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17 October 2017

It's out of your control

Sometimes life throws us a curve ball. We're ready to hit a fast ball, and hit it hard, so when that curve ball comes and smacks us in the face, we go down hard. You probably remember the curve ball that hit my son, Johnny four years or so ago when a traumatic elbow injury and surgery derailed his plans for a career as a Marine Corps officer. It was devastating for him. Looking over the smoking ruins of his plans he had to plot a new course to keep him on track to graduation and a successful future. He had some missteps and false starts, but here he is now, graduated, interviewing for jobs, and excited about his new path. In life there are no guarantees, and the only thing you can be sure of is that you can't really be sure of anything. You can only be ready and try to find the positive in whatever life presents you.

That's a hard concept for most of us. We like things the way we like them; we want things to go as planned, and when they don't we get irritated. Even read more

Upcoming Events and Classes

Noro Promo 1

Noshes with Noro 22 October

Thursday, October 19 - Beginning Socks - Two at a time cuff down
Saturday, October 21, Trick or Treat on the Square
Sunday, October 22, Noshes with Noro - Noro Event and Trunk Show
Thursday, October 26 - Sock Rescue
Thursday, November 16 - Advanced Socks - Faultlessly Neat
Saturday, November 18 -Cocoknits Sweater Workshop exciting new way to work sweaters in the round that even I can get behind - #setinsleeves

Pink Friday's Project - One in Eight

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Designed for our 2017 Pink Friday breast cancer awareness fund-raiser, this pattern is a multiple of 8 stitches which reminds us that one in eight women will be diagnosed with breast cancer. Awareness is an easy knit in a fun yarn with gently shifting colors and subtle twinkle.

For every kit purchased this month, we'll be donating $10 to MedStar St. Mary's Breast Cancer Outreach and Awareness program.

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