Happy Fall!

Life always seems to turn a corner once we flip our calendars to September and October. The business community seems to head back to work in a flurry. Chamber events fire back up, meet-ups pop up, and the business community kicks back into overdrive, looking to finish out the year on a positive note. It’s also a time to plan for the coming year’s success. We at Clearly Coworking wish you a very productive “Fall sprint.”


A Great Coworking Story

Coworking spaces around the world are the starting points for many great start-up companies. Clearly Coworking is no exception, and has a great story to tell about Covenir and RedHawk. For them, things began in their homes, but that soon turned into renting a conference room here once a week in order to get their group together. Then it became one room full-time. Today, they comprise a fleet of people bursting at the seams, occupying the entire lower level here. They now total over 30 employees and are moving out, into their own space on Main Street in Worcester. Although we will be sorry to see them leave, we are thrilled to have been a part of their beginnings! We wish Covenir and RedHawk much success in the future.

Lower Level

Private Offices at Clearly Coworking

A Corollary to Their Success May Be Money in Your Pocket

With Covenir and RedHawk moving out, four rooms are now available for full-time membership! Two double rooms (for two people) and two team rooms (for four to five people) are available on the lower level. If you know of anyone looking to rent an office full-time, please send them to us! We will give you a $150 referral finder’s bonus if they sign a one-year Membership Agreement with us. We have put together a Case Study which details how moving your business to Clearly Coworking can save you upwards of $67K over a 5-year period (the length of most tenant leases in Worcester). Tell everyone they get a raise just by becoming a member here and having a full-time office with us!

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Happy Second Anniversary to Us!

It’s hard to believe, but September 8, 2017 marked our two-year anniversary. As expected, it was a slow start in Year One, but we are now a community of 200-plus registered members, and we believe we are the largest coworking space in Central Massachusetts! Thank you to all who have found us over the past two years and used our facility for your business needs. We really appreciate your loyalty and look forward to a great third year! Our goal is to double the membership in the coming year. So, please tell all of your friends and coworkers about us!


Booking Changes

As we enter into the Fall, we at Clearly Coworking will begin to enforce booking hours. As the business community begins their Fall sprint, we thank all of you who are using our space to get stuff done! Our booking calendar is filling up quickly. Therefore, in order to be fair to everyone and to Clearly Coworking, you will be charged the greater of what you have booked and what you actually use. Thus, if you book the Clark Conference Room for two hours and only use it for one hour, we are still going to bill you for the two hours. The 48-hour cancellation policy has not changed.


New Service: Notary Public

This Fall, we will be offering Notary Public services here at the office for our customers. Our Office Assistant, Karen, is a licensed Notary Public for the State of Massachusetts, and will be here a few mornings a month (and by appointment) to notarize your documents. Once we determine a set schedule, we will publish it on our website. You can always call or e-mail us and we will work with you to schedule a time that works for you. This service is only being offered to our members and will not be a public offering. Stay tuned for more details!


Content Editing Services

If you are at all like me, I have a lot of great ideas but I’m not the best at getting them into meaningful, grammatically correct compositions. So, I have always relied on those who are great at taking my garble and making it sound good. Our Office Assistant Karen is one of those amazing people, and we would like to offer her services to you. If you have a document, presentation, website content, blog, or anything else with words, and would like someone to edit it for you, send it our way. Mail your request to and we will get right back to you with a quote to edit it. Generally, we charge $15/hr. to edit a document.


All of us at Clearly Coworking hope you get a chance to enjoy this wonderful season. Happy Fall,

Your Team at Clearly Coworking

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