Brought to you by Houston Foot Doctor "Healing Feet.....One Step at a Time" Children's Feet Children with strong, healthy feet avoid many kinds of


Brought to you by Houston Foot Doctor

"Healing Feet.....One Step at a Time"

Children's Feet

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Children with strong, healthy feet avoid many kinds of lower extremity problems later in life. That's why it is important to inspect your children's feet periodically. Let's start with the tiny ones...


The size and shape of your baby's feet change quickly during their first year. Because a baby's feet are flexible, too much pressure or strain can affect the shape of their feet. It's important to allow baby to kick and stretch their feet freely. Also, make sure shoes and socks do not squeeze the toes.


Do not to force a toddler to walk before s/he is ready. Once walking begins, watch the toddler's gait. Many toddlers have a pigeon-toe gait, which is normal. Some initially learn to walk landing on their toes instead of their heels. Most children outgrow both these problems. But other conditions detected early can be treated more easily.


The foot's bone structure is well-formed by the time your child reaches age 7 or 8, but if a growth plate (the area where bone growth begins) is injured, the damaged plate may cause the bone to grow oddly. With a doctor's care, however, the risk of future bone problems is reduced.


Remember to check your child's shoe size often. Make sure there is space between the toes and the end of the shoe and that the shoes are roomy enough to allow the toes to move freely. Don't let your child wear hand-me-down shoes.

Common Conditions that Children Face



Flatfeet in young children is not uncommon, but as it extends into later childhood and adolescence, it could become a problem. Houston Foot Doctor can evaluate the state of your child’s flatfoot and determine if treatment to relieve any conditions arising from it may be necessary.


Skin Conditions

The skin on your child’s feet needs care as well. Warts, especially on the bottom of the foot, and ingrown toenails are common, uncomfortable skin conditions in children. Pressure from shoes on the affected areas can make activities difficult; thankfully most skin conditions are easily treated.


Gait Abnormalities
Young children are expected to walk differently from adults. It takes several years of walking development for their stride and balance to “normalize” and resemble those of their parents. Sometimes, however, their gait differences do not line up with what is typical for their developmental age group. In-toeing, out-toeing, limping, and toe-walking fall under this category.

Treating the Problem

At Houston Foot Doctor, we use conservative treatments to make remedying your child’s condition as easy for you and your family as possible. We start with the least-invasive approaches, only moving to more involved treatments as needed. Our doctors typically reserve surgery for cases that are not improving with other kinds of correction.

No matter how your child’s foot condition may have developed, don’t wait until it becomes a serious pain to have it examined. Early treatment can make a difference in growing feet. You can trust the health of your young family members to Houston Foot Doctor. If you are concerned about your child’s feet, make an appointment or request more information by visiting us online or by calling our office.

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