I want to snooze. That’s a sure sign I’m challenged by what wants to be written out of me. It’s about talking shit. There, I said it. Talking shit.

My friend Sharon Paul and I spent Saturday’s balmy summer evening talking deep. She, like me, can’t be doing with small talk of the Essex bling variety OR any variety. She, like me, feels an outsider looking on as women talk shit.

Who dun wot to whom, who married whom three times removed, perceived slights, the price of shit, materialism, things inconsequential, women sicking up their insecurities by slagging off other women… gossip gossip gossip!

I hold my hands up. I have historically nodded politely and made encouraging noises in the hope of bonding with a woman who talks shit. Not anymore. I’ve learned that a woman who talks shit can also behave like shit. Not my tribe!

So who are my tribe? Sharon talks about women up for ‘soulful conversations.’

Soul to soul, divine feminine to divine feminine, about ourselves, our loved ones, the world, humanity, our vision, our needs, collaborations and struggles. A conversation which is mutually nourishing, developing and uplifting.

The core of Sharon’s being is Christ Consciousness and the power and grace of Trinitarian Christianity. The core of mine is a mixture of Sufi Taoism with a splodge of Judaism and eastern mysticism.

We’re not at odds but delight in what each brings to the other through our differences. We also laugh a lot!

So, do I never talk shit? Not if I can help it but I can go unconscious with the best of them. When I do, I know it and stop because talking shit makes me feel like shit.

Talking from a place of love and divine awareness, even given all my and your warts, is joyful. Being of service to the other; bringing that joy into your conversations with other beings, from buying a loaf of bread to supporting someone in need. That’s what we women can give to the world.

And if ever the world needed us it’s now. It needs us to neutralise its shit through expressing the divine from within. One simple way we can do that is to stop talking shit. Can you imagine the shift in energy if we did?

Experiment. Notice or remember how you feel when you talk shit. Notice also or remember how you feel when someone talks shit to you. Now notice or imagine how you feel when you talk deep… and when someone talks deep with you.

It’s a no brainer!

Love to you…

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