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Hello Poopchik!

Do you want to blow off peoples' striped socks?

Kyiv Cake, Кyевский Торт or Kyivc’kiy Torte, is two layers crisp, nutty meringue with melt in mouth cognac and cocoa butter cream. Is quite a bit of work, not so much in difficulty but in terms of time to bake and let various components "rest."

If you do take time, your cake will be rock star of party!

Is fairly recent Ukrainian delicacy, originally created by Roshen Confections in Ukraina, 1959. It is true to spirit of more traditional Ukrainian tortes and cakes. Very rich, and attentive to contrasting (but harmonious) flavours and textures.

It take much experiment to figure out what is really their ingredient. But mine taste like real thing: delicious! Is like getting to know new lover. Enjoy, but never compare to ex. My apology if I make fuzzy analogy.

Meringue is High Maintenance Person who will first need to bake for 2 1/2 hours, then cool and pout for 12-24. Genuine Ukie Buttercream Frosting is not too far behind. Like mad scientist thing.

Baba give you ingredients first, so you will know if you are up for this challenge. I have checked this list several times for typo, and realized your eye going to bug out your head no matter what. If you have blood sugar issue, you going to pass out just reading:


Meringue Cake

▪ Egg whites, 12. Must sit in fridge separated 12 hours first, then 12-16 hours on counter.
▪ White sugar, 2 1/2 cups
▪ White flour, 1 cup
▪ Raw nuts: 2 1/2 cups hazel nut, cashew or macadamia
▪ Vanilla, 1 tsp.
▪ Butter, two tablespoons for greasing pans.
Egg whites, 12. Must sit in fridge separated 12 hours first, then 12-16 hours on counter.
White sugar, 2 1/2 cups
White flour, 1 cup
Raw nuts: 2 1/2 cups hazel nut, cashew or macadamia
Vanilla, 1 tsp.
Butter, two tablespoons for greasing pans.

Special Tools

▪ Two 9" circular cake pans or molds with removable bottoms
▪ Parchment paper
▪ Cooling rack
▪ Cake cover
Two 9" circular cake pans or molds with removable bottoms
Parchment paper
Cooling rack
Cake cover

Butter Cream

▪ Unsalted butter, one pound. That is correct!
▪ Egg yolks, 12
▪ Caster, berry or super fine sugar, 1 cup
▪ Whole milk, 1 1/2 cups
▪ Cocoa powder, 2 tbsp.
▪ Vanilla, 1 teaspoon
▪ Cognac, 2 tablespoons
▪ Coarsely crushed nuts for decoration, 1 cup. You could reserve some whole for ring around top, as in photo.
Unsalted butter, one pound. That is correct!
Egg yolks, 12
Caster, berry or super fine sugar, 1 cup
Whole milk, 1 1/2 cups
Cocoa powder, 2 tbsp.
Vanilla, 1 teaspoon
Cognac, 2 tablespoons
Coarsely crushed nuts for decoration, 1 cup. You could reserve some whole for ring around top, as in photo.

Okay, you pass first test. Rereading that list in disbelief.

Meringue/Nut Cake Batter (same thing, which other recipes will not even tell you!)

As always, leave butter out overnight to keep egg whites company. Protect from cat.

Throw your nuts into good steel fry pan, and mix until toasty. No grease, no spice. When cool, crush. I put nuts in heavy plastic and roll with pin. Some people use food processor.

Preheat oven to 350 F.

Place cake pans on parchment, and draw circles around with pencil. Cut out circles. Line your cake pans with parchment paper (do not skip!) and then spread melted butter.

Mix 2 cups of sugar, flour and nuts. Put aside. You are going to fold this into egg whites when ready.

Mix 1 tbsp. caster sugar with 1 tsp. vanilla.

Now come what Kyiv Cake is famous for. Like discovery of sticky notes, was happy accident at factory. Warm, stale egg whites beat into stiffness like your 1960's hairdo. Use highest speed of your arm or mixer. Do not rest while beating in 1/2 cup caster sugar, plus vanilla sugar. Enlist family members if necessary.

