busy! Check the plants under the eaves of the house and under tall evergreens to see that they have sufficient moisture.

For more gardening tips check out the source for this information.


The Pets of Birkdale

If you would like to send us a picture of your pets we will feature them in next month's edition. Email to



May 7 - Board Meeting Birkdale Golf Club at 6 pm

May 9- Semi-Annual Yard Sale with Goodwill Truck at Spring Run Elementary

August 6- Board Meeting

September 10- Board Budget Meeting

October 1- Annual Meeting

October 3- Semi-Annual Yard Sale

October 11- (Tentative) Fall Festival

November 5- Board Meeting


Community Contact List

The Birkdale Board Members
* Earl Bishop, President, 639-5915,
* Doug Craig, Vice President, 639-1439,
* Betsy Martello, Secretary/Treasurer, 739-7487,
* Wayne Bass, Member-at -Large, 639-0795
*ACS West, Community Manager, Lee Ann King 804-282-7451, fax 804-282-9590, E-mail:

Association Contact Names and Numbers
* ARC—Lee Kemmet, 739-6405,
* Covenants Committee--- a volunteer is needed to head this committee Earl Bishop is currently serving as contact
* Landscaping/Lighting—Wayne Bass, 639-0795; Nick Martello, 739-7487
* Newsletter—Cynthia Steiner, 804-852-3365,
* Social Committee—VACANT
* Neighborhood Watch--VACANT (Won't you please put your name here?)

Other Community Contact Names and Numbers
* Women’s Club—currently inactive
* Lake Committee---
* Swim Team—Joy Blocher, email:
* Birkdale Golf Course Clubhouse, 739-8800,
* Birkdale Golf/Swim Membership,


Support your Neighborhood and Local Businesses who Advertise in the Birkdale Classifieds

Spring is just around the corner. Do you need help with your yard and home projects? Time to contact the advertisers in this month's Classifieds to help tackle those chores. The Classifieds are filled with local businesses that offer services to make our lives easier. To view the current issue of the Birkdale Classifieds click the link below. This publication is printed and delivered to paper boxes of all Birkdale residents the first week of each month. If you would like to run an ad in the Birkdale Classifieds, contact Cynthia Steiner at or text 804-852-3365. Resident rates start as low as $15/month.

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