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East family is happy sharing a singletrack day.

Isaac and John Sanders

Legacy Varsity rider Isaac Sanders discusses his race with his Coach and Dad.

Positive Sporting Behavior and Personal Triumphs Displayed at Haymaker Classic, Eagle

Dual Conference Championships Race #4 Report

Contributed by Matt Muir
Legacy RiderContributors:
Gavin Thornton, JV, Monarch, North Conference
Kenobi Clapper, Varsity, CRMS, South Conference
Edited and produced by Kate Rau
Contact: Kate Rau, Colorado League Director,, 720.272.9282

North Results
North Photos

South Results
South Photos

Thanks to Eagle, Colorado, the Colorado High School Mountain Bike League raced for the seventh year at the purpose-built and maintained Haymaker course on October 5th and 6th, 2019. Eagle’s enthusiastic partnership was evident with municipally funded upgrades to the start-finish area, regular course maintenance, and ongoing staff assistance with work like watering the start chute between races to control dust and soil conditions during the busy starts. Vail Valley teams helped throughout the week and assisted with venue breakdown on Sunday. Battle Mountain Varsity Legacy racer Izzy Sargent's mother Elise proudly reported that she spent her birthday building the new wallride with teammates.

The dual conference championship weekend at Eagle tallied a total 1,598 individual racer starts this season across both League conferences in 2019 for the "Decade of Dirt". This accounts for 15.5% growth from 2019 and 23% of them are girls. The participants range from Taos, New Mexico across Colorado and to Casper, Wyoming comprised of 79 teams with representation from 160 high schools. Another 140 middle schoolers are integrated with team clubs to hone their skills and get a taste of the program. Approximately 150 high school students ride with teams and chose not to race. The grand total of 2019 members is 1,780 kids enjoying the camaraderie and singletrack stoke. At Eagle alone, there were a total of 1,346 racers who lined up on the start line. "The 776 coaches who are so dedicated to fostering an incredible environment of camaraderie and respectful competition within and across teams are integral to the steady growth in participation. They truly are gold!", exclaimed Kate Rau, Executive Director.

Duffy and Peyton

Varsity Aidan Duffy, Eagle Valley chases Peyton Wilkerson, Estes Park.

Prolonged dry conditions brought out Eagle’s moondust, braking bumps and even some chunky pothole sections. Saturday’s North Conference race was marked by steady winds that continually lofted dust creating a challenge for racers and spectators alike. A special thanks to the Colorado League Race Crew who professionally work in all conditions and deliver one quality race after another. Otherwise, mostly sunny skies with highs in the low 60s made for chilly morning races turning into great racing temperatures on the balance of both days.

The noisemaker spirit competition kept things lively with at least one chainsaw—bar and chain removed—revving up the already animated atmosphere. Race after race, the vibe stays high and remarkable for the lack of kids staring at screens, instead, attending the present, their race, and their teammates. The North Conference’s Lakewood Tigers won the noisemaker competition while in the South it was Buena Vista. Kenobi Clapper, Varsity Legacy, CRMS mentioned, "I relied on my glazed and dirty brake pads as a noisemaker and sometimes they were louder than those who were cheering."

Christine Neff Shakes her Noisemaker

Ralston Valley Coach Christine Neff shakes her noisemaker.

Laruel Galvin Fairview Singer

Laurel Galvin, Fairview starts the weekend singing the National Anthem.

Sunday morning Fairview Sophomore Laurel Galvin opened the day racer started with the National Anthem. Saturday Glenwood Springs racers, Emma Barsness, and Ella Lundenberg were the morning performers.

The expo was packed with many League sponsors and partners including Your Hometown Toyota Stores, Fort Lewis College, the Bailey HUNDO, Optic Nerve, Colorado Moutain College, Western Colorado University, Bicycle Racing Association of Colorado, and RackStarz.

