Are You on FaceBook? Me too! I have a personal page for family and very close friends, and then I have "page" for my quilting community. It's sometime


Are You on FaceBook? Me too! I have a personal page for family and very close friends, and then I have "page" for my quilting community. It's sometimes called a "fan page."

If you're missing me on FaceBook, head over to You'll know you're at the right place because it will look like the picture below.

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1. Click LIKE
2. Click the drop-down arrow and click GET NOTIFICATIONS

Without step #2, you won't see all my posts. Not that I update my status that often, but, hey, as long as you like me, what could it hurt?

I mention this because I am a mere 46 "likes" away from an even 4,000 and I'm hoping you can send me over the top!

del quirky quilters video still

Best "Call to Order" EVER!

Watch how this guild calls their meetings to order. Click the photo to watch the video. You will be amazed.


Cutting Table Tip

Workshop tables can be hoisted up to a better cutting height with bed risers, lengths of PVC pipe, OR two ordinary metal folding chairs.

Higher Cutting Table

Members of the Quirky Quilters' Quilt Guild in Oscoda, Michigan were kind enough to pose for this photo while I demonstrated. (Yes, I put taller quilters in front and shorter quilters in back.)

Keep in mind that THREE things are necessary:

1. The table legs have to look like the ones pictured in the close-up photo.
2. The chairs cannot be padded.
3. Short people have to find another table to cut on.

Skirt Hanger EdwinaSmithLeesSummitMO

Keep Your Fabric From Wrinkling

Edwina Smith took my String Star workshop in Lee's Summit, MO and she brought her pressed Fat Quarters to class clamped in a skirt hanger so they wouldn't wrinkle. Great idea!


Scooter's Video Pick

I like dogs, myself included. This could be me if Mom had a waterproof camera, but it isn't because she doesn't. Plus I'm not a German Shepherd Dog. I am a Golden Retriever Dog.

If you like dogs, of any kind, you should watch this video. Click the picture with your paw.

I have been a dog for a long time and I never stopped to think how it is that I drink water. Mom said she had no idea either. This explains everything. Except why dogs don't swallow the last gulp and let it dribble out across the entire kitchen floor saving just enough slobber for a big wet kiss. Mom said she would like to know that. (I love you, Mom.)


Thanks for reading all the way to the end, . If you're in the area, I hope to see you at the Shipshewana Quilt Festival next week. If not, there's a chance our threads will cross in some other place. I'll be visiting quilters in Illinois, Utah, Minnesota, and Michigan in the next few months. Check out my travel schedule here. For the best in online quilting tools and supplies visit and use the coupon code THIMBLE for a discount. My store has 256-bit secure encryption during checkout to protect your data.

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