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I thought you might enjoy learning about the newest artist added to the Saper Galleries collection -- and some other recent additions that you've never seen before. Enjoy viewing the detail and pages linked below -- and stop by to visit in person if you can! Enjoy! ~ Roy Saper


William Hays


"Fair Skies", 7-color linoleum block print, 7 x 5", $150

We are delighted to introduce to you an artist whose dedication to and command of his art form excited us enough to put them on display for your enjoyment.

William Hays has been an artist for 40 years, and for the past 10 has mastered the art of creating reduction linocuts. Linocut (short for linoleum block print) is a form of original print. The artist carves away portions of the linoleum block to reveal a design that is then inked and transferred to paper. A multi-color linocut may involve cutting designs into multiple blocks, inking each and printing them one at a time onto the same paper, perfectly registered.

William creates reduction linocuts by reusing the same linoleum block. He carves away areas of the block, inks and prints it, then carves away more of the block, printing it again, perfectly registered, on the prior printing. The process continues multiple times until the single block is reduced to the final design, inking and printing. On this page, William describes the process with photos, explaining how it can take a month to create a linocut print.

Please visit our site to see the 24 linocut prints displayed in our east gallery, and to read the artist's reflections about each of the prints. The linocuts appear as a visual diary of the artist's inspirations -- poetic, personal, and enchanting.


Benjamin Shiff

Painter of Faith and Love

Shiff-ANationofTwo figures

A Nation of Two, oil painting on canvas, 39 x 41"

I planned a trip to Israel to visit artist Benjamin Shiff. He had invited me to select and acquire his paintings which I had expressed interest in displaying in the U.S. I was saddened to soon learn from his wife that Benjamin had died. He had told me he had medical issues and my acquiring his paintings would help him with expenses.

I still made the trip, visiting his wife and studio and viewing numerous paintings, including an unfinished canvas on his easel.

Benjamin's paintings convey a spirit of hope, love, and sharing, respectful of the humans he depicts in meditative and reflective moments. Their gestures and postures are both lyrical and poetic, emotive and compelling, reflective of the artist who so successfully conveys his message through his chosen medium.

The two-dozen Shiff oil paintings just received speak a universal language, featuring images of motherhood, couples in love, and faith.

I invite you to learn more about Benjamin Shiff and view the paintings now on display in the west gallery. If you are unable to visit in person, please enjoy viewing the Benjamin Shiff paintings on this page.


Mobiles and Stabiles

When Wall Space is Limited!


Stabile, painted steel, 36" tall

The beauty of mobiles and stabiles (mobile-like sculptures that stand on a table or pedestal) is that their dimensional appearance varies depending on viewing position. Also, they are kinetic -- they move with air currents or a slight touch!

We are honored that mobile artist Graham Mitchell Sears has created a stabile for us to display and offer to Saper Galleries clients. You likely have never seen his work before, though his stabiles have been available in museum stores of the New York and San Francisco MOMAs, the Whitney and Hirshhorn Museums, among others. Now you can see our first Graham Mitchell Sears stabile at Saper Galleries. When walls are filled with art, or windows limit wall space, consider a mobile or stabile to bring a contemporary dimensional attraction to your home or office. Click here to read about Graham Mitchell Sears and see photos of the stabile now on display!


"Coming Around", unique mobile, 67" x 82"

Arthur Bauman is recognized as one of the best mobile artists ever. His mobiles are in numerous corporate and public collections across the U.S., including the Mid-Michigan area. We have been honored to represent him for years, though due to medical issues, Arthur is no longer creating mobiles. He has exhibited extensively, starting in the late 1960s when he was also stationed abroad working for the U.S. Foreign Service.

We are fortunate now to have what we expect to be the last Bauman mobile to be displayed at Saper Galleries. Coming Around, is 5'7" tall and a diameter of nearly 7 feet -- perfect for a high-ceiling space. His craftsmanship, along with the impact and beauty of this mobile, is extraordinary. You may view it now on display in our west gallery or here on our Bauman web page where you may also read more about the esteemed mobile designer/fabricator, Arthur Bauman.


Frame it for the Holidays!

Saper Galleries frames everything!


Dr. Seuss artwork framed in four frames layered in matching colors

After nearly four decades and tens of thousands of projects, locally-owned and independent Saper Galleries continues to be selected as the go-to customer picture framer in Mid-Michigan.

Why? We treat every client and project as though they are our most important and valuable. Our framing team has decades of experience. Our designs, frame selections, and guidance are always focused on what is perfect for the artwork, while considering budget, aesthetic, and other considerations important to the project owners. We have 2,000 picture frames in all price ranges so that any budget is always accommodated. Our specialty is difficult orders that are too complicated or difficult for others due to size, value of item to be framed, need for specialty materials, and other requirements. We store your artwork in a protective environment to ensure security, and complete the project when you need it. Our Frequent Framer's Program rewards repeat customers!

Click here to see photos of recent projects and read more about the Saper Galleries framing department! We would welcome the opportunity of showing you what we can do for your next framing project!


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