Wheat Ridge Cyclery was hopping throughout the weekend providing mechanical support to the motivated riders. The Check-in Foundation was on hand to bring awareness to International Mental Health Month. Eaglecontinues to be a favorite destination for supporting sponsors and partners to interact with the members and spectators.

Venue tents Pits

The weekend’s Toyota Slingshot awards went to Ralston Valley’s Cassie Sterns and Legacy senior rider Lucas Lenoch of Poudre in the North Conference. In the South, the Toyota sponsored awards went to Aleah Austin of Durango. Another Legacy senior, Nate Manchester of Conifer took the boys Toyota award after suffering a mechanical in his previous race but returning to a solid result in Eagle.

In all, 148 four-year Legacy riders raced in Eagle. From senior year conference leaders to riders who have shown up for their team and for themselves. Several Legacy riders did not attend Eagle. It is impressive that more than 150 young people have endeavored towards healthy habits, gaining self-confidence, the responsibility of leadership, and the rewarding obligations of representing their community.

The Yeti Cycles Skills zone is a playful way for riders to hone their abilities. Saturday, Malachi Seeling, Compass Montessori and Isabella Putnam, Estes Park from the North. Sunday Hannah Garvey, Durango and Max Shull, Crested Butte were the South winners.

JV North Boys Start

North JV boys stay warm on the start line. Coach Ben Boyer offers words of encouragement.

Reading juggernaut “Boulder’s” name again can cause eyes to roll but Boulder’s founder and Head Coach Ben Boyer’s ethic of “being great” symbolized the best of the League not once but twice in Eagle. Freshman Ryder Grano caught Coach Boyer on course while Boyer accompanied autistic Boulder racer and told Boyer that another teammate was having a hard time behind them. After a brief conversation, Grano voluntarily went back to ride alongside his teammate to the finish, even yielding the struggling teammate a few seconds at the finish.

On the same day, Boulder Freshman boy Lucien Juilland-King was around tenth and racing for places when he encountered an injured racer from another team. The fallen rider’s arm had gone through the spokes of his wheel as he crashed. The arm has since required surgery. Juilland-King remained with the rider until more aid arrived and, in so doing, surrendered his own chances of a high finish merited by his trend towards the podium.

The small and mighty San Luis Valley Rattlers arranged a "Chase Race" where Sophomore Chase McGee experienced the exhilaration and success of riding his yellow tricycle. McGee rode through the Honey Stinger Feed Zone and crossed the finish line among raucous cheers. The inclusivity and inspiration demonstrated in the community is remarkable.

Chase in Feed Zone

Chase McGee, grabs fuel in the Honey Stinger Feed Zone.

Halsay waters course

Town of Eagle Open Space employee, Halsay Lucas waters course.

North Conference Results

Wyoming’s pluck showed in the small school Division III category finishing 7220 Laramie in second and Kelly Walsh in third, both of them behind Fossil Ridge who won the day in Eagle.

In the Division II category, the racing stayed close several places deep with Vail Ski and Snowboard Academy, Battle Mountain, Rocky Mountain, Eagle, Steamboat, Middle Park, Estes Park, Centaurus, and Monarch all stacking up relatively close and in that order. Estes Park cheered with elation as Freshman Ben Davenport crossed the finish line accomplishing his goal of completing both laps in Eagle. His season was wrought with issues and closing the season with this success is certainly a personal triumph.

With 116 registered racers, Boulder won the Division I category. Fairview had a great day and got closer than ever this season to Boulder, only 317 points behind its oversized crosstown rival. Summit edged out Golden for third as the two schools battled closely all season.

Overall for the season, Boulder, Fairview, and Summit are the top in Division I. Division II teams VSSA, Battle Mountain and Rocky Mountain captured the top. Fossil Ridge, Kelly Walsh, WY, and 7220 Laramie, WY earned trophies in the overall Division III. Denver Academy and Cheyenne, WY were close all season with only 197 points separating them.

Varsity Girls Legacy

Legacy Varsity girls Opal Konig, Summit, Annika Boyer, Boulder and Ada Urist, Fairview.

