Hi ! Happy Fall!! October is the 'official' Fall in my house. I buy some pumpkins, put out my fall decorations and start to feel the need for a swea

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Hi !

Happy Fall!! October is the 'official' Fall in my house. I buy some pumpkins, put out my fall decorations and start to feel the need for a sweater (even if it's 87 degrees out.. wink!)

Do you also change up things for fall? I'd love to hear what makes it feel like fall to you.

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Spread Sunshine

This is a busy work time. The shipping department was the 'Lighting, setup, and camera crew' for a film I did about my Babylock machines!

I'll let you know when they share it.

Follow my daily photo posts, I'm heading to NJ, and hopefully won't have to brave a hurricane. But you might want to check in a few times a day to see if i do! at my Daily Share, there is always a Link on my sidebar

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We are traveling up and down the east coast and south... so if you want me to visit... send a request via my Event page for more Information
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Oct 2-3 Forked River NJ - Quilting Possibilities
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Nov 9-10 Ocean Pines MD Quilters by the Sea Guild
Jan 30-31 Gaithersburg MD - Capitol Quilts

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2015 10 Oct Vacation Time final blocks

Why YES.. the Setting is complete!

Read about my final installment, and get the link to download the setting pattern.

Will you sew with me again in 2016 with my FREE Mystery BOM?

8417 -1410366918510
DSC 0570

I spotted the quilt above as a kit, this is made with one of my all time favorite fabrics, Basic Grey's Persimmon from Moda.

It's on sale at a great price,

All Clearance HERE, be quick, the good stuff goes fast!

My FAVORITE new tool for your studio is the Moda Match Maker!

I did a whole write up for you PLUS a video

Get the Details

full 1895 85086 QuiltedLeafPotholders 2

A last day of Sept, first day of October fall round up! With some free patterns and some GREAT fall fabric deals.. plus.. the most adorable pincushion!

Download links are at my website

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What ARE we saving it for?

You name it, we tend to keep things for 'good' and don't get to enjoy them.

Maybe it's your 'good china' that is in boxes in the attic. Or your 'good linens' that never see the light of day.

I have some thoughts on our fabric. The stuff we love right now.. but ... mmmm.... well go see what you think and let me know

Read my Article

pat sloan stitched runner

When I made my Fall
Stitched quilt, there were some leftover blocks.

In keeping with my article above, I decided to take those leftovers and stitch them up!

They made a PERFECT table runner.

Buy the Pattern

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-This week on my Podcast I talked with Thelma about her award winning and every day quilts. One quilt she is known for is her Red and White Tribute quilt. It was exciting to have her share that!

Listen HERE and get the link to see it

See inside the book and learn WHY this is such an amazing book!

Listen to show 278 right on your computer AND get the free pattern LINKS!

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judy little wishes

Scrap Happy*

These are Judy's Scrap Happy Little Wishes!

I love now TIDY she is when she sews

Are you?

Challenge Details

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sewing pjs
gal pals

It has been crazy fun at my Online classroom lately! Someone spotted, what is now known as 'our pajamas'.. Sewing Themed at Target!
See a fun thread and lots of quilters in PJs at THIS POST

And that is a group of Sloanie's who did a Beach Retreat together! I have meet almost all of them at an event somewhere! It makes me SO HAPPY that you find friends via my online group.. what a joy!

At my online classroom there is fun, quilts shared, and questions asked/answered on all the time! We are over 49,000 quilters STRONG from around the world, and I am SO honored you visit my classroom each day!

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