What is caster sugar? Super fine granulated sugar made especially for meringues! It melts quickly and gives lovely texture and high gloss. Berry sugar is another name under which you can find.

Baba Tip: You can make your own caster sugar. Stick it in clean coffee grinder. Blender is second best. Food processor is made for cutting, not grinding, so result will be some sugar is still grainy, while some is powder. Not good. Key to Kyiv Cake is this perfect meringue.

Baba Warning: Do not use pepper mill, for obvious reasons. Even electric one you get for Christmas.

Very carefully, fold nut batter into egg whites with spoon. Whisper terms of endearment. Just as carefully, transfer this meringue mixture into your two baking pans. Bake for 2 1/2 hours, but take good look at 2 hours to make sure is not browning.

Give little knuckle rap. Should sound hollow, like cake for boyfriend in prison. Not you, but that neighbour we all know.

Put baked meringue cakes upside down on cooling rack. Leave alone for at least 12 hours, up to 24. Baba mean it. Leave parchment intact for her modesty. Do not touch, do not jiggle, do not even look! Do. Not. Touch.

Commercial Break! Then we make icing, below.


Baba's Books!

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Ebook is .pdf file, 400 pages. Individual recipes and grocery lists are printable. Many people get this as supplement to paperback book. You can glue single recipe to cardboard and prop on counter, for ease of cooking!



Poopchik, this is not your diurnay, crap-in-a-can you eat with spoon. This is genuine frosting like only Ukrainians make.

Use steel pan with heavy bottom for even heating of sugar and milk. Boil, and immediately remove from element.

Egg yolks should not be left out like whites. You could get sick.

Beat yolks till fluffy, then still mixing (see how it help to have assistant chef?), slowly pour in 1/2 of hot milk and sugar mixture.

More sleight of hand: now pour THIS mixture into rest of hot milk/sugar. Put back on stove, boil, remove, let cool until room temp. Again, more patience required.

Congratulations, you have made your own custard!

Whip soft butter into fluff. I beg you, do not use margarine. Both your good health and this exquisite recipe deserve better. In fact, I recommend organic butter.

Add custard in small amounts while continuing to mix, plus vanilla.

Now, to make cake layers, divide Buttercream Frosting into 2 or 3 parts. Make 3 if you plan to use this third for fancy frosting decoration with food coloring. Mostly, I am too exhausted by this point, and cocoa cream with nut decoration is gorgeous in itself.

Mix cognac into one part. Mix cocoa powder and vanilla into second.

Lay first meringue right side up on your serving platter.

Spread cognac cream.

Lay second meringue on top.

Spread cocoa cream all over top and sides of whole torte.

Pat coarsely ground nuts on sides and part of top, as in photo. Or use your imagination. If you reserved part of cream for coloured frosting, do your thing. I don't.

If you do like something even fancier, I now have Edible Frosting Rounds in vyshyvanka embroidery patterns and Milky Way Galaxy designs in my Department Store. Also May You be Kicked by Duck! if you like funny cake.

Of course, like any narcissist, you know this High Maintenance cake not finished with you yet. Set Buttercream and let flavours blend by refrigerating at least 4 hours before serving. Use cake cover, because if your ketchup bottle fall into this, you not going to want to go on.

Collapse across dinner table. But keep smiling, because your amazing cake will be big hit of party!


If you appreciate my recipes and work to sustain Ukrainian culture, buy me a coffee! I do not receive funding or salary from anywhere.


Ukrainian Proverbs

▪ Borrowed bread lies heavy on stomach.
▪ A chicken cannot be a falcon.
▪ His mouth will lead him either to Kyiv or to prison.
Borrowed bread lies heavy on stomach.
A chicken cannot be a falcon.
His mouth will lead him either to Kyiv or to prison.

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