For a change, independent Sofia Forney led out the pack of Varsity girls and quickly got a gap with only Boulder’s Maddi Munro able to follow while Fairview’s Legacy senior Ada Urist dangled persistently on and off the two leaders. Munro bided her time until the third and last lap on the double-track before the switchback climb to launch a clean pass around Forney, soared up the climb, and maintained her advantage to the finish.

“Sofia is so strong on the flats and descents that I knew I had to try to get free on a climb,” said Munro after the race. Forney and Urist followed in second and third. Sophomore Chloe Fraser of Boulder arrived fourth after going deep into the pain cave, a place she seems to relish. Fairview’s Legacy senior rider Téa Wright had her highest placing of the season in fifth. With the adjustment of dropping one race, Munro takes over the Primal Leader’s jersey and will wear the North Conference Champion jersey at the State Championship race in Durango.

Peyton Wilkerson of Estes Park showed the diversity of his skill in Varsity boys by winning on an undulating Eagle course after winning two weeks ago on a Granby course full of climbing. Wilkerson steadily powered clear of the field and stayed away for the win. Local Aiden Duffy of Eagle Valley finished second stating, “This is my home course and I try to keep a really flowy pace. I know where to recover and where to push hard which helps a lot.” Oliver Boyd of Fairview took third, Lasse Konecny of Summit fourth, and Ethan Ash of East fifth. Wilkerson’s fastest 23:10 lap versus South winner Riley Amos’ 23:13 lap promises great racing in Durango where both racers will wear their Conference Champions’ jerseys.

Ralston Valley supporters

Jonas Kahila, Varsity had the best result of his season is greeted by Ralston Valley teammates.

Noah Moyer on the wall

Lakewood Varsity Legacy rider Noah Moyer skillfully roll the wall ride.

Monarch Legacy rider Gavin Thornton noted his gratitude to the Race Crew.

"It was cold, very cold. An hour before the start, the JV boys all shared something in common. Numb toes, cold hands, bright pink faces, and a lack of preparation, because the focused was staying warm. This caused a lot of us to miss our call ups, including me. This would now be an even harder race, due to limited passing, but this lack of passing was only due to the vast amount of fun, flowy singletrack.

After getting staged, we all had coats on, waiting to peel them off at the very last second in order to stay warm. The gun went off, and it was followed by an instant ‘go’ mentality by most of the field, in order to get their missed spots from call back. Keeping in mind this course would soon turn to dust, the course had been damped down with water at the start, unfortunately, this weather happened to be below freezing, leaving small ice spots on the outsides of the course start. I started passing on the outside, getting to the top 20, then the ice became a reality, spinning me back into the 40’s. As each lap went on, it got hotter, hotter, and of course, dusty. Layers began to be peeled at the feed zone, and people began to pace faster as they warmed up.

Going into lap three, a lot of the JV boys were still stacked up, with 20 spots within a small time gap. They would be determined by one thing. Who was willing to work harder? Catching teammate Evan Wilson would pull me back into the race, and give me a wheel that I knew I could reliably chase. Working off each other, we would go from the mid 50’s, to the 40’s. While this wasn't the best race for me personally, Eagle never disappoints and always stands out as one of the best courses in the series. All in all, this race was a landmark, it would be my final regular High School race, bump out a result and boost my starting spot at State's. It highlighted the reality of racing mountain bikes where you need to prepare for anything - snow, rain, sun, hail, mud.

Fortunately, the Monarch team was over-prepared for the weather, as we had been told this since day one from the awesome coaching staff and parents. Finally, as racers sometimes all we think about is ourselves, our race, our preparation, and fail to recognize a few key things: None of this would be possible without all the work, and preparation the league puts into these races, the support of our coaches, and the adrenaline rush from the cheering fans. This race in Eagle would prove to be what most would call ‘a blast’."

Colby Hunter JV Legacy

Colby Hunger, JV Legacy, Dakota Ridge rides with his noisemaker.

