Temperatures have been a little nippy around here lately. We've had several days with the temperature in single digits---above and below the zero mark

Jan 2015

Temperatures have been a little nippy around here lately. We've had several days with the temperature in single digits---above and below the zero mark. Yech!

Zoey at 3mo

But, you know what they say: "Cold Feet, Warm Heart." That looks like it needs more punctuation. Or maybe an equal sign. Hey, I just repeat what I hear. (Who are "they" anyway?!)

Want to forget about your cold feet? Cuddle a kidlet. Zoey just turned three months old. She loves sitting, babbling, cooing, stretching, flinging her arms and legs, and spitting up.

Her grandmother taught her all these things and more.


PayPal Option Live!

After the last Newsletter more than 300 of you hit reply and voiced your opinion about adding a PayPal option to my website. I'm so glad I asked and I am even more glad that you answered. Thank you!

More than 85% of those who responded wanted a PayPal option.

So, in addition to using any major credit card to shop in my online store, you can now also use PayPal. Win-Win!


Got Pantyhose?

If you've got an old pair hanging around the house, I've got a cool tip for you. Take your magnetic pin cushion (Clover, Dritz, whatever) and throw it down one leg of the panty hose. (Remove the pins off first.)

Then, heave it behind your stove to retrieve any cooking utensils you may have lost back there. (Sadly, it only works with metal stuff.)


My mother put all her pins in a margarine tub. No lid, just the tub. It fell over constantly and she poked her fingers every time she went fishing for a pin.

I think she would have been tickled pink (or purple, blue, teal, green---they come in different colors) if she had one of the newer magnetic pin cushions are. In this case new is definitely better. Check them out here.


The Dritz Magnetic Pin Caddy, for example, has a secret compartment. You'll never guess what I put in there! Watch the video to see.

You can get one here.


Changing Rotary Cutter Blades

Once every three or four classes I see a student with a rotary cutter that has been put back together incorrectly after a blade change. This little video may help.

Learn more about the Olfa Splash here.

Simms  Ami M PurpleGreen

Amazing Puzzle Ball Class - Flint, MI

Last chance to sign up for my Puzzle Ball workshop in Flint on Saturday, February 7th from 10am to 4:30pm. Click here for more information.

Or skip the class and get the pattern.


From Under The Desk

Scooter here. A lot of people liked the video I shared last time, so here is another one in the same series. The Subaru people are very funny. I think they should give me a car for promoting their stuff like this. I have a license too; I could drive.

Click the picture or go here to watch this video. If you want to see the 10 best dogs in cars commercials, check out the marathon compilation here.


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