Middle Park JV. Boyjpg

Middle Park JV boy flows through the corkscrew switchbacks.

The top 10 JV boys were very close. Places first through third were separated by 1 second each. Boulder teammates Vin Hludsinski, Boulder and Chuck Jones worked for first and second. Tristan Smith, 7220 Laramie was right with them in third. Caleb White, Summit and Jack Seidler, Monarch completed the top 5 spots. Hludsinski earned the Conference Champion jersey.

JV girls appeared relatively calm and chatty bouncing to the start line music. The closest contest was between Cassie Stearns, Ralston Valley, and Macy Sale, Natrona County, WY with only 0.05 seconds separating 15th and 16th. The top five included Isabel Nashold, 7220 Laramie; Victoria Uglyar, Summit; Kiera Bond, Fairview; Darby Henrix, Lakewood and Ella Wiser of Middle Park. Uglyar will line up in Durango in a North Conference Champion jersey.

JV Girls North Podium

North JV girls podium.

Izzy Glackin

VSSA Freshman Izzy Glackin focuses with power.

Sofie Hill, Heritage had a stellar season and earned the Sophomore Girls North Conference Champion. Hill placed third for the day behind Roes Taylor, Boulder. Marin Ward, Summit worked hard for a win with only 39 seconds between these top three.

North Sophomore boys continue to be tight pack. Corbin Glebe, Fairview and Tysen Lashinsky, Ralston Valley had a spectacular sprint with a scant 0.28 seconds between 41st and 42nd. Boulder's Johnny Stanizone took the Gold and is the Conference Champion. Henry Moore, East was 20 seconds ahead of Mack Dorf, VSSA. Benn Ferre, Estes Park, and Nick Boni, Centaurus completed the top 5.

Caleb Haack, Steamboat and Ella Brown, Boulder are the Freshman North Conference Champions.

Sophomore Boys in Corkscrew North

Steamboat Sophomore chases East rider.

South Conference Results

Basalt and Aspen went one and two in the small school Division III with Grand Junction, Palisade, Taos Composite, Leadville, and Thunder Ridge all within 127 points of third place in the team competition. Overall for the South series Aspen, Grand Junction and Thunder Ridge were the top three. Only 11 points separated Taos and Palisade.

Durango and Crested Butte took first and second in the South with Manitou Springs fending off powerful Animas to win third in the packed Division II competition. Durango and Crested Butte maintained their positions for the overall place with Animas in third.

Cheyenne Mountain won Division I with Evergreen, Chatfield, and Glenwood Springs following, all within 310 points of first place in Eagle. Overall Chatfield surpassed Evergreen for second. Cheyenne Mountain took the overall team title.

Asher Bursnall VG Cheyenne Mountain

Asher Bursnall, Varsity, Cheyenne Mountain attacks the wall ride with confidence.

Riley Amos of Animas won the varsity boys race. “I missed the first race so I had to start farther back, it took me about half of the first lap to work to the front, and then I got away and was able to hold it. Robbie [Day of Evergreen] is super strong on the climbs and this course did not have any real hard climbing which helped me stay clear of Robbie.” Chatfield’s George Poggemeyer was third, Durango’s Cobe Freeburn fourth, and Aspen’s George Beck fifth. Amos will line up in Durango in the South Conference Champion jersey. Poggemeyer is second in the series while Evergreen teammates Robbie Day and Alex Purrington have a 10-point gap for thrid and fourth.

Rock Canyon and varsity Legacy senior Kennedy Scott set an early, hard pace in the girls race on the first lap. Lurking in the lead pack was Durango’s Ruth Holcomb until the third lap when she bolted off the front to win alone. “I really love this course, I’m a little surprised, and I’m so, so happy to be back and feeling good,” said a glowing Holcomb who sat out with mononucleosis this past summer into early season practices and racing. Mia Aseltine of Chatfield never relented in her pursuing pace and crossed the line in second having to drape herself over her bike to recover. Abbey Shephard of Animas, Aleah Austin of Durango, and Sienna Muscianisi of STEM Highlands Ranch rounded out the top five. Aseltine earned the South Conference Champion jersey. Scott and Shephard had only 1 point separating them for second and third.

Hannah Drummond Highlander Legacy

Hannah Drummond at the start line showing solidarity with other Varsity seniors.

Riley Pedals through Corner

Riley Amos, Varsity, Animas applies powerful pedal at exit of corner.

Highlander Composite Varsity Legacy rider Hannah Drummond was plagued by nausea during staging. She checked in and rushed to the bathroom to empty the contents of her stomach. When questioned about how she found the strength to finish 17th she responded, "I felt fine and was very excited to race both Friday and Saturday- even Sunday morning and then all of a sudden I had to rush to the bathrooms to throw up. I rushed back just in time to stage and start my race. I wasn't about to give up the race, because I really like riding my bike and I love the Eagle course. I also wanted to ride my last southern conference race with all the other girls whom I had gotten to know and befriend over the past four years of racing. I still had a great race and I still had an absolute blast despite the rough start."

Varsity Legacy rider Kenobi Clapper provided this perspective, "There was a section where the moon dust was so deep it was like having a powder day on your bike. This course is a perfect balance of climbing and descending. The way the course is laid out you never feel as though you are climbing for too long but you still get a gratifying descent. The descent is smooth with sharp switchbacks and fun rollers. A new addition to the course this year was a wallride that added a fun technical element to the course. It seemed to help some riders but hurt others. Overall the course was amazing and allowed for racers to give it their all. At the finish, you could see dust-covered kids smiling through gritty teeth stoked to have ridden the course."

Sean at the finish line Legacy

Sean McAnany, JV Legacy, Fruita Monument celebrates his accomplishment.

Bodie Jones Evergreen legacy

Bodie Jones, JV Legacy Evergreen, churns through the dusty course.

Ivan Sippy, Durango maintained his lead in the JV boys with another first place. He'll roll to the start line in a Conference Champion jersey. Finn Leahy, CRMS raced for the Silver. Nate Gangelhoff, Chatfield and Ian Groom, Durango had only 4 seconds separating them with Emmett Sanders, Cheyenne Mountain took fifth for the day.

Durango was prominent on the JV girls' podium. Maggie Holcomb, Lauren Aggeler took first and second. Teammates Bailey Cioppa, Crested Butte and Kelsey Nicholson were fourth and fifth. Sarah Bivens took third for the day and earned the Conference Champion jersey.

JV Girls Finish

JV Girls celebrate their competition. Hannah Garvey, Durango, Emma Barsness, Glenwood Springs, and Sarah Bivens, Crested Butte.

Zach Butler, Columbine raced past Ryan Rydland, Highlander Composite in the Sophomore boys. Ben Elick, Castle View, Ace England, Buena Vista, and Nate Mount, Gunnison completed the top five in Eagle. There was a 3-way tie for overall among Butler, England, and Rydland. Butler's dropped score was higher thus earning him first for the season with England and Rydland following.

Alexis Hall, Conifer maintained her series lead with another victory. Emma Borchers, Basalt, Sophie Trunnell, Cheyenne Mountain, Zara Rose Brown, Durango, and Elli Fisher, Gunnison were the top five Sophomore girls for the day in the South.

Julia Glotfelty, Animas, and Finn Johnson, Aspen are the Freshman South Conference Champions.

Racing culminates with League Championships on October 19th and 20th, 2019 at the Durango Mesa Pursuit. Another course exclusively for high school racing, the venue sits outside Durango and boasts improvements based on feedback from last year’s championships.

List of State Championship Qualified Riders

Mack Otter across the finish

Durango Freshman Mack Otter edges out Finn Johnson Aspen by 4 seconds.


Race #5 October 19 – 20 Durango Mesa Pursuit - State Championships
Junior Varsity & Freshman - Saturday, October 19
Varsity & Sophomore - Sunday, October